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Ask Mama: What’s the Deal With Infused Pre-rolls?

Published on September 13, 2022

infused prerolls

Did you know that George Washington got smacked out his mind and invented the infused pre-roll on his hemp farm in 1790? You didn’t because that’s a total lie, but there’s a bunch of other more true stuff Mama can teach you about pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls. Because sometimes, it takes a good Mama to cut through all those tech bro marketing terms and get to the squishy heart of the blunt itself. 

So let’s get infused with knowledge about one of the trendiest (and most effective ways) to elevate your smoke, starting now.

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-rolls…

Alright, let’s start at the beginning. When a vendor, brand, or seller pre-rolls weed into a joint for commercial sale on the shelves of your local dispensary or your, uh, local weed delivery app, that is a pre-roll. These handy joints take the guesswork (and the work work) out of rolling your own — because you don’t have to be swimming in cash like our buddy Snoop and hire your own personal joint roller to fast track your smoking sesh. Pre-rolls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are usually available in multi-packs or as singles.

If you’re brand new to the whole zaza thing, imagine a pre-roll like an off-the-shelf weed cigarette. The flower (usually about a half gram to a gram’s worth) is wrapped up in rolling paper like a smokeable tube and may or may not feature a filter. Pre-rolls can come in sizes ranging from adorable Mama’s-pinky-sized minis or big-assed cone blunts. They’re all valid in Mama’s eyes, just like her children.

…and About Infused Pre-rolls, Too

So, you probably knew some of that stuff already, but if you didn’t, you’re a good student even though you’re a little high already, and Mama is very proud of you. Here’s where shit gets interesting.

To make that weed pre-roll a little more deliciously weedy and amp up the high, you’ve got the infused pre-roll. Basically, an infused pre-roll is a pre-roll joint that also features some form of concentrate. And concentrate is basically the best part of your favorite nug – all those terps, cannabinoids and sticky trichomes – distilled into a super potent form, like wax, resin (compressed cannabis solids), rosin (a mechanically separated cannabis concentrate), or kief (a.k.a hash, made by dry sifting weed through fine screens). 

You take that concentrate and – wait for it – infuse it into the pre-roll, and you’ve got an infused pre-roll. Sometimes the concentrate (or cannabis extract, in some cases) is infused inside the joint, sometimes it’s outside the joint, sometimes it’s both. There are a ton of different ways to make a pre-roll joint, which means a ton of fun and interesting ways to get different extra-potent highs, but trust Mama: some infused pre-rolls are just better than others. It is what it is.

How Other Brands (Pre) Roll

All kindsa different weed-makers make all kindsa different infused pre-rolls. The most basic kind just straight-up infuses the flower by soaking or spraying it with stuff like distillate oil and kief, done deal. Then there’s like a whole popular genre of infused pre-rolls called fuzzies, which you’ll see from big-ass brands like Jeeter and such. Fuzzies infuse the pre-roll by dipping it in liquid concentrate that is used to “glue”  the kief to the outside of the joint. That’s what makes it, you know, fuzzy. And all of this infusing, dipping, rolling, and coating serve the same purpose: to get you way higher. 

Because people are buying infused pre-rolls like they’re going out of style, you’re likely to see new products popping up at your local dispensary every time you hit them up. But take Mama’s word for it: those suckers are using fancy-pants packaging to appeal to that monkey brain of yours, but aren’t actually infusing their pre-rolls using even a little bit of TLC.

Why Mama Does It Better 

First off, because Mama doesn’t f**ck with fuzzies, you don’t have to deal with kief dust falling off the outside of your joint. Mama taught you to be tidy, and also, you shouldn’t need a goddamn lint roller to get high. 

But more than just keeping your Dickies clean, Tough Mama’s infused pre-rolls are all about making a more consistent product. No joke, our infused joints are literally precision dosed by robots designed by former NASA scientists. Who said getting ripped isn’t rocket science?  

What that robot-powered dosing does, aside from giving Mama a super good reason to brag, is that it ensures that every joint, blunt, and Mini Mofo has ex-act-ly the amount of oil listed on the label. And the method matters, too. What Mama does is infuse the pre-roll directly down the middle, for baby’s-ass-smooth, satisfyingly even burn. Those full-sized bad boys are infused with Live Resin freshly harvested from marijuana plant material while Mama’s minis are infused with Hi-Phi ™ Solventless Cured Resin, so you don’t have to worry about any chemical nasties if you’re living that Cali clean life.

So, no kief dip means you don’t have to deal with the pre-roll equivalent of Hot Cheeto dust on your fingers while Tough Mama’s iconic infusion method deposits that line of concentrate smack dab in the center of the pre-roll. Think of it like a Twinkie that’ll get you real good n’ high. Or as a Donut Joint, thanks to the delish donut ring of flower that’s left as the concentrate bubbles away. 

Mama’s style makes for more even and consistent distribution of the concentrate, but Mama don’t skimp on the punch, either; each infused cone blunt packs a gram of weed, a quarter gram of oil, and some bonus terps, weighing in at a total of 1.6 grams, with twice the terpenes of other pre-rolls and about 25 to 35 percent THC content. 

And in the timeless words of Sir Winston Zeddemore: “That’s a big Twinkie.” 

Ask Mama: What’s the Best Weed for Doing it Like They Do on the Discovery Channel?

Published on August 23, 2022

best weed for sex intimate

Look, Mama already gave you the birds n’ bees talk, but now that you’re older, Mama knows you f**k – literally and metaphorically. It’s OK, we’re an open family around here. Not like we go to nude beaches together and kiss on the mouth open, but like, open in that we’re comfy enough to talk about how sex is one of the best parts of life. And you know what can make one of the best things even better? I’ll give you one guess.

(Oh shit, you guessed right: it’s weed😶‍🌫️🌿)

Does Weed Really Make Sex Better?

It might sound too good to be true, but sex and weed really are two great tastes that taste great together. Take it from the same scientists who studied Mama’s brainwaves in all those Andy Serkis movies. OK, maybe different scientists, but reports from those who like to get high and f**k (i.e. people with good taste) indicate that cannabis most definitely has the potential to elevate sensual experiences across the spectrums of gender and sexual preference. 

