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Best Weed Games to Play at Your Next Party

Published on October 4, 2022

best weed games

by Dan Ketchum

From the dawn of man — or at least from the dawn of ganja — weed has been totally inseparable from parties. And, look, we’re cool with zaza-powered late-night examinations of deep philosophy and the music-enhancing power of a huge blunt (until Devin busts out the acoustic guitar again, no one asked for that DEVIN). But why should booze have exclusive rights to the type of party games that elevate the vibe from a schmooze into a rager? Not on Mama’s watch.

So we’re making an official Tough Mama Declaration, right here, right now: smoking games are the new drinking games. End of story. Let the stoner games begin with this collection of new classics.

Medusa 🐍👁️

Here’s a true classic starter, like basically the beer pong of weed games. In case you didn’t go to school or ever see the stoner masterpiece Clash of the Titans (get on that Ray Harryhausen trip, son), 

Medusa is a mythological hottie with snakes for hair who turns people to stone when they look her in the eye. So in this game, everyone has their own joint (shorties like our Mini Mofoz fit the bill perfectly) and they sit in a circle facing inward. Everybody puts their head down, and on the count of three, raises those heads up to stare at another random player. If you’re making eye contact with someone else, yell “MEDUSA” — whoever says it last has to take a hit.  

Ganjenga 🧱😵

This twist on the party icon Jenga comes rec’d by Leafbuyer, and like regular Jenga, it’s great for a small get-together or for pulling a group aside at a bigger gathering. So you’re gonna need a Jenga set, a Sharpie, and, uh, weed. Obviously. Plus the willingness to ruin — or some might say, improve — that Jenga set.

It takes a little prep, but before the party, you’ll write rules on some or all of the blocks. Your choice. Stuff like “1 hit” to take one hit, “2 hits” to take a double rip, “eyes closed” to take your next turn blind, “leftie” to use your non-dominant hand next turn, “shotz” to take a Yolo Shotz sip. Whatever your weed-addled brain can come up with is fair game.  

Strip Choker 🃏👙🩲

This is strip poker, but with weed. Get a big-assed Infused Hemp Cone Blunt and get in a circle with your friends and friends-with-benefits. You’ll want to be very, very comfy friends; for real, make sure everyone’s 1,000% OK with this beforehand — sexual liberation is great but don’t be a creep. 

With that out of the way, everyone takes a big hit at the same time. First one to cough or exhale loses a single piece of clothing, and so on. Like that cheap Venice Boardwalk tee says: shit happens when you party naked. So let’s make shit happen.  

Don’t Smoke and Drive 🚭🎮

OK, smoking and driving isn’t as deadly as drinking and driving, but it’s time to retrofit the classic Mario Kart-powered drinking game “Don’t Drink and Drive” into the next classic weed game. 

Each player starts with a shorty, like Tough Mama’s .85-gram Mini Mofoz. That shorty must be fully smoked before crossing the finish line of a regular, four-player, three-lap race, but the catch is you cannot touch the controller and the joint at the same time. You must fully put that controller down when you’re smoking and you can only grab it again when the joint’s on the table. Suck it, chess, this is the real strategy game.  

It’s-a me, high as f**k.  

What’s in the Box? 📦😱💨

OK, think of this one like Fear Factor, but all you need is a cardboard box and some stuff that you probably already have around the house. Just cut a hand-sized hole in the box, which conceals a bowl full of something that feels as vile, weird, or surprising as possible. The game runner’s job is to switch out the bowl every round. Go for stuff like peeled boiled tomatoes, super cold ice cubes, slimy expired mushrooms, pudding with chunks of other food in it, wet tortilla chips, chicken livers, your exceptionally chill cat, however creepy or shocking you want to get. The touchers have to stay stone-cold stoic; any reaction equals a mandatory puff. Ideal for a Halloween bash or just the tough guys at the party with something to prove. 

Power Hour ⏰🍃

Elegant in its simplicity, beautifully dumb in its stoner-ness, Power Hour keeps the party flowing by keeping everyone higher than a giraffe’s ass for as long as you want. All you need is a (loud) timer. Set that timer for whatever interval you want — let’s say an hour for light stoners, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less for Tough Mama hardasses. Every time the alarm goes off, everyone has to take a toke (or a sip of Yolo Shotz).  

