Live Resin Infused Hemp Blunts

Sativa 1.6g Blunt


Iced Lemonade – $18.00

35.51%  THC

Indica 1.6g Blunt


Big Block – $18.00

37.42%  THC

Hybrid 1.6g Blunt


Grapes and Cream – $18.00

34.83%  THC


1.6g (1g weed + 0.25g Live Resin)

25-35% THC

2X the terpenes of other pre-rolls

fully infused for an even burn

perfect burn rate (not fast or slow)

live resin infused hemp cone blunts


Smooth as F***k!: citrus, pine & diesel, with buxom plumes.


Properly baked: tropical gas with a grassy haze. No BS!


Who dares wins: sweet, floral & diesel, hits the jackpot


Unbleached, natural tobacco-free hemp paper


Precision dosed with Live Resin directly down the center


Nugs are ground at different sizes for perfect burn rate

Tough Mama knows what’s best.
She never cuts corners when it comes
to getting properly baked.

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