Science Is Sensual

One of the best sources we have on the issue is a pivotal 2019 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Shush, Mama subscribes for the articles, not the pics. Here’s what those Sex Med scientists learned from a survey of 216 participants: 

  • 38.7% of sex-havers say sex is just better when high
  • 58.9% say cannabis increases sexual desire
  • 73.8% report sexual satisfaction after smoking weed
  • 74.3% are more sensitive to touch when high
  • 65.7% experience increased orgasm intensity
  • 50.5% note that they can focus better during sex
  • Over 69% (nice) felt more relaxed during sex  

And like the New York Times “Well” section says, “anecdotal evidence suggests that the right dose of cannabis can make a woman’s orgasms more satisfying and increase sex drive. This is in part because cannabis can enhance the senses and also alleviate some of the symptoms that inhibit desire, like anxiety, sleeplessness or pain.”

So potentially stronger desire, chilled-out headspace, a heightened sense of touch, and better busting? Sign Mama up. And no, that’s not gross, how do you think you got here in the first place? 

The Sexiest Strains

Whether you’re looking for the best edibles for female arousal, a foreplay vape sesh to treat your man right, or even a sense-enhancing smoke to heighten your self-love (Mama says it’s healthy!), it’s all about the strain. And, no, I don’t mean the blowing-her-back-out strain, I mean the weed strain. What’s the best weed for sex? The answer really depends on the sex.

Wedding Cake🎂

You don’t have to tie the knot to get rowdy, but Wedding Cake’s high levels of limonene might just help boost your sex drive. And as an indicia with a high THC count, it promotes a tingly, relaxing sense of euphoria.

Strawberry Cough🍓

Emojibator CEO Joe Vela tells Weedmaps, “My go-to strain for arousal is Strawberry Cough. In addition to the sensual smell and taste of berry, this strain gives me creative energy and full-body relaxation.”

Super Lemon Haze🍋

As an energizing sativa, Super Lemon Haze might just be the best weed for sex of the, uh, more ~energetic~ variety. When it’s less about foreplay and more about getting down like you’re on PornHub, this clear-headed high makes for an intense afternoon delight.  

Trainwreck 🚄

The potent combo of energizing pinene and relaxing terpinolene terps in Trainwreck make it crazy good for generating feelings of euphoria. If you just want to get totally lost in the moment and explore each others’ bodies for hours, this is your ticket. 

Amnesia Haze 😶‍🌫️

When it’s time for self-pleasure, a calming strain can help ease you into a guaranteed good time. For that, Healthline and GoLove CBD Naturals co-founder John Renko recommend the sativa Amnesia Haze due to the relaxing linalool content.

Blue Dream 💙

With a tendency to promote cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation, the sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream might just lower your inhibitions in bed. Give it a honk if you’re trying something new this weekend. 

Kush n’ Push 🍃

As great as sex is, sex is also weird. And that can trigger or heighten anxiety, whether you suffer from it regularly or not. Cannabis is well known for helping some folks ease anxious feelings, and research from Frontiers in Neuroscience says that some strains are the most effective at that: to help yourself let it all go, try the indicias Bubba Kush and Kosher Kush, or the indica-dominant hybrid Skywalker OG Kush.

Setting the Scene

Sex encompasses and accelerates so many of our senses, making the whole experience as immersive as possible can really take things to the next level. Smoking and vaping only take a few minutes to kick in, so you’ll want to do that right before foreplay. Go with relaxing, flattering warm accent lights or candles, and curate the vibe with just the right playlist. You can even try cannabis-infused lube, which budtender Chelsea Cebara tells Thrillist, “causes [pleasure center] areas to be more sensitive and calls your attention to them. The effect really comes during orgasm, when you come longer and harder.”

And now that you know the best weed for sex, how about the best weed-infused cocktails for sex? Mama’s got a few cannabis-enhanced takes on classic aphrodisiac drinks to get your night started off right.  Bonus points: These canna-cocktails smooth out the vibes and help stave off dry mouth in the bedroom, too. 

Sensual Sangria

Ginger’s potent aroma has a rep for stimulating arousal and getting the heart pumping, and what’s sexier than Spanish wine? Serve it over ice in a wine glass garnished with a lemon slice and mint sprig.

  • 2oz. grape juice
  • 2 oz. cranberry juice
  • ½ oz. blood orange sparkling water
  • 5mg capful of Tough Mama YOLO SHOTZ Berry Crush
  • ½ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 2 oz. ginger beer  

The Hot Mama

Capsaicin makes spicy stuff spicy, and its circulation-increasing properties can also get you all hot-blooded in the bedroom. Shake this spicy cocktail for spicy times over ice and strain it into a martini glass.

  •  1.5 oz. sparkling water
  • 1.25 oz. passion fruit puree
  •  ¼ oz. sugar syrup 
  • ½ oz. lime juice
  • Half an egg white
  • 5mg capful of Tough Mama YOLO SHOTZ Tropical Punch
  • 1 pinch of chili powder in the mix, 1 on top to finish

Wrapping It Up

The thing is, sex is different for everyone. And even though plenty of evidence points to weed and sex being a killer combo for lots of people, cannabis can affect different people in different ways. And in that way, weed and sex share some really important things in common:

Number one, safe experimentation is good. Explore what works for you and what makes you feel good, but also do that in a space that feels safe for you.

Number two, starting with a low dose and slowly ramping up over time is the way when trying out new strains and seeing how they affect you. Start low and go slow? That one works for weed just as well as it works for making love.

Tough Mama’s Guide to Being Cali Sober

Published on August 2, 2022

california sober smoking

If there’s anything you’ve learned from your monkey Mama by now, it’s this: life is all about experiences. F**k money, f**k things, embrace memories, and appreciate what’s fleeting. And while there’s a whole lot more to say about being cali sober (and we’re gonna say it), the spirit of the thing boils down to taking control over your experiences, even – or especially – those experiences that are a little more elevated. Mama knows California, and Mama knows California sober – so keep these fundamentals in your (now much clearer, hangover-free) mind, and you’ll do just fine.   

What Is California Sober?

Like a lot of weed culture, there’s not a hard definition of California sober written down in some price-gouged college textbook that you’re still in debt over. But the gist is basically this: when you go Cali sober, you cut certain addictive substances out of your life – most commonly booze, sometimes hard drugs – and replace them with less harmful alternatives. Usually (and definitely as far as this article is concerned), that less-harmful alternative involves a good amount of weed. So rather than being full-assed sober, it’s that California-state-of-mind sober.   

Cannabis business consultant Andrew DeAngelo puts it this way, “Cali sober is a different take on intoxication and sobriety. It allows for individual interpretation and tweaks. If you want one glass of wine with your evening joint and still call yourself Cali sober, sure, go ahead. If you want to smoke copious amounts of weed and say you’re Cali sober, knock yourself stoned. The important distinction is who is in control.”