Or, if you don’t want to kill the vibe with a morning-shift PTSD-triggering alarm, take your drag or your weed-infused shot every time a new song shuffles onto the playlist

Bonus Round😮‍💨🍹🎉

Here’s something beautiful, a Tough Mama party hack if you will: with a communal bowl of Yolo Shotz Party Punch, you can make any old-school drinking game into a new-school stoner game. Just replace the booze with a weed-infused punchy cocktail shot

For a punch bowl that serves about 40 shots with 2.5mg of THC in each shot, you can make a ginger-cran version a little something like this, served over ice:

  • 3 cups of cranberry juice
  • Two 12-oz. bottles of ginger beer
  • 1 cup of fresh lemon juice
  • Two shots of fresh lime juice
  • One Tough Mama Tropical Punch Yolo Shotz (100mg)
  • A hefty sprinkle of ginger sugar
  • Orange and lemon slices floating in the bowl  

Remember, a recommended normal Yolo Shotz serving is about 5mg of THC, so scale the recipe for how hard your group wants to go, or consider serving Yolo Shotz on their own so partiers can control the dosage individually. Once you’ve got a comfy dosage sorted, you’ve got a versatile smoking game companion. Beer pong? Take a shot when you get scored on. Quarters? Same deal. Kings Cup? You get the idea. For the best stoner games turnout, remember to be safe, get turnt, go hard, and be excellent to each other. Next up: the hunger games, because you will most definitely have the munchies.

14 Best Stoner Costumes for Your Next Halloween Party

Published on September 20, 2022

weed costume

by Cyrus Grant

When you come to Tough Mama’s house for Halloween, you’re guaranteed all treats, no tricks. But before making it to your next Halloween costume party, you’re going to have to go through the annual struggle of picking out the perfect costume (don’t even get Mama started on finding gorilla-sized costumes). So, we wanted to help out and give the people some sweet stoner costume ideas everyone is going to love.

Let’s jump right in!

Straight Up Weed Costumes

weed costume pot head

Pot Head

They say you can be anything you want if you really put your mind to it. This Halloween put your head in a pot and be…well, a pothead. And while you’re at it, might as well fully commit and have some Tough Mama pre-rolls on deck.

weed costume human bong

Bong Costume

For the DIY showstoppers out there, becoming a human bong is a surefire way to be the life of the party. Not to mention it’ll be pretty cool to see a giant bong hitting a regular-size bong at some point during the day/night. Some bong on bong action — we’re here for it.

weed costume bag of weed

Bag of Weed

What’s better than a bag of weed? Yup, a GIANT bag of weed. We’d recommend filling the costume with grass trimmings or something and bringing a separate giant bag of weed for ease of access.

Solo Character Costumes

weed costumes Tough Mama

Tough Mama

We had to start out with the legend herself — Tough Mama — because who wouldn’t want to be a skateboarding gorilla stocked with grade A weed?

weed costume towelie

Towelie (South Park)

“You wanna get high?” — Yes Towelie, we do. Just make sure you can back up the offer if you show up to a party quoting everyone’s favorite weed-smoking personified South Park towel.

weed costume the dude

The Dude (The Big Lebowski) 

No stoner Halloween party is complete without an appearance from the Dude (or multiple the Dudes, probably). The Big Lebowski character is an iconic stoner figure (and the movie is a firm favorite in our list of best movies to watch while high), and if the Dude abides, so should you.

weed costume spicoli

Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

If you have jeans, a button-up, and a bagel, congrats, your next stoner costume is ready to go. Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a wave riding, pizza ordering, stoner legend. Just remember the lesson Mr. Hand taught Spicoli before you show up to the party — whether it’s pizza or weed, make sure you bring enough to share.

weed costume argyle

Argyle (Stranger Things)

Argyle might be new to our hearts, but he’s an instant stoner icon, and a perfect source of stoner costume inspiration. Get yourself some 80’s print pants, a pizza shirt, and a visor, and you’re ready to go. Pizza and weed are optional…but highly encouraged.

weed costume michelle dazed and confused

Michelle (Dazed and Confused)

If you’re looking for a more feminine stoner to dress up as for your next party, Michelle from Dazed and Confused is serving up the perfect 70’s stoner queen vibes. All you need are Some 70’s style denim pants, a purple tube top, a fringed vest, and a big colorful necklace. Bonus points if you can play some soothing tunes on a guitar.

Couple and Group Costumes

weed costume lighter and joint

Lighter and Joint

Pick your favorite partner in crime and make your way to the party dressed as a lighter and a joint. Truly a match made in heaven. (Tough Tip: If you find yourself without a lighter in life, try out Tough Mama’s vape carts for some flame-free fun.)

weed costume cheech and chong

Cheech and Chong

If you’re looking for an easy and iconic duos costume, look no further than the legendary Cheech and Chong costume. And if you really want to nail down the details, try and recreate the facial hair…oh, and just be super high the whole time.

weed costume friday

Smokey and Craig (Friday)

If “you ain’t got shit to do” other than go to a stoner costume party, Smokey and Craig might be the perfect movie character inspiration. Just try and avoid racking up debts to dangerous drug dealers. In fact, skip the drug dealer and come straight to Tough Mama.

weed costume super troopers

Super Troopers

The idea of having a bunch of state troopers roll up to your stoner Halloween party sounds like a total buzzkill. But, there’s an exception if those state troopers are actually just a group in Super Troopers costumes. Just try and turn a blind eye to anyone “smoking the reefer” (that includes yourself).

