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Wanna Stay Home and Get High? Here’s How to Order Weed Online

Published on April 18, 2023

how to buy weed online in california

Mama might look like an ape (a ridiculously cool and good-looking ape), but that doesn’t mean she still has to live like she’s back in the jungle. Today Mama is going to share the secrets of how to buy weed online, and how you can get whatever your little heart desires without leaving the comfort of your home.

So, if you want weed without having to step outside, you’ve come to the right place. Mama is going to be talking specifically about California, but other states are also getting with the times, so if you’re somewhere else, feel free to check out your local laws.

What Are California’s Requirements? 

Luckily, ordering weed online in California is legal and easy. Mama wants everyone to enjoy her lovingly made products without leaving their couch, but before you hit “order,” here are some things you should know.

For Those 21 and Older

If you’re 21 or older, congratulations, you’ve met California’s requirement for ordering weed online. Yup, it really is that simple. There are some more steps you’ll have to follow, but Mama has that covered a little later down below.

For Those Under 21

If you’re under 21 and want to order weed online, your best option is to wait…roughly however many years between now and your 21st birthday. The ONE potential exception is if you’re 18 or older and have a valid medical cannabis card, but most recreational dispensaries still won’t sell or deliver to anyone under 21 due to recreational dispensary rules. That means that while you can get weed from a medical dispensary, you’re delivery options are likely limited. 

Do I Have to Live in California?

Nope. You just have to currently be in California. Anyone with a valid I.D. (including passports, if you’re international), can order. In fact, you can even order to a hotel if you’re just visiting for a bit. 

Side note: if you are staying in a hotel, be sure to follow their smoking rules. Mama might technically be an animal, but it doesn’t mean you always have to act like one. There’s a time and place for everything!

Mama’s Online Order Checklist

Mama likes staying home (you can’t imagine how hard it is being a gorilla in public these days). Because of that, Mama knows a thing or two about what you need to have ready when it comes to ordering weed. Here’s a little checklist of things you’ll usually need to be ready with so you can stay away from the unknown that is going into public on any given day, and have some sweet sweet bud brought straight to your door.

  • Have your I.D. ready. Most places will not only require you to upload your I.D. before placing your order, but you must also show the delivery person your I.D. when they get to your door. That means, 1. Yes, you have to be home and interact with one person, and 2. Whoever orders the weed must be the one to accept the delivery. Thems the rules.
  • Have some cold hard cash ready. Mama knows paper money covered in the germs of every man to not wash his hands after wiping his ass is not the ideal way to pay anymore, but sometimes it’s still required. You’ll obviously have to pay attention depending on where you’re ordering from but be prepared to have some dolla dolla bills ready.
  • Known the local limits. If you’re aiming to go full-on online cannabis catering last minute, just know you might run into some barriers. Per California law, the most weed you can purchase in a day is 28.3 grams of flower (1 ounce) or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Want to know how high you can get on that supply? Mama’s guide to weed measurements has you covered.

What Can I Order? 

When it comes to what you can order when it comes to weed, it’s Willy Wonka’s freakin chocolate factory (minus all the OSHA violations and creepy dudes singing bangers when children almost die). As long as you’re within the legal limits of what you can order (trust us, it’s enough to get you where you want to go), you can order pretty much anything. 

That includes:

And the list goes on.

Ways to Order

This part can seem overwhelming, but Mama promises it’s all copacetic. When it comes to ordering weed online in California, there’s straight-up a near-infinite number of options. Who doesn’t love choices? That being said, there are certain things you’ll want to look for when ordering. 

The UberEats Method

If you want weed, and you want it now, you’re most likely going to want to find a trusted third-party online weed delivery service. Think of it like the UberEats or Postmates of weed. You find a place that has what you’re looking for, you order it, and somebody hopefully shows up in an acceptable amount of time with the right stuff. Your options will differ depending on where in California you are, so just make sure wherever you’re ordering from is reliable and legit.

The Direct From Source Method

If you’re after a specific product that’s unavailable near you, and you just gotta have it, you’re best bet is to see if the company you want does deliveries. Yes, Tough Mama does deliver, because the people need what the people need. For this, you’ll go straight to the website and order whatever you’re looking for from there. And not to be one-upped by Amazon Prime delivery, Tough Mama makes sure your order will show up at your door the next day. Fear not, you want it, you got it!