Tough Mama Gets It – So Do Tons of Others

Especially as you get older, it makes total sense that alcohol just doesn’t serve you or your body anymore. You might not need that whole “social lubricant” thing as you become more sure of yourself, and you definitely don’t need hangovers. And you’re not alone – Cali sober is on the rise, and it ain’t going anywhere. 

According to Berenberg Research, people in their 20s drink about 20 percent less per capita than older millennials did in their 20s, and about 64 of the younger gen Z people polled plan on drinking less than older generations. Likewise, the Cannabis Drinks Expo reports that in some states where weed is legal, average wine sales have dropped by 16.2 percent while average beer sales have dropped by 13.8 percent. Take some comfort in that – you’re not just living the 420 blaze it everyday life, you’re blazing some trails, too.

Going Without That…

Even though the Cali sober lifestyle is gaining traction, drinking is still a huge cultural thing with huge cultural clout, and that often comes with a shitload of peer pressure. Take it from a skateboarding, 6-foot-tall talking gorilla who loves infused pre-rolls – it can be rough to go against the norm. 

But like DeAngelo says, “Cali sober means not being addicted to any intoxicant and having a balanced relationship with cannabis and psychedelics as an additive to good living, not something that takes away from life or gets you all strung out.”

Still, we’d be here all day if you wanted Mama to justify why cannabis alone crushes booze for the Cali sober, but everyone loves lists, so let’s just hit the highlights: 

  • Flat out: cannabis doesn’t cause hangovers, let alone the hangxiety you might experience if you’re anxiety-prone. 🤒
  • Weed is a lot more socially flexible, both in party situations and your day-to-day. Like, a boilermaker before work is a problem. In most cases, a hit before your shift or an edible before bed is not. 
  • ‘Light’ beer my hairy ass – the average can has 103 calories. A single shot of whiskey has 116. The biggest blunt you’ve ever seen has 0️⃣.
  • No one’s saying the act of smoking anything is good for you, but you have plenty of non-smoking options for consuming cannabis. There’s only one way to consume booze, and when you drink too much of it, you’re looking at potential problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, digestive problems, memory issues, a weakened immune system, and an increased chance of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
  • On the flipside, some of the most well-researched potential health benefits of cannabis include: lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, and lessened feelings of stress and anxiety.🍃

And this one’s a little less scientific, but that whole “social lubricant” thing has some weird implications. It implies that you need to be someone else to socialize, and Mama doesn’t believe that at all. Get a little high instead of blitzed, and you might find that those social interactions are a little more authentic.  

…and Rolling With This

OK, so that’s some stuff to smoke (mentally) as you navigate your way through Cali sobriety, but the lifestyle isn’t all about missing out. Sure, you’re forgoing some choice chemicals, but it’s more about broadening your experiences with more self-care-oriented options that you can explore. 

Mama knows you, so Mama knows that smoking weed is a given here. But beyond that, it’s a wide playing field, and you’re in control of it. Just to kickstart some good Cali sober times, here are a few totally non-alcoholic things that Mama suggests exploring: 

  • CBD-infused ready-to-drink cannabis beverages offer a level-headed low-key experience, but THC drinks have entered the fray, too – we’re talking hangover-free buzzes in the form of tea, sparkling water, soda, coffee, kombucha, and more. Or take it to the next level by adding THC or CBD oil to your own canna-cocktails, or swapping tequila for a THC-spiked shot.🍹
  • Edibles. I mean, come on, you knew this. Savory, sweet, substantial, or snacky, you can eat your weed in virtually any form you can imagine. 🍬🍫🍭
  • CBD in general. It’s as versatile as THC when it comes to delivery methods, easy to access in states where weed isn’t legal yet, and lets you choose to enjoy lots of THC’s benefits without a psychoactive experience.
  • Psychedelics are having a health-conscious comeback, and for good reason – not only are they a low-risk good time in the right environment, but recent findings also suggest they may have long-term mood benefits. 💫🙃🌈
  • ‘Euphoric’ bevvies that use ingredients like adaptogens, nootropics, and more to curate low-key feelings of bliss.

And you know what? If it’s the hard-drinking scene that’s getting to you, you can make strides to replace feelings of FOMO with the “joy of missing out.” Sometimes, being Cali sober is just about finding a little slice of inner peace. 🧘 

Cali Sober Gone Wild

Look, this is Tough Mama. There’s a non-zero chance that if you’re reading this, you going California sober doesn’t mean you want to go soft. And while staying home and chilling out is great, Mama’s here to tell you that going hard is still 100 percent an option in Cali Sober Land. 

We already covered the psychedelic thing if you’re into ascending, but trust Mama: you can go full-on, buck-assed Cali-f***king sober on green alone. You know Mama’s own cone blunts pack 1.6 grams of weed, oil, and terps, and cured resin-infused YOLO SHOTZ mean you don’t have to give up on slamming a few back – each lil 2-ouncer crams in a ridiculous 100 mg of THC, so you basically just bought SHOTZ for the party. At 5mg THC per serving, that’s tons of solo shots, shots to keep the party going for hours, or a whole cadre of bespoke THC cocktails. In more chill settings, it’s a sippable high that’ll keep you stoned till the sun rises on the last DJ set or the final philosophical convo. 

And when you slam those SHOTZ down on the table, remember what Demi said: 

I’m California sober

It doesn’t have to mean the growin’ part is over

No, it ain’t black or white, it’s all of the colors

That I only just discovered.

Ask Mama: Does Weed Go Bad?

Published on July 1, 2022

does weed go bad

Monkey God help me, Mama taught you better than to smoke moldy weed, right? Right? Right???

OK, let Mama catch her breath. First of all, you need some basic answers, like, does weed get old? And if it does get old, does weed go bad? Like most things in life, those answers are a little more complex than “yes” or “no,” but you know Mama loves educating her stoner kids on all things weed-related. So settle down and light up, class is in sesh-ion.

How Weed Ages

Yes, technically your weed is already aged since it’s been harvested, dried, and cured into that lovely nug, we’re all very impressed by your “but ackchyually,” professor. After that harvest, though, over time, flower can break down, especially as it’s exposed to direct sunlight, harsh temps, or too much moisture. 

Like Inverse says, “weed doesn’t really ‘go bad,’ its chemical makeup just changes.” Because the nug loses its cannabinoid and terpene count in not-ideal conditions, chemical breakdown causes a reduction in potency, flavor, and aroma. After a year, your flower will lose more than 15 percent of its potency, then nearly 30 percent of its potency after year two, and so on. 

Similarly, too much heat and not enough light can cause the bud to retain too much moisture over time, leading to potentially moldy weed. According to Healthline, old weed that isn’t moldy shouldn’t cause any serious health issues. But it’s a whole lot less fun and you do not make Mama proud when you smoke dry, weak, old ganja. Keep it dank, please. 