Bonus: Meme Costumes

It’s no secret at this point — Mama loves memes. So, as not to upset her (and also because who doesn’t love a good meme) we’re throwing in some bonus costumes that turn you into your favorite meme. 

“Aight Imma Head Out”

When there’s only reggie weed at the party.

Confused Cat at Dinner

Them – “All of the kief keeps falling off the pre-roll!”

Me – *Super high off Tough Mama’s robot-infused pre-roll that doesn’t have that problem*

Dancing Disco Kid

When the Tough Mama sativa pre-roll kicks in and it’s just you and the vibes.

That wraps up our best stoner costumes for your next weed-themed Halloween party. But, before we let you go, another little Tough Tip: if you don’t have the time or energy to commit to a kickass costume, just show up to the party with some Tough Mama weed, and people will be just as stoked.

Let us know if you end up trying out any of these costumes at your next party, and definitely tag us in any pictures you post of them!

Dumb Shit to Do While High

Published on July 19, 2022

things to do while high

by Dan Ketchum

The science don’t lie – weed doesn’t just give you the munchies and make memes funnier, it can legit lower your inhibitions, and with less inhibition comes more freedom to try new things, things that might’ve been a little tough in the pre-YOLO SHOTZ world you were living in. 

Look, we’re not saying that you should learn to drive a tractor or fly a hang glider when you’re higher than a giraffe’s ass, but that little push into a less guarded state of mind can definitely open you up to some new possibilities, ranging from extra dumb fun to “hey, this could actually change my life for the better.”  Need some ideas? Here are 10 Tough Mama-approved things to do while high.

things to do while high skateboard

1. Grind It Out

Sometimes, it’s hard to learn shit when everyone’s watching. Lucky for you, the skatepark is usually a place where you’ll be in the company of stoners, and cannabis naturally has a tendency to lower stress levels and ease anxious feelings. Plus, skating is just one of the best things to do while high, period.

So try that thing you were too nervous to bust out before. If you’re just getting your Vans wet, you’re high enough to try a basic ollie or some manuals. If you’re feeling like Rodney Mullen, let go and try that laser flip, backside tailslide, or impossible. It isn’t actually impossible – trust the weed.

If you’re in LA and looking for a place to skate, you can check out Tough Mama’s favorite skateparks in the city.

things to do while high napoleon dynamite

2. Make a Meet Cute

Asking someone out at the grocery store without being a total creep is on, like, every single human’s bucket list, right? If it’s on yours, ease your mind with a hit of indica and start the conversation with a nice simple compliment about munchie choices before you toss in a gentle coffee invite. Or just buy them a Lunchable. You got this.  

things to do while high water slide

2. Slip Into Greatness

Two words: Jell-o slip-n-slide. The hyphens make that two words. OK, two compound words? Whatever.

A little baby soap makes slip-n-slides extra slippy, but pile on tubs of Jell-o to add color and a big dash of “why the f**k not?” Stack up some YOLO SHOTZ at the end to make it a race to a gelatin-covered pot of gold.

things to do while high hand paint

3. Just…Fingerpaint

Wine and paint nites are some Applebee’s type of shit, but fingerpainting? Why did we ever stop? Because we grew up? Fingerpainting rules, you know it rules, and it sucks that you grew out of it. Toke up and break out those acrylics, let’s paint this thing like it’s a prog rock album cover from 1986.

things to do while high Kris Jenner
YouTube // ABC (Victoria’s Secret)

4. Get Internet Famous 

Wondering how to become a YouTuber? Get high. Yeah, there’s a lot more work to it than that, like video editing, understanding algorithms, networking, and, uh, talent, but you’ll never chase your dreams if you don’t do one thing: start. Try your own take on Zackass, powered by bud and your best buds. Start that weird TikTok recipe trend you’ve been sitting on for months. Stream some of those bonkers-ass indie games that only you have discovered – a little toke always makes the first steps that much easier.

things to do while high goofy movie
Walt Disney Television Animation

5. Eat Too Much (Sorta) Cheese

The iconic Leaning Tower of Cheeza from Goof Troop left a mark on every kid adjacent to the ‘90s. All you need is a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers, “glue” those shits together with the edible adhesive of your choice (deli slices, more cheese?), and then cover the whole thing in Cheez Whiz till you can’t see a single cracker. Share with your friends – Pauly Shore would want you to.