The Direct from Dispensary Method

Another way to order is a bit of a hybrid between the two we just covered. Some dispensaries manage their own deliveries, so you can even check to see if you can order straight from a dispensary near you. If you know your favorite dispensary has your favorite stuff, might as well go straight through them!

This can also help with finding and ordering the products you want for same-day delivery. If, for example, you know you want some Tough Mama products, you can find a “Where to Buy” page on the website, which will help you find a dispensary near you that has what you want. Then you just make sure they deliver, and bam, it’s like Mama is there holding you in her warm, furry arms that very same day.

Weed Subscriptions 

Mama gets her fruits and veggies delivered every week, and low and behold, you can now do that with weed. What a time to be alive. If you’ve ever done a subscription box service before, you’ll know exactly what Mama’s talking about. For those that haven’t fully succumbed to every modern-day luxury (yet), subscription boxes can come in a couple of different ways. Since we’re talking online weed delivery, the boxes you can expect will usually be one of two options:

  1. Mystery Box. Based on some personal preferences you give, a box full of mystery goodies will be delivered to you on a recurring basis, depending on how often you want a box to show up (usually weekly or bi-monthly).
  2. Self-Curated Box. If mystery isn’t your thing, there are also subscription services that have a semi-consistent rotation of products that you can choose from for each delivery. This way you can always get your favorites, but also get adventurous whenever you feel like it.

The future is now, and that means the best weed, straight to your door, whenever you want it. Mama knows there are lots of good options, but just know Mama is always here to treat you right. So, feel free to order anything that catches your eye straight from the website, or check out the Where to Buy page to see who is stocked up on Tough Mama near you!

Tough Mama’s 8 Best Things to Do on 420

Published on April 4, 2023

things to do on 420

by Cyrus Grant

If you’re reading this, it probably means the best day of the year is soon approaching. No, not “eat ice cream for breakfast day” (February 4th, if you’re curious) — we’re talking about April 20th aka 420. (Duh.)

Let’s be honest, everyone could use an extra holiday, and that goes double for a holiday centered around the world’s best plant. We’re ready to get festive, so here’s Tough Mama’s guide on the best things to do on 420!

1. Get Your Prep On  

The first thing you should be doing for 420 is making sure your stash of goods is filled up and ready to go. Mama recommends prepping before the big day ahead of time, but you can go the day of and enjoy the celebrations (and potential deals) held at dispensaries near you if that’s what sings to you. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t into waiting in lines that make you feel like you’re at splash mountain, Tough Mama delivers straight to your door, so you can still get the best weed without the headache. And let’s be honest, the less driving you have to do, the better.

If you’re doing a full day of celebrating, go wild and give yourself a nice spread of weed options. Get some joints and blunts, clean your favorite bong, grab an edible, and if you’re feeling extra festive, go for a THC shot (just a cap-full will do unless you’re going for a one and really really really done situation). 

2. Get a Munchies Spread Goin’

Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation or when you’re celebrating. Them’s the rules. So, this 420, make sure you have your kitchen all stocked up to get the ideal munchies spread ready to go for the big day. And because Mama loves you, she already has a list of all the best munchies you’ll need, and Mama suggests you check that out here. Definitely take a peek at the “next-level munchies” at the end of that list too, the pop-tart ice cream sandwich goes hard. 

3. 420 Movie Marathon

Getting high and doing a movie marathon turns Mama into Roger Ebert…except Mama usually loves the movie and the only thing critical about her is her need for some snacks. We digress

Something about weed and cinema just goes together, which makes it an ideal activity for 420. To make things easy for you, we even have Mama’s 12 best movies to watch while high, so you don’t have to spend an hour scrolling through Netflix before accidentally landing on an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

4. Connect With the Great Outdoors 

Nature gave us weed, and sometimes we need to take a moment to really appreciate that. If you’re looking to connect with Mother Earth on 420, get high and go on a hike, a walk, or just find a nice bench with a view. Maybe even do a bit of stoned yoga on a patch of grass. The world is your oyster, really.