How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

There are tons of variables here, but the general rule of (opposable) thumb is that properly stored cannabis flower keeps for about 6 months to one year before it starts to lose its potency, according to pros like High Times and others. 

What to Look For

How can you tell if your weed is still fresh, strong, and tasty? Always trust your nose. Older weed will be less aromatic than the good stuff, and super ancient weed might lose its signature scent profile entirely. If a sniff test picks up on anything that might resemble moldy notes at all, give that shit a proper funeral and bury it at sea – moldy weed can cause coughs, nausea, and vomiting (or worse if your immune system isn’t in the best shape), and it just ain’t worth it.

You can use those beautiful hands Mama gave you, too. Fresh flower should be firm but with a bit of give when you squeeze it, like a nice sticky tennis ball. If the nug crumbles like sawdust instead of feeling sticky when pulled apart, it’s older than Mama’s mama. If it feels like a dish sponge, it’s too moist, and you should be extra careful of any signs of moldy weed in that case.

Speaking of moldy weed, the musty, hay-like smell is a giveaway, as is an off taste. But you can also spot small, powdery white dots or fuzzy spots with your eyeballs – not to be confused with those trichome-rich hairlike pistils that make weed so good and sticky in the first place.   

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Weed that’s lacking in punch and flavor and packing extra mold doesn’t sound good to anybody, so how do you keep it fresh? Luckily, it’s not as hard as getting your GED was.

Zipper bags, tins, Tupperware-like stuff, and that fake Pringles can you got from the headshop in 2009 aren’t really the best – they let in too much air. Go with something airtight, like a mason jar. Glass is good overall because static from plastic containers can trash your flower’s trichomes, which can have a negative effect on both cannabinoid and terpene count. 

Flower does best in a cool, dry place, stored sealed at about 55% to 63% humidity. You don’t have to be a scientist to gauge that, but you can get a feel for what that’s like by looking at the weather report’s humidity and comparing that feeling to your weed storage environment. Or, if you really want to impress your Mama, you can get a hygrometer for under $10. Speaking of fancy (but more expensive) kit, you can also invest in a weed humidor, a canna-specific type of humidity-regulating storage box that will serve the double purpose of impressing all your friends. 

Cannabis, like Robert Pattinson, loves the darkness. Temp-wise, go mild, ideally below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but not freezing (do not freeze your weed, remember what we said about moisture). Basically, you want low light, low moisture, even humidity, and low oxygen exposure. Easy peasy. 

Vape Carts, Edibles, and More

Because a virtually limitless amount of food ingredients can come into play, the rules for storing edibles are a lot more situational. In general, it’s good practice to keep edibles in their original packaging and store them in a cool, dry, shady place, unless they require refrigeration. I mean, it’s food child. On that note, you’ll always want to default to the storage tips on the manufacturer’s packaging – they know best (like Mama).

As for your vape carts and pens, keep them out of direct sunlight for the best shelflife. Because they’re already pre-packed in handy dandy airtight carts, you don’t really need to worry about the humidity and oxygen exposure stuff. Try to keep ‘em upright, though, to keep the oil at the bottom of the cart for a smooth pull. And if you’re preparing for the weed-pocalypse (it’s 2022, man, you never know), keep in mind that some types of weed goodies store better than others. Mama’s own YOLO SHOTZ stay good for over a year – and it’s never a bad idea to have an emergency stash, cause you never know when you’re gonna need shotz.

Ask Mama: How Much Weed is That?

Published on July 1, 2022

weed sizes how many grams is in an eighth

Hopefully, when the words “how much weed is that???” 😲 come out of your mouth, it’s in the best possible way. Sometimes, though, it’s a legit question because a good amount of weed sizes and general weed weight lingo just feel like a random grab bag of the metric system, the U.S. customary system, and stuff people came up with when they were high (because they probably did). As always, though, you can count on Mama to help you make a little sense of this crazy world. 

P.S.: Ever since Mama sent you off to kindergarten, you were a visual learner. So Mama’s included some handy visual aids throughout this article that will help you imagine just how much flower we’re talking about.

One Dollar Bill = 1 gram of Weed

Basic Weed Sizes 

From the dog days of dealers all the way to the bougie air conditioning (yes, when you’re from the jungle, AC is bougie) of dispensaries, you’re gonna see a lot of the same measurements floating around. These are a combo of metric and U.S. measurements, and conveniently enough, there’s no trickery here – the measurements in Weed World™️ are the same as in the real world. 

A Single Shot of Espresso = 1 ounce of Weed

Here’s your basic primer, and Mama made you some flash cards just in case you need ‘em:

  • A gram (g) is small – it’s one one-thousandth of a kilogram (a kilogram, by the way, is just over 2 pounds)
  • An ounce (oz.) is exactly 28.3 grams, but you’ll often find that it’s an even 28g when it refers to cannabis. Usually, this is legally the biggest amount of weed you’re allowed to buy from a dispensary at once.  
  • A half is, shockingly, half an ounce of weed. That comes out to 14 grams.
  • Mama knows you’ll get this right on the test: a quarter is one-quarter of an ounce, or 7g. 
  • So how many grams in an eighth? I knew you’d ask. An eighth is – wait for it – an eighth of an ounce. Which comes out to 3.5 grams.   
  • A milligram (mg) is a teeny tiny droplet of a thing – it’s 1/1000th of a gram, a measurement that you’ll usually see in edibles, oils, and tinctures. 4,929 milligrams of water fit into a single teaspoon.

A Mexican Coke Bottle Cap = 1 Dub Sack (2 grams) of Weed

The Slang n’ Stuff

OK, get ready for Mama’s very own personal edition of Urban Dictionary, just for you. I mean, technically, stuff like “half” and “eighth” are slang. But you know weed makes you creative sometimes, and here’s where weed sizes and weights get, uh, really creative. It’s OK to ask your friends what TF they’re talking about here, cuz we’re not all lifelong High Times subscribers.   