things to do while high die

6. Master the Dungeon

Sometimes, something feeling like it’s tough is only tough because you don’t think it fits your image, but you’ve always really wanted to try it. Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to pretend to be a lizard wizard. Dungeons & Dragons has been cool since the first season of Stranger Things, and fantasy worlds have been a thing for stoners since your dad got into Lord of the Rings and Led Zeppelin. Take the plunge, and make sure your campaign gets as weird as possible.

things to do while high confession

7. Say the Thing

We’re not saying you need to confess your undying affection to anyone (though, now that we think about it, we did already suggest that you ask out a stranger) or admit to a murder or anything. But if there’s a kinda awkward little convo you’ve been wanting to have with your person, doing it when you’re both feeling preeeettttty gooooood is probably the best way to do it. Or, ya know, just tell your friends you love ‘em.

things to do while high jellyfish

8. Stare at a Jellyfish

Here’s the tough part: you’re probably gonna have to get on the freeway. (Mama’s rules: always get high after you arrive at your destination. Don’t be stupid.) But despite its rep, weed can be good for cutting through procrastination, because it’s like your friend who just says, “f**k it, let’s go.” So go. Because, seriously, have you ever stared at a jellyfish when you’re super high? For a long-assed time? It’s like gazing into the spirit of an alien. You will transcend.

9. Get Naked

You already know sex is better high, but we’re going deeper: go to a nude beach with your crew. Let it all flop out in the wind. Remind yourselves that you’re all just human after all. It’s a real bonding experience that’s much easier if you’re a little stoned – just keep an eye out for Tough Mama while you’re there. Technically, she’s always nekkid.

things to do while high get more high

10. Bonus: Get More High

OK, this one’s not really that tough. Or dumb. Or wild. But, uh, we think you should probably be more high right now and we can help.

Mama’s Picks: The 12 Best Movies to Watch High

Published on June 17, 2022

best movies to watch high

by Cyrus Grant

There really is something special about getting super stoned, throwing on a movie, and just getting lost in the screen. The toughest part is usually picking a movie, so today Tough Mama is helping out with some of the best movies to watch high.

So, grab a Tough Mama pre-roll or vape cartridge, dim the lights, and get ready to hit play.

best movies to watch high Grandma's Boy
20th Century Studios

Grandma’s Boy (2006)

A movie about a video game developer who has to move in with his grandma, Grandma’s Boy has solidified itself as a stoner cult classic. With no shortage of super stoned moments, Grandma’s Boy has some instantly recognizable scenes, including one where the main character and his weed dealer smoke a mega joint and play video games with a chimpanzee (or at least they think they are playing, the TV isn’t even on). We don’t know any chimpanzees with joints you can smoke with, but we do happen to know a gorilla that sells strong-ass pre-rolls.

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high Jackass Forever
Paramount Pictures Studio

Jackass Forever (2022)

America’s favorite jackasses have returned to give us more of the stunts, skits, and pranks we all love. We recommend watching any of the Jackass movies while stoned, but Jackass Forever gets the feature because it’s new, and also because Rachel Wolfson shows what it means to be a certified Tough Mama (she lets a freaking scorpion sting her in the face…multiple times). 

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high harold and kumar go to white castle
New Line Cinema

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

The first of many stoner buddy films on this list, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is about, well, Harold and Kumar going to White Castle (a burger joint, for those unfamiliar). The premise is pretty simple, two buds get super high and need to cure their munchies, but their trip quickly turns into a gnarly adventure with Neil Patrick Harris (played by Neil Patrick Harris).

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high super troopers
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Super Troopers (2001)

Super Troopers is about Vermont state troopers that straight up have nothing to do other than goof around and prank people, basically. The movie is full of dumb pranks, police rivalries, marijuana smugglers, and hilarious jokes. These troopers are a guaranteed good time, just don’t let them catch you littering and smoking the reefer. 

While we can’t help you with the littering part (it’s pretty easy, just don’t litter), we can recommend Tough Mama’s YOLO SHOTZ if you’re looking for a serious high without the smoke. Just be careful, taking the whole thing at once might leave you feeling like a Vermont state trooper tricked you into eating a whole bag of weed. Oh, and also don’t consume and drive!

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high dazed and confused
Gramercy Pictures

Dazed and Confused (1993)

A movie that’s more than just “alright, alright, alright,” Dazed and Confused is about small-town Texas teenagers trying to find fun in the 1970s. If you’re looking for a movie to watch next time you get stoned, there’s a “fiesta in the making” by clicking play on this classic.

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high pineapple express
Sony Pictures Releasing

Pineapple Express (2008)

Probably the most notable modern stoner film, Pineapple Express is so good they literally named a cannabis strain after it! (Seriously, it didn’t exist before the movie). Another stoner buddy movie, Pineapple Express is about a man and his drug dealer fighting for their lives after getting wrapped up in some serious business, all while constantly baked.

