Mini Mofoz

The only brand of pre-rolls infused with solventless cured resin, and in biodegradable packs!

Mini Infused Hemp-Cone Blunts

Sativa Blunts

4 Pack


Iced Lemonade – $32.50

27.13%  THC


Jack Pop –  $32.50

27.03% THC

Indica Blunts

4 Pack


Ice Cream Cake – $32.50

28.33%  THC


Big Block –  $32.50

33.37% THC

Hybrid Blunts

4 Pack


Frosted Zin – $32.50

31.44%   THC

Mini Infused Unbleached Joints

Sativa Joints

4 Pack


Iced Lemonade – $32.50

33.52%  THC

Indica Joints

4 Pack


Paris OG – $32.50

36.38%   THC

Hybrid Joints

4 Pack


Frosted Zin – $32.50

35.16%   THC

Mini But Mighty!


4 x .85g (.5g weed + 0.2g Hi-Phi™ Solventless Cured Resin)

25-40% THC

Solventless, Unbleached and  Biodegradable

fully infused for an even burn

Availble in Hemp-Cone Blunts and Unbleached  Joints

$32.50 per 4 pack

solventless cured resin infused mini hemp cone blunts


Smooth as F***k!: citrus, pine & diesel, with buxom plumes.


Properly baked: tropical gas with a grassy haze. No BS!


Who dares wins: sweet, floral & diesel, hits the jackpot


Directly infused with HiPhi™ Solventless cured resin


Nugs are ground at different sizes for perfect burn rate


Unbleached, natural tobacco-free hemp paper

Tough Mama knows what’s best.
She never cuts corners when it comes
to getting properly baked.

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