  • In some places, a can is slang for an eighth. Get used to these.
  • Mama wasn’t joking – a cut is also an eighth. 
  • A dime bag is a lil’ plastic baggie of weed that costs $10. It’s usually about a gram. Maybe it actually cost a dime back in 1932 or something, but inflation. In the midwest, you might hear it called a sawbuck.
  • A dub or dub sack is a double (dub-le, get it?) dime bag, so $20 or 2 grams worth of weed. Also known as a tinnie or a 20 bag (you’ll never guess what a 40 bag is).
  • An eify? Another word for an eighth.
  • A G is just a gram of cannabis. Easy peasy.
  • Half-O means half an ounce, but it’s also a good nickname for the shorties in the friend group.
  • Some Brits call an eighth a Henry because they love funny words and blood sausage (big brain: it’s a reference to King Henry VIII and used to be a safe code word for weed). 
  • In the ‘60s, a lid was a popular way to say an ounce. And that was before Mama’s time, don’t even with me right now.😡
  • More rarely, you might hear quad, which is two eighths. 
  • A QP is a quarter, or quarter pound. And now Mama has opened Postmates.
  • Some people also call an eighth a slice. We’re finally done with these.
  • What’s a zip of weed? Easy, it’s just an ounce. No one knows for sure, but people say that this is because an ounce of weed fits right into a Ziploc bag. I really hope you’re not going to dispensaries where they sell stuff in baggies, tho.
  • A zone is an ounce. For some reason?

Lots of these apply more to buying weed on the streets, so you won’t hear them as often now that we’ve evolved into legal dispensaries, like you evolved from me. Still, it’s good to know your roots and also good to be cool at parties.

One Bowl of Fruity Pebbles = 8 oz. of Weed*

How Much Weed Is In…? 

Look, we live in a beautiful, shangri-la of ganja – Mama doesn’t want to “back in my day” you, but all I’m saying is, things are pretty good. That said, the variety that we have access to also makes for a whole lot of, well, variation. So while you can safely set a baseline of expectation for lots of common pre-packaged weed products, in terms of weight, just know that there are no hard and fast rules for exactly how many grams or milligrams of cannabis, THC, or CBD each type of product contains. But you can always see the precise amount on the package.

  • On average, a pre-rolled joint has about 0.3 grams of weed. 
  • A blunt, which is beefier, usually packs about 1 to 2 whole grams of cannabis. 
  • Most commonly, you’ll find vape cartridges come in .5 gram/500mg or 1 gram/1,000mg sizes (just like Mama’s do), though .3 gram/300mg disposable carts are also popular. 
  • Vapes are designed to dole out a specific dosage per hit, with a .5 gram cart offering a ballpark of about 150 puffs while a 1 g cart can get you up to 300 pulls.
One Nintendo Switch = 297 grams of Weed*

Because edibles take the form of all kinds of foodstuffs and…drinkstuffs?…you’re gonna find a much wider range there. Some edibles contain as little as 0.5 milligrams of THC per serving, even though Medical News Today says that 2.5 to 5 mg is commonly considered the lowest effective dose. Typically, edibles feature about 5 to 15 milligrams of THC per serving, or around 20 mg for heavy hitters. Of course, the whole package might contain a lot more THC in total, but we’re talking about single servings. 

*Disclaimer: Please do not smoke a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or a Switch’s worth of weed, Mama taught you better than that. Have some YOLO SHOTZ instead, they’re good for you.

Ask Mama: How Do You Do Edibles Right?

Published on June 15, 2022

how long does it take for edibles to kick in

Mama thinks you should always pay attention to what you put into your body, even if that body is weirdly smooth like some sorta land-dolphin. And while your pizza rolls have nutrition facts and serving suggestions right there on the box, edibles can feel a little more like some sorta delicious wild west. 

Don’t be scared, baby – Mama’s always got your back, and she’s gonna guide you through the wide world of edibles till you’re perfectly high, feelin’ snugly safe, and absolutely full of snacks.

The Wonderful World of Edibles

It’s a pretty weird time to be alive compared to how things were back in Mama’s day (and also compared to living in the jungle). But it’s a pretty f***ing awesome time to be alive when it comes to weed stuff. Nowadays, you can get edibles ranging from beef jerky to ice cream, not to mention all kinds of cold and hot beverages, powders, tablets, and sublingual drops, if you’re not into the whole munchies thing (but you should eat, you look thin).

How do they make all these treats? Basically, the same way they make other foods, but infused with cannabis extract. Usually, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the stuff that gets you high) cannabinoids are extracted from the plant by heating up flower to produce cannabis oil, or distillate. Just like a home-cooked meal from Mama, you can use oil to make all sorts of food or add it to existing types of food – so that’s often how your THC gets into your snacks.

Leveling Up with Nanoemulsion

Like Mama said, though, it’s a great time for weed culture, and that includes all kinds of science-y innovations. Mama’s own new fave, YOLO SHOTZ, have blasted right past distillate – they’re infused with cured resin via nanoemulsion tech, which breaks oil droplets down into ridiculously teeny tiny particles that not only mix easily with water (TAKE THAT, SALAD DRESSING) but also increase their bioavailability and potency. It really hit home with the bigwigs at the Hall of Flowers expo, so maybe you should be proud of Mama for a change.

How Edibles Work

Edibles are deffo diverse, but one thing they have in common is that they are all food, food like delicious bananas. And that means that when you eat or drink or drop an edible, that food – which in this case contains THC – is digested, metabolized, and absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s through this process that the cannabis part of the edible begins to interact with your body’s built-in weed receptors, the endocannabinoid system, to send special signals to your brain and muscles. And that’s when you start to 🎵feeeeeeeeel hiiiiiiiigh.🎵

That’s also why you’ll notice that liquid edibles usually hit faster than solid snacks, but more on that later, kids. 

Some Basic Dosage Tips

When it comes to edibles dosing, keep in mind that everybody’s different. Just like smoking weed, all kinds of variables – from your size to the strain to the dose itself – are gonna affect how you feel. That said, experts like Dr. Dustin Sulak at Leafly offer up some basic rules of thumb to help you get your edible journey started off right:

  • 1 – 2.5 mg of THC: good for a micro-dose or a first-timer getting their feet wet, can help with focus and creativity.
  • 5 mg of THC: might cause euphoric feelings or some solid relaxation (depending on the strain) for recreational stoners who want to get a little high.
  • 10 mg of THC: getting way more euphoric or vibey now, this is best for stoners who’ve built up lots of tolerance.
  • 20 mg THC: we’re talking very high at this point; for high-tolerance super stoners who want to alter their perceptions.
  • 50 – 100 mg of THC: mega-grade high for the most seasoned stoner elite, Mama cannot officially endorse this – prepare for altered states, you are not going to work today. 

You can find THC content and edibles dosing suggestions right on the labels of your favorite edibles (aren’t you glad Mama taught you to read?). Mama’s YOLO SHOTZ, for instance, contain 100 mg THC per bottle. That’s good for mixing into 20 canna-cocktails at 5 mg a pop, or for going hard and shooting 10 straight shots of 10 mg each. Not by yourself, calm down, damn.

How Long Does it Take for an Edible to Kick In?