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high the big lebowski
Gramercy Pictures

The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Dude is iconic, and the Dude abides. The Big Lebowski is a movie about a man that loves bowling, white Russians, and his rug that tied the room together. Kidnapping, ransoms, and a crazy friend all try to harsh his mellow, but somehow the Dude always takes it easy with what we’d guess is some really good weed. 

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high friday
New Line Cinema

Friday (1995)

Taking place on one crazy Friday, this movie stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, who have to quickly scrounge together some money after smoking $200 worth of their dealer’s weed. Next time some weed knocks you the fuck out, pop on Friday and enjoy the show. We also suggest skipping the dealer and just going straight to Tough Mama for the hook-up.

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high everything, everywhere, all at once

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a movie that can’t adequately be described in words. It’s funny, emotional, full of action, and downright trippy. It explores the concept of a multiverse, including a universe where people have hotdogs for fingers. The movie is fantastic, but experiencing it while high will send you to a different universe…or possibly dozens of universes. Just don’t stare into the bagel!

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high how high
Universal Pictures

How High (2001)

Ever smoked possessed weed that lets you see a ghost who helps you cheat on tests and get into Harvard? Yeah, neither have we, but if that sounds interesting, then How High is the movie for you to watch the next time you’re stoned. It even features Ben Franklin’s “liberty bong,” which is pretty much just a huge cannon-bong hybrid, and we’re here for it.

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high cheech & chong's up in smoke
Paramount Pictures

Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke (1978)

Cheech and Chong are the OG stoner buddies, so a list of stoner movies has to include the iconic duo. Up in Smoke is their first movie and the grandfather to all subsequent weed comedies. Just two men who love to smoke, getting into a series of shenanigans. This one is an oldie but goodie, and a great option for your next high movie viewing party. 

Where to watch.

best movies to watch high tony hawk: until the wheels fall off

Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

Bonus recommendation for Tony Hawk’s new documentary on HBO. This documentary provides a look into skateboarding’s biggest icon, Tony Hawk, including a window into all the ramps, tricks, and slams that turned Hawk into a legend. It might not feature weed like most of the other recommendations on here, but damn if it isn’t fascinating to watch sober or stoned!

Watch on HBO.

Let us know how you enjoy the movies, and feel free to throw in some of your favorite suggestions. And remember, Tough Mama’s got your back when it’s movie time and you’re looking to get properly baked.

28 Hilarious Weed Jokes Every Stoner Will Love

Published on May 31, 2022

best weed jokes, weed puns, weed tweets

by Cyrus Grant

The only thing funnier than hearing a good joke is hearing a good joke while stoned. Today, Tough Mama’s serving some high laughs with 28 of the funniest weed jokes, puns, and tweets on the internet.  

All you have to do is relax, get a little stoned, and enjoy. Also, yes, Mama gives you permission to pull a Dane Cook and pass these jokes off as your own. Mama’s no snitch.


Best Weed Jokes 

  • What did the frog say when he passed the bong to his frog friend? Rippit.
  • I told my doctor I was having problems with my joints, he told me to roll them tighter. (Or, you know, you could get a pre-roll from Tough Mama.)
  • What do you get when you mix laxatives and weed? Shits and giggles.
  • How does a stoner recite Shakespeare? “Doobie or not doobie.”
  • Chicken pot pie. My three favorite things.
  • I just bought some shoes from my drug dealer. I don’t know what he laced them with, but I’ve been tripping all day.
  • What’s the difference between a drunk and a stoner? The drunk will run a stop sign, the stoner will wait for it to turn green.
  • Why were the welder and stoner such good friends? They both love to spark up joints.
  • Confucius says, “he who smokes weed on toilet, is high on pot.”
  • The other day my friend used my to-do list as a blunt wrap.  I guess he was high on my list of priorities.
  • I used to smoke weed….I still do, but I also used to.
  • Making plans with a stoner is like being with a prostitute. They tell you they’re coming, but you know it’s a lie.
weed jokes oui'd

Best Weed Puns 

  • Stoner? I hardly know her!
  • What do people smoke in France? Oui’d.
  • What do you call a stoned King? Your Highness.
  • Let’s make like a hippie and blow this joint.
  • Like marijuana and snacks, wee’d go well together.
  • What do you call a computer that smokes weed? High tech.
  • If weed puns are a sin, I’ll see you inhale.
  • Where’s the best place to eat when you’re high? A potluck.
  • Looking for a good weed reeference.
  • Sorry for my bluntness, that’s just how I roll.
  • Hit me baby one more time.

Best Weed Tweets

High Tier Cinema

Watching a documentary stoned > watching a documentary not stoned.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Some bomb-ass weed is the one sure thing that can unite us all.

Good Vibes Only

Just keep us out of the chips aisle.

Ahh, the Sweet Sweet Smell of Some Bud

Where do we apply to be weed sommeliers?

