Everything Stoners Need to Know About THC Drinks

Published on April 29, 2022

THC Drinks Pool Party

by Nick Marshall

How are you getting your drink on these days? Shotgunning spiked seltzer like it’s still 2019, sippin’ on gin and juice like an OG, or pounding the brewskis in the backyard because it’s the weekend? 

Tough Mama’s seen it all and she knows that this year it’s probably none of the above.

Stoned Cold Sober Is the New Buzzed

As a nation, we’re drinking less alcohol and smoking more herb. And that’s created a huge global market (set to top $2 billion by 2026) for cannabis-infused drinks. Since brewers aren’t allowed to produce any drink that contains both THC and alcohol, these new kids on the block are alcohol-free. That’s great if you want to get high instead of wasted — and avoid hangovers while still having a blast.

How to Enjoy Your Liquid Marijuana

With THC drinks, the buzz hits different. It takes longer, for a start. Like 90 minutes for an oil-based THC beverage, or around 15 minutes for a water-soluble formula like Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz. So there’s no chugging or chasers required, just a slow pace to let your cannabis infusion do its thing. 

Where to Buy

THC drinks aren’t available in all 50 states, and you’re not going to find them in the major retailers yet. That means you’ll have to order them online or check out your regular dispensary. At the moment, it’s mainly women blazing the trail too. Tough Mama approves!

Here are our top picks of what’s out there at the moment. 

Cannabis Shots

If you prefer your cannabis straight up or splashed on the rocks, you’ll find plenty of cannabis shots to choose from. These give you a quick, controlled dose that kicks in within 10 or 20 minutes. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz are some of the most kick-ass on the market, and clock in at 100 mg of THC per bottle. 

Who’s it for? Seasoned stoners looking for a serious high. 

The DIY Dose

If you’re not about the tasting notes and just want the THC, look for pure liquid cannabis. strip things down to a pure liquid cannabis shot. The most popular are colorless and odorless vials that gives you 5 or 10mg of THC. No calories, no sugar. Just drop it in your smoothie, shake, morning coffee, or sundowner, and let the good times roll. 

Who’s it for? Hustle culture bros with no room in the calendar for a full bong between spin class and their TED Talk.  

THC Teas 

Think Long Island iced tea, without the alcohol. Look for the brightly colored bottle and instant look of regret at your local dispensary. That’s because most are pretty hit and miss when it comes to flavor. We prefer to take an established brand of Iced Tea and add a Yolo Shotz instead. Who said you can’t hack getting high?

Who’s it for? Stoners looking for a cheap 100mg of THC without too much concern for taste.

Sodas, Seltzers, and Sparkling Waters

Since everyone’s making a hard seltzer these days — here’s the proof —it’s hardly surprising that THC soda is already a big deal. They’re not bad at all right now, and could get even better once some of the bigger beer and soda brands flex their muscles.These fruity, natural sodas are a great place to start your cannabis journey, as most come with just 2mg of THC per can, but if you’re an experienced stoner they’re not going to blow you away.

Who’s it for? Yo mama (seriously)- and her cannacurious friends.

Marijuana Mocktails

As long as you’ve got plenty of ice, a shaker, and a swizzle stick or two, why not experiment at home with some THC mocktails? All you need is a dash of sour, a hint of sweetness, a few parts bitterness, and a slug of Tough Mama YOLO Shotz, with a No BS 100mg of THC per bottle and three flavors to choose from. 

Who’s it for? Mixologists on a mission. 


Boost your gut health AND set your mind free? Sounds like a plan. Kombucha drinks with THC are starting to boom and we’re expecting them to become a big deal in the future, especially with some well-known brands ready to enter the market.

Who’s it for? Clean-eating, life-loving, moment-seizing beautiful people. 


It’s wine, but not as we know it. Now you can get fermented grape juice that swaps out the alcohol for around 8mg of THC. Red fruit with a hint of honeysuckle? Mmm. Live cannabis resin? Ahhhh.  

Who’s it for? If you can name a bud by the aroma alone, this one is for you. 

Energy Drinks

Need a boost? If you like a little Mary Jane with your Cup of Joe, you can either add your own THC-infused oil to your regular coffee or you can chug an energy drink with THC to see you through the task ahead. 

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to be high at work, but whose boss might have a problem with one of our infused pre-rolls in a meeting. 

Sip and Soar

THC drinks are the best new way to get buzzed. If you’re looking to put the fun back in getting baked, Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz is a must in your line-up. They come in three flavors, and at 100 mg per 2oz bottle, they pack a serious punch. Because Tough Mama is for the fearless few who aren’t afraid to get stoned properly.  


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