So how long does it take for edibles to kick in? You’ve probably noticed a theme by now, and that theme is that edibles can vary. Because of that whole metabolizing thing, it usually takes edibles a little while longer to kick in than smoking or vaping. Depending on active ingredients, dosage, THC concentration, and stuff, you’re generally looking at 30 to 60 minutes to feel the effects of an off-the-shelf edible. 

Want an example of those variables? YOLO SHOTZ onset time is only about 10 to 15 minutes, making them one of the fastest-acting edibles out there. That’s even when considering that beverages are generally faster to get you high than solid foods, as it only takes liquids about 10 or 20 minutes to leave the stomach compared to the hours it can take solid foods. Just get ready for Mama’s special recipe to kick your ass in the best way, is all I’m saying.🚀

How Long do Edibles Last?

And once you’re there, how long do edibles last? A lot longer than smoking or vaping – expect them to stick around for 6 to 8 hours, if you’re rolling with most traditional edibles. For the over-achieving honor roll kinda stoner, plan for your peak high to be about 3 hours into the experience. Because of that nano magic, though, YOLO SHOTZ get absorbed a lot quicker, peak about an hour into the high and usually last about 2 hours (or up to around 4 hours, max).  

Remember, it ain’t all set in stone and there will be variables. Listen to the smart people, like Johns Hopkins M.D. Andrew Stolbach, who said to EatingWell, “Something that’s important to remember about edibles is that absorption is unpredictable. People don’t experience peak effect for a while after eating, [which can be] minutes to hours – but usually hours.” 

Words to the Wise 

Speaking of absorption, one thing that makes edibles tricky, and reason number 1,562 you should always listen to Mama, is that food ingredients, what else you’ve had to eat or drink that day, your metabolism, and the size and shape of your body can all affect how long it takes for edibles to kick in and how high you feel. Also, the high from traditional edibles can sometimes feel a little more intense or full-bodied than smoking weed. 

Again, though, you’ll find variations here. YOLO SHOTZ, for example, do feel more like smoking weed – and there’s a science-based reason for that. While traditional edibles metabolize in your liver as a byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC, nanoemulsion-powered absorption enables SHOTZ to bypass the liver and go right from the tongue into the small intestine.  

That’s why it’s extra important to remember what Mama’s mama always said: start low and go slow. That’s true if you’re new edibles, but it’s also true when you’re trying a brand-new edible for the first time, even if you think you’re Stoner Supreme. As Mama just told you, it can take a while to know how you’re going to feel. So have a low dosage, wait a couple hours to see how your body responds, and increase the dosage from there. It ain’t a race, and we’re all gonna have a great time when we get there (UNLESS YOU MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND). So with that in mind, SHOTZ are on Mama this time. 🥃

Tough Mama’s 24 Best Munchies When High

Published on May 27, 2022

stoner snacks pizza

by Cyrus Grant

Tough Mama loves her weed strong, and her munchies abundant. Despite being a gorilla, bananas aren’t the only thing Mama likes to eat when high, so we’re here today to share Tough Mama’s favorite stoner snacks.



We’re hitting cereal first because it’s the ultimate wake ‘n bake choice, and because it’s great morning, day, and night. While the only essentials for cereal are your hands and cereal of choice, making it with milk is a two-for-one, helping with both the munchies AND dry mouth. Mama’s go-to’s:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Not sure if it’s the cinnamon, the sugar, or the hit of nostalgia that comes with a bite of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but this is the cereal munchie of choice.
  • Cocoa Puffs – The trick here is to let the Cocoa Puffs sit in the milk long enough that you get a delicious chocolate milk bonus once you’re done eating.
  • Frosted Flakes – This is the cereal of choice if the milk carton is empty. Simple, sweet, and easy to eat with your hands.

Chips (and Puffs)

Chips are an easy pick for some of the best munchies when high. We love the crunch, we love the salt, and we love how damn easy it is to pop open a bag and just go to town. (Kinda like how easy it is to pick up a Tough Mama pre-roll and get super stoned.) You’re definitely going to want a beverage after putting away that family-size bag though. A bunch of weed plus a bunch of salt will leave your mouth dryer than the Mojave Desert. Mama’s chips of choice:

  • Flaming Hot Cheetos – Be careful though, putting down a big bag of these babies is a sure-fire way to feel some pain the next day on…uhh the back end. 
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos – Why make nachos when you can just open a bag of Doritos? Mama says work smarter, not harder.
  • Takis – Kind of like a Cheeto and a Dorito hooked up and made a beautiful snack baby. Takis are yet another rolled-up consumable Mama loves. 
  • FunyunsWhat even are Funyuns? Not sure, but they’re delicious when you’re high, so they make the list.

Ice Cream 

Ice cream is great whether you’re happy, sad, or super-duper stoned. Something about the sweet and cold just hit different when you have weed-induced munchies. While pretty much any ice cream will do, our go-to’s are from Ben & Jerry’s. Partly because they rock, and also because their ice creams kind of sound like weed strains. Mama’s picks:

  • Half Baked – Nothing beats Half Baked when we’re full-on baked. Honestly, though, it’s no coincidence that the best ice cream flavor known to mankind is a nod to stoners.
  • Phish Food – Named after Phish the band, who have openly shared how cannabis has helped them with the creative process.
  • Cherry Garcia – A tribute to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful dead, this ice cream was made to be stoner food.
  • Chunky Monkey – It’s banana ice cream, so of course, Mama loves it!

Full-on Food 

Sometimes the munchies are more of a gorilla-sized hunger, and when that’s the case, we want some actual food to get us right. While any meal or batch of leftovers will work, we’re looking at the best quick fixes to the black hole we have forming in our stomachs. Mama loves:

  • California Burritos – Rolled up and full of stuff we love, burritos and joints are both absolute necessities. Mama loves the California burrito with the fries inside to really lock those munchies down.
  • Pizza – We always love some pizza, but when the munchies hit, a large turns into a personal size pizza. Get your own slice(s).
  • Loaded Fries – The perfect example of how to take something amazing and make it even better. Fries topped with melted cheese and your meat of choice, no brainer.

Fast Food

Let’s be real, fast food is stoner food. Sure, it can be for anyone, but there’s a reason fast food joints are open late and offer literal boxes of food for a few bucks: It’s for us. When Mama wants some food, and she wants it fast, these are the spots:

  • In N’ Out – Being in California has countless advantages, one of them being the munchies paradise that is In N’ Out. Mama goes wild for the animal-style burger and fries.
  • Taco Bell – Probably a guilty pleasure for many, Taco Bell just has too many top-tier options to pass up. They even have a Nacho Cheese Doritos shell taco – talk about a two-for-one.
  • Jack in the Box – They literally have Late Night Munchie Meals. Hmm, wonder who that’s for?