Learning From Your Own Mistakes


And we thought our 100mg YOLO SHOTZ needed a warning.



Looking for more laughs? Check out our post on our favorite weed memes!

24 Weed Quotes That Make Perfect Stoner Insta Captions

Published on April 26, 2022

Best Weed Quotes

by Cyrus Grant

“A friend with weed is a friend indeed.” — Pops O’Donnell. 

We gotta agree with Pops on this one. So, next time you want to share a stoner-themed social media post with your friends and followers, go ahead and take one of the weed quotes below and let the likes roll in.

And if you’re looking for a hit of inspiration for your post, check out Tough Mama’s kick-ass cannabis products.

Gilbert Shelton

“Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed.” 

Freewheelin Franklin was dropping some wisdom back in 1971, and now you can pass that wisdom on to all your followers.  Use this caption to remind people that all is good when you have some weed.

“Hands down, the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.”

Pineapple Express is full of gems, and you can’t go wrong with something short and straight to the point. Use this caption to memorialize, you guessed it, the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked.


“If we all had a bong, weed all get along.” 

Nothing brings people together like weed. You can even go for the extra weed pun instead of “we’d” if that’s more your style. Use this caption to show off a group hang-out made better with everyone’s favorite plant.

“Just like weed, you make everything better.”

Everything is better with a friend/partner. Use this caption to show off a picture of your favorite smoking partner.

“Struggle is the enemy but weed is the remedy.”

Lyrics make good captions, and this Kid Cudi line is a perfect example. Use this line as a caption to let people know that no matter the struggle, weed is here to help. 

“I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more.”

Sticking with the lyrics theme, Sublime understands that the best time to light up is whenever the hell you feel like it. Use this line to let the people know that you’ve had a good day staying high.

“It’s 420 Somewhere.”

We don’t really need an excuse, but this is true….probably. Use this for a photo of you smoking morning, day, or night.

“A joint a day keeps the bad mood away.”

We agree. Use this alongside a picture of your favorite pre-roll (whether it be pre- or mid-smoke). We suggest our award-winning Tough Mama Pre-rolls.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two joints made my night.”

Nothing like a cannabis nightcap. Use this caption alongside a picture showing off the end of a great night.

“Red eyes, big smile.”

Weed makes us smile…and makes our eyes red. Use this caption for a picture of you or a friend channeling this winning combo.

“Don’t kill my high because you’re low.”

Sometimes you need to throw some subtle shade at people bringing you negative energy. Use this caption to show people they can’t bring you down.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

The great Bob Marley lives on through his music and as a symbol for marijuana culture. Borrow this famous quote as a caption to spread his always-relevant message.

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is, and always has been, cannabis.”

Another music legend and cannabis symbol, use this Willie Nelson quote with a picture of you de-stressing.

“Never give up the ganja.”

The man known for playing God in seemingly every movie, Morgan Freeman, dropped this quote during an interview with the Guardian. Use it as solid advice to share alongside any weed-themed Instagram post…or any post really. Heck, yell it from the rooftops.

“Smoking weed doesn’t make you cool, but if you’re cool then you probably smoke weed”

“Can’t complain when you’ve got Mary Jane.”

No arguments here. Use this caption with a picture of you kicking back and relaxing with your good friend Mary Jane.

“Alcohol kills – Weed chills.”

Weed > alcohol. Use this caption to make your preference clear. (If you still want the party vibes of taking shots, try Tough Mama’s YOLO SHOTZ.)

“Don’t worry. Don’t cry. Smoke weed and get high”

Life’s too short to spend it worrying. Get high instead. Use this caption to pass the message along.

“Whatever I do, I do it better stoned”

Whether it’s writing an article on weed quotes, or posting to social media, it’s all done better stoned. Use this to let people know weed is your performance-enhancing drug of choice.

“If you ever miss 4:20, just wait until 4:22. Because 4:22 is 4:20, too.”

Stoners might not be the most punctual, but we’re fun. Use this caption as a playful way to sneak in an extra 420 into your day.

“It’s CANnabis, not CAN’Tabis”

You CAN do it! Use this to let your followers know anything is possible (especially with the help of a little weed).

“I got high, and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high”

Ricky Williams was able to dominate the football field while high, whoever told him he couldn’t probably should’ve been minding their own business. Use this quote as a nod to the running back that proved you can be elite at what you do and be stoned at the same time. 

“That is not a drug, it’s a leaf”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to some as the Governator, dropped this absolute gem back in 2007. Guess he didn’t need to time travel to find that out. (Terminator reference, anyone?)

“Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.”

Do we have to smoke? No. But why wouldn’t we? Use this weed quote to remind people to do what feels good.

Now that you have these caption ideas, all you need is to take the pictures. Get out there, get high, snap some photos, and remember, when you need weed Tough Mama’s got you covered. Oh, and don’t forget to tag @toughmamaweed in your posts!

25 High Thoughts That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

Published on April 26, 2022

Hilarious High Thoughts

by Cyrus Grant

Have you ever been so high your brain leveled up? Well, you’re not alone. And to prove it, Tough Mama has gathered all of the most hilarious and mind-bending high thoughts from around the Web.

So, spark one up and get ready to have your mind blown.

1. The only thing worse than running out of lighter fluid is running out of weed.

Weed Jokes Lighter

2. Uno reverse, Officer.

Weed Jokes Tiny Mirror

3.  Weed giveth and weed taketh away.

Weed Jokes Answers

4. Weed never know.

5. Maybe we really are in a simulation.

6. What do we do with the extra gloves?

Weed Jokes Hands

7. We prefer being up in the clouds.

8. Not sure, but when we’re baked, we’ll gladly eat either.

High Thoughts Cookie Bacon

9. Wonder if Mozart ever realized this.

High Thoughts Tuna Piano

10. Lightbulb!

High Thoughts Lightbulb

11. One pulp water, please.

High Thoughts Water Pulp

12. Circle, square, triangle…don’t care as long as it’s pizza.

High Thoughts Pizza

13. New plan: Light up a Tough Mama infused pre-roll and watch a bug documentary.

High Thoughts Bugs

14. So, like, are all stairs reversible?

High Thoughts Stairs

15. Math checks out. Forever young!

16. Weed so fire you forget it’s winter.

High Thoughts Freeze

17. Better late than never.

High Thoughts Working Man

18. Are you saying every day could be our birthday??

19. And words are just air shaped by our mouths.

High Thoughts Name

20. Think about it.

21. Not what I signed up for, tbh.

22. The world may never know.


23. Hard pass.


24. Safety first.


25. Wait, wtf.

Inspired? Let us know if you have any mind-bending thoughts! And if you need a little help getting in the right mindset, check out Tough Mama’s powerful pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and liquid THC shots at your local dispensary.

Dos and Don’ts of Getting Baked at Music Festivals

Published on April 19, 2022

How to sneak weed into a music festival

by Erica Garza

Want to get high at a music festival but don’t know how to make it past security without doing what Butch Coolidge did with his dad’s watch in Pulp Fiction? We’re here to ease your mind. 

Figuring out how to sneak weed into festivals can be tricky (and don’t count on us to be your one phone call if you get caught!) but people do it all the time without having to do time. After all, haven’t weed festivals been a thing since Woodstock? 

Here’s the low-down on getting high at music festivals this year, from getting your herb in, to enjoying yourself while you’re there.     

How Hard Is It to Sneak Weed Into Festivals? 

Though cannabis is legal for recreational use in several states, most concert venues are subject to strict laws. Even in California, where everyone saw Snoop Dogg toke before taking the stage at Super Bowl LVI, it is prohibited to use cannabis in public. But if you’ve ever been to a concert, you know you’ve encountered that familiar and unmistakable scent of your favorite plant. 

Here are some of the crazy ways that people have tried, but keep in mind their success (or lack thereof) may have depended on the festival, the city, or maybe just the person patting them down:

  • Underwear — this works best for compression shorts and bras.
  • Shoes — try wrapping it tightly in a plastic baggie first and then stuff it deep into the shoe.
  • Tampon applicator— pull out the cotton wad and slide in the herb.
  • Trail mix — Trader Joe’s might be monetizing your mix soon.
  • Peanut butter jar — just don’t do what these guys did at Bonnaroo.
  • A hollowed deck of cards — even David Blaine would be jealous.
  • Ballpoint pen — remove the tip of the ballpoint pen and the ink barrel for a classy hiding place.
  • String holes of a sweater — you’re about to love your favorite hoodie even more.
  • A pack of gum — the minty smell will throw them way off.
  • Ground coffee — similarly, the smell of coffee is usually strong enough to overpower your ganja.
  • Books — you might get an eye roll for wanting to read between sets, but security is unlikely to flip through the pages of Oprah’s latest book club rec.    
  • Cigarette pack — this classic hiding spot will just make you look like any old innocent tobacco user.

The Best Methods for Getting High at Festivals 

While you might love the way your bong brightens up your coffee table, you definitely wouldn’t want to lug that into a festival.

It’s highly recommended to smoke discreetly, so pre-rolled joints come in handy here because they’re easier to hide and save you the hassle of having to roll when you’re inside. Vape cartridges are also small enough to hide almost anywhere you’d hide a joint, though you should be mindful of keeping them in a moderately cool place. So, maybe don’t hide them near your ballsack, in your bra, or in your shoe if you tend to get sweaty.

Where to Smoke Once You’re Inside 

Though you’ll probably see people lighting up almost anywhere, there are some places within most venues where you’re less likely to get caught. 