Grocery Snacks 

They say never go to the store hungry. Well then we probably shouldn’t go to the store high, but where else would we go for snacks? The grocery store is a magical place, where the cure for munchies sprawls through aisles and aisles. These are the items Mama looks for while roaming the munchies mecca:

  • Cheez-Its – There’s definitely a cheese theme going on with a lot of these munchies, so obviously THE cheese cracker was going to make the list.
  • Pizza Rolls – There’s nothing like ignoring the directions and dumping as many pizza rolls as possible onto a plate to cure your munchies. Watch out though, these little suckers are full of pure magma fresh out of the microwave.
  • Pop-Tarts – Pop ‘em in the toaster…or don’t, the ultimate fast breakfast (or late night) munchie. Mama likes brown sugar cinnamon, but there are like 20 flavors and when you have the munchies, any of them will do.
  • Bagel Bites – When you can’t get your hands on some actual pizza, these mini-pizza/mini-bagel hybrids can be the hero we need.
Experience Life

Next-level Munchies

Sometimes getting high gives us the munchies AND major creative energy. When this happens, next-level munchies are born. This is the research and development department of snacking, and while it’s always a discovery in process, these are some of Mama’s favorite creations:

  • Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich – So simple, yet so good. Take your favorite Pop-Tart and ice cream flavors, put a couple of scoops between the two Pop-Tarts, and boom — gourmet ice cream sandwich in seconds.
  • Doritos super nachos – If just having nacho cheese Doritos doesn’t fill the nacho-sized hole in your stomach, use these Doritos as the base for full-on nachos. We’re talking melted cheese, maybe some bacon crumbles or ground beef, and your seasoning of choice (Mama likes an easy blend of garlic powder, salt, and pepper).
  • PB&J milkshake – We love a PB&J sandwich and we love a milkshake, so naturally we love to put them together. Just put some vanilla ice cream, peanut butter,  jelly, and a little milk in a blender and you’re set. (If you like a thicker shake, go heavy on the ice cream and light on the milk.)  

Did reading this article make you kind of hungry? Us too. So make sure to stock up at the store so you aren’t left with an empty stomach the next time you enjoy one of Tough Mama’s pre-rolls or vape carts!  

Oh, and let us know if Mama left out any of your favorite munchies! (And feel free to share any strange concoctions you swear by when you’re high.)

Ask Mama: Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Published on May 27, 2022

high eyes

Oh, honey, you’ve got those high eyes, and that’s just not gonna work for your first shift, the Zoom call that could’ve been an email, or the wedding you forgot you agreed to go to six months ago. 

Like most of the good things about weed, high eyes happen because of THC, and we know weed is a well-tolerated remedy – so, no, your eyes ain’t gonna fall out no matter how eye-poppin’ that strain is. 

Now let Mama tell you what’s really going on, and what you can do about that mean ol’ stoner eye.

What Are High Eyes?

Mama doesn’t get high eyes, because her deep brown gorilla eyes contain only the multitudes of nature and a quiet whisper beckoning you back to the ways of your primal ancestors. But as a dolphin-smooth human, you may get them when you smoke weed – it’s a common thing confirmed by both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies.

Just to be clear, when Mama says “high eyes” or “stoner eyes” or what have you, Mama means the reddened sclera (the white part) of the eye, the sort of glassy look and the dilated pupils you may experience when you smoke a bunch of weed. We’re not getting into hard drugs, optical ailments, or anything else that makes your eyes red, but isn’t related to cannabis. (Mama doesn’t know what you do in your downtime, OK?)

What They Aren’t

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: people used to think that it was the smoke – a well-known eye-reddener – from, uh, smoking weed that made eyes go all red. But you may have noticed in recent years that we’ve got nearly smokeless “stealth” vapes. We’ve got more types of edible snacks than you can shake a 7-11 at, we’ve got tinctures, we’ve got shots, we’ve got all kinds of totally smoke-free methods to get you nice n’ high. And they still might make your eyes red. 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet? It’s not the smoke, ya’ll.

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

So why does weed make your eyes red? That’s simple: vasodilation. Next question, Mama’s got places to be.

But…What’s Vas-o-di-la-tion?

You’re still here? Man, Mama really wishes you paid a little more attention in Intro to Human Physiology.

First off, it’s vasodilation, not Vaseline. Vasodilation is just the dilation – which basically means the widening, enlarging, or opening up – of your blood vessels. According to the same type of science people who taught Mama’s great aunt sign language, THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active cannabinoid in weed that makes you feel high) interacts with the body via the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. That’s a lot of canna words, but basically, this built-in system is responsible for all the physical responses that happen when you smoke (or otherwise consume) weed.

One of those responses is to create an overall decrease in blood pressure. To do that, the endocannabinoid system widens up – or dilates – your blood vessels and capillaries, which you’ve got a bunch of in your eyeballs. This is what causes your eyes to take on a red, bloodshot look. It’s also what might make you feel lightheaded when you’re high, and the depressurizing is exactly why some glaucoma patients use cannabis as a treatment.   

How to Get Rid of High Eyes

Regular ol’ high eyes are more of a nuisance than anything to worry about, it’d be great if you could leave the house looking like a respectable member of society. While, ya know, still being a little high. Ideally.

Mama says that’s totally possible, and here’s how:

  • Use eye drops specifically formulated to reduce redness (you’ll see that right on the label). Just be sure to use them sparingly – only when you really need them – as relying on them like a crutch can cause your eyes to develop a dependency or lower their effectiveness.
  • Hydrate while you smoke up. This is just about always good advice (expect no less from this gorilla), but especially so if you regularly experience high eyes. Cannabis itself doesn’t cause dehydration, but smoking just about anything does. And dehydration doesn’t help with the whole bloodshot eyes thing.
  • Have a nice cup of coffee or tea. As a stimulant, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Remember vasodilation? Well, this is like the opposite. Vasoconstriction helps close or tighten blood vessels, which can reduce redness in the eyes. A splash of cold water or an ice pack around the eyes can have a similar effect 

Another surefire remedy? Just straight-up time. The people at the American Academy of Ophthalmology are pretty smart, and they estimate that high eyes typically only last a maximum of three to four hours after getting high. So drink a tall glass of water, smoke your pre-roll, and try not to worry so much – stress is a lot more dangerous than a little case of stoner eye.

Ask Mama: Everything You Want to Know About Weed Hangovers

Published on April 29, 2022

Weed Hangovers Spins

by Tough Mama

You wake up in the morning, the sunlight hits you — and you know it’s not going to be the lovely day from that old song. You’re a little groggy, your eyes feel like someone shook out a bathing suit in them, and you’re feeling a little foggy. 

Could it be a weed hangover? Are weed hangovers even a real thing? And most important of all, how do you make it better? 

You’ve got questions about marijuana hangovers, and Mama’s got the answers you’re looking for. Here’s everything you need to know about how to handle the occasional morning-after yuck.

Weed Hangovers: the TL;DR

Mama knows sometimes you just want the facts without a lot of explanation, so here’s the TL;DR version.

  • Weed hangovers are probably a real thing. Yeah, Mama said it.
  • The main symptoms are dry eyes, cottonmouth, grogginess, brain fog, and sometimes, headache. 
  • They’re pretty rare.
  • They’re a lot less gnarly than hangovers caused by alcohol.
  • The main cause of weed hangovers is too much high-potency weed.
  • Not drinking enough water, eating too many Takis in a munchies-induced haze, and getting stoned on an empty stomach can also cause you to feel hungover. 
  • There are things you can do to feel better the morning after a serious session, like taking a shower, drinking some coffee, and eating a good breakfast.
  • The best way to avoid weed hangovers is to stick to your limits.

Are Weed Hangovers Real? Scientists Don’t Know, but Stoners Say So 

This is where Mama would usually whip out a few scientific studies to give you the down-low, but newsflash — scientists haven’t done a whole lot of research about marijuana hangovers. Maybe they were too busy trying to prove that it’s a gateway drug and all the other scare stories you read. Insert eye roll here. 

There are only a few studies on whether weed gives you a hangover. They’re pretty old, and only included young men as subjects, so they may not apply to everyone. 

  • One study in 1985 had 13 guys smoke either a joint or a placebo (a.k.a, a fake joint). Then, they had them do a bunch of simple tests that night and the next morning. They found that the guys who smoked the real deal didn’t judge the passage of time as accurately in the morning as the guys who smoked the fake doobies. The researchers concluded that smoking marijuana may have some subtle “residual” effects.
  • In a 1990 study, researchers had 12 guys smoke weed one weekend, and fake doobies the next. Each weekend, they had them answer questions and do tests the morning after they smoked. They found no real differences in their results between the two weekends and concluded that weed doesn’t cause hangover effects.
  • In 2015, researchers asked medical marijuana users what they liked best and least about using medical cannabis. Some of the people who answered mentioned “marijuana hangover” and “a foggy, non-alert feeling in the morning.” The study doesn’t mention how common those particular effects were. They were lumped in with the 21% of smokers who said they didn’t like the smell, the munchies, coughing, or feeling paranoia. 

So science is pretty split on whether or not weed hangovers even exist. But stoners have been talking about weed hangovers practically as long as they’ve been lighting up. That’s what scientists call “anecdotal evidence,” and anecdotal evidence often turns out to be on point. It’s obvious that some people have some kind of symptoms the morning after enjoying themselves, but the very fact that folks still have to ask if it’s a real thing suggests that it’s pretty rare.

The bottom line: Yeah, weed hangovers are a real thing. But they’re pretty rare and the effects are pretty tame. 

What Causes Weed Hangovers? 

The first answer to that one is pretty basic. The most common cause of being stoned-over is smoking or ingesting edibles beyond your tolerance level. Just like greening out, when you smoke more than your body is used to, you might feel crappy afterward. You’re more likely to experience some symptoms if you’re indulging in high THC products, especially if it’s more potent than you’re used to, or if you use more than usual.

Some folks suggest that the morning after grogginess, sleepiness, and general blah-ness isn’t actually a hangover. Instead, they say, you’re just still high from last night. This can be especially true with edibles, which take much longer to kick in and deliver a high that can last for hours. 

It’s also possible that you’re feeling the effects of something else. *Cough*Alcohol*Cough*. If crossfading is your thing and you get that hungover feeling in the morning, you might be blaming the wrong intoxicant. Booze hangovers come with symptoms — like nausea and pounding headaches — that don’t usually happen when you stick to weed. 

If you like your intoxicants in liquid form, Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz come in tasty flavors, mix well with your favorite mixers, and kick in fast to get the party started. Check out Mama’s recipe for Lucky Lemon Lime Elixir and follow on Insta for more tasty home-baked goodie ideas.

What Are the Symptoms of a Weed Hangover?

The most common symptoms of being stoned-over include… 

  • Fatigue
  • Sleepiness
  • Brain fog
  • Grogginess
  • Dry eyes 
  • Dry mouth
  • Mild headache

How to Get Rid of a Weed Hangover

The best way to get your day going if you wake up still feeling baked is to just get on with your day. That may sound like some of Mama’s Tough Love, but it turns out that a typical morning routine is just what the doctor ordered for those symptoms.

Here’s Mama’s weed hangover cure:

  • Take a shower. You can try alternating hot and cold water, but really, just getting under the water will help wake your system up and get your circulation going.
  • Drink a cup of coffee. Caffeine will help jumpstart your alertness.
  • Go for a brisk walk or do a quick workout. Just like the shower and the coffee, it will help wake you up.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Hey, good nutrition is the key to feeling right any time, and it’s especially helpful if you’ve overindulged in anything the night before. Keep it light, and hit all the important food groups.
  • Invest in some eye drops. Burning, grainy eyes? This, too, shall pass, but in the meantime, over-the-counter eye drops can help soothe them.
  • Get the juices flowing. To deal with cotton mouth, try chewing some gum or sucking on hard candy. Either of those will give your salivary glands a little poke.

How to Avoid a Weed Hangover 

The best way to deal with a weed hangover is not to get one in the first place. Duh. 

Here’s Mama’s best advice on getting properly baked without feeling burned in the morning.

  • Know your personal limits. If you’ve been around the block a bit, you know what yours are.
  • If you’re trying something new — especially if it’s stronger than your usual — start low and go slow. 
  • Listen to your body. It will let you know when you’ve hit the point of a little more is a little too much.
  • Avoid mixing your intoxicants. Or at least know that if you do, the chances of feeling grim in the morning are a lot higher.
  • Start the party earlier. If your late-night seshes make it hard for you to get going in the morning, try indulging earlier in the evening.
  • Eat before you toke. 

Weed hangovers aren’t inevitable — some people will never wake up twice-baked — but they can happen to even the toughest of us. The trick is knowing what to expect and what to do if it happens to you. 

Now that you’ve got all the info you need, Mama doesn’t want to hear any more whining. You know what to do.


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