If you’re in the middle of a crowd and everyone is smoking all around you, feel free to join in. If you’re the only one getting baked, it’s usually a good idea to blow your smoke or vapor upward instead of towards other people’s faces. They may not like the aroma as much as you do. 

Speaking of people’s faces, it’s also not a good idea to shotgun the security guards as much as you think it’ll help them enjoy Doja Cat’s set even more. While most onsite police and security will look the other way if you’re smoking nearby, you still want to be as discreet as you can and not cause a scene. 

Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind 

DO bring your own weed to the festival, which leads us to the very important first don’t…

DON’T attempt to buy cannabis at the festival. Cops may look the other way if you’re smoking, but they probably won’t be as chill if they see you buying. You also don’t know if the weed you’re buying is any good or if it’s laced with something shady like fentanyl. It’s probably better to go the route of a legal dispensary instead of depending on that guy you just met in line.

DO share with friends. If you’re getting a hard look from the person next to you because you’re smoking, don’t get paranoid and think they’re about to snitch. They probably just want a hit. 

DON’T sell your shit. Cops definitely won’t look the other way if they see you making a deal. You might be looking for a side hustle, but selling weed at festivals isn’t it.

DO have fun. Weed makes everything better, even the performances you’re not really looking forward to. And if you’re still too scared to attempt making it past security, don’t fret. Just pregame before the show with a cannabis beverage that you can swig on the way in like Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz, which takes just 7-15 minutes for you to feel its effects. Or maybe just opt for a cannabis-friendly music festival like the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball or 4/20 on Hippie Hill. Something tells us they won’t pat you down too hard on your way in.

Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. She writes about health, sex, tech, and cannabis. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Salon, and VICE.


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23 Weed Memes Stoners are Guaranteed to Love

Published on April 19, 2022

Stoner Memes Friends

by Phoebe Neuman

Ok — let’s get real. Falling down a rabbit hole of fire memes is one of our favorite things to do sober. But scrolling through memes while stoned? Now that’s the good stuff

We’re dishing up 23 of our favorite stoner memes, just because we love you. So sit back, take a hit, and get ready to laugh. 

1. Our Kind of Breakfast

Stoner Memes Kerchoo

Lucky charms or bust, am I right?

2. When You Play Yourself

Stoner Memes Fred

Time for a Tough Mama restock

3. When the Munchies Hit

Stoner Memes Yoda

Stoned, I am. Have pizza, I must.

4. Nothing to See Here

Stoner Memes Brick Wall
Ruin My Week

How would they know??

5. Spooky, Dude

Stoner Memes Skeleton

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by fake news.

6. Treat Yo’ Self

Stoner Memes special day

You earned it.

7. Jazz Cabbage

Stoner Memes ET
Blunt Lifestyle

E.T. gets it…also, we’re gonna need that donut.

Blunt Lifestyle

8. It’s Chill

Stoner Memes Ed Ed n Eddy

Weed so good, you don’t need words. 

9. Just Say No

Stoner Memes Say no to drugs

This is what they taught us in D.A.R.E., right?

10. Better Late than Never

Stoner Memes 420 traffic

Time is a construct, anyways.

11. High Thoughts, Part 1

Stoner Memes Braille


12. High Thoughts, Part 2.

Stoner Memes Elemelons

When you’ve got the munchies but are also watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

13. High Thoughts, Part 3

Seems pretty sus, idk.

14. When You Major in Botany

Stoner Memes Dad

Dad just wants the best for you.

15. Gets Us Every Time

Stoner Memes Out of Body
Ruin My Week

Nothing like the sweet surprise of an edible finally kicking in. 

16. What Are Friends For?

Stoner Memes Got Ur Back
Blunt Lifestyle

Sharing is caring. 

17. Sober You Was Looking Out

Stoner Memes Thomas

We all agree that Thomas the Train was high AF, right?

18. Lost in the Sauce

Stoner Memes Search Party
Ruin My Week

Taking out-of-body experiences to a whole new level.

19. Be Cool

Stoner Memes Starbucks

Drive-through dispensaries are the future we deserve.

20. We’ve All Been There

Stoner Memes Seal
Ruin My Week

Just. Act. Natural.

21. Hooking Yourself Up

Stoner Memes TMNT

This is what they mean when they say be your own best friend.

22. When  Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Hit

Stoner Memes Shaggy

Name a more iconic cartoon stoner. We’ll wait.

23. I’m, Like, Really Busy

Stoner Memes Real Plan
Ruin My Week

It’s called self-care. Look it up.

Did we miss any of your favorite weed memes? Let us know in the comments!

Phoebe Neuman is a cannabis content creator and full-time meme consumer. When she’s not writing, she spends her time chilling at the beach in sunny Southern California.

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