If getting high and getting a bit more active is your vibe, you can also go for a 420 surf sesh or even hit the skatepark. Heck, if the snow has been heavy you might even be able to catch a late April day up in the mountains on your snowboard.

5. Feed Your Creativity 

The right type of weed and you’ll be feeling like Picasso. Okay maybe not quite, but goddamnit if anyone will stop us from laying down the best fingerpainting of our lives every time we’re high and feeling artsy. 

If getting creative is high on your list of high activities for 420, consider doing some of the following.

  • Get your graffiti on (Mama doesn’t condone breaking the law — usually. So, find a place like the Venice Beach graffiti walls to go do some tagging).
  • Land that new skate trick.
  • Do some freestyling (here’s Tough Mama’s Burn Slow instrumental, so you have a worthy beat). 
  • Heck, even some poetry

And just to get you in the mood, here’s the best 420 poem we could find on the internet. 

‘Twas the night before 4/ 20, when all through society 

Not a pothead was stirring, no reason for anxiety;

The kush was all ground, and rolled with such care,

For others may come, and I must be prepared;

The stoners asleep all comfy on the couch,

No cause for alarm, they probably passed out;

And Mary with her kief box, and I with some papers,

Giggling like school children, inhaling THC vapors.

When from not far away there arose sound of bubbles

I stumbled from bed to see what caused the trouble,

Away in the shed I glimpsed smoke-filled light,

As if Cheech and Chong had been toking all night

I put my bong down, as worry turned to dismay

And I wondered if my glazed eyes had led me astray,

When, what to my curious nose should arrive

But, a scent o’ so potent, which words can’t describe,

With a haze through the garden, so skunky and thick

That I heard my nose, pleading, “please, don’t be a trick!”

More fragrant than juicy fruit, its odor did proclaim,

I had to appeal for a hit of that strain;

“Hey toker! And, smoker! And Bill and Ted!

And bumout! And, hippie! And stoner and pothead!

To the beanbag in the den! To the hotbox down the hall!

Let’s toke up! Toke up! Toke up one and all!’” 

by Jay Selthofner

6. 420 Game Night

If you’re planning on doing a big 420 celebration with friends, a game night might be in order. We’re not talking about ruining everybody’s high with Monopoly, we’re talking about some straight-up weed games. Check out Mama’s suggested weed party games here

Alternatively, if you have the smoking part already locked down, some classic board games can still be a solid option (again, not Monopoly — getting kicked out of your friend group on 420 is a vibe killer, trust us). We also stan a stoned Mario Kart tournament!

7. Grab Tickets to a Weed Festival/Concert

As more states legalize weed, more weed-themed festivals and events are popping up. California, for example, has a constant stream of weed concerts and events, and there’s no time like 420 to get some tickets locked in to see your favorite band or explore new strains. While you certainly can find festivals on 420, there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting your next weed-focused event on your calendar. Keep the party going, ya know.

8. Kick Back With Some Buds

Sometimes doing less is doing more, which means hanging with some friends and getting high together can be the perfect 420 plan. Whether you’re hosting or attending a 420 kickback, make sure you bring some weed, preferably enough to share. It’s a holiday after all! (And we have a handy dandy guide to throwing a great 420 party…you’re welcome)

Honestly, you can do anything you feel like on 420, just as long as you have some good weed and some good vibes. And if you need more ideas, we’ve got another blog post filled with even more dumb (fun) shit to do while high

As always, Tough Mama has you covered when it comes to the good (great) weed, and we trust that it also helps bring out the good vibes. 

Happy 420 to all!

20 4/20 Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Day of the Year

Published on April 4, 2023

Party Ideas Clock Radio

by Nick Marshall

We never need an excuse to get stoned, but there’s something extra special about lighting up on our favorite day of the year: 4/20

4/20 is not the time for your usual wake-and-bake or lighting-up routine. Nah — it is time to let loose and let your stoner freak flag fly! So instead of inviting the gang over to just chill, why not throw a 420 party?

Here are 20 great 420 party ideas for letting loose, kicking back, tearing it up, and getting your groove on, Tough Mama style.

1. Welcome Pre-rolls

Get the party started and set the mood by giving guests one of our award-winning cannabis-infused pre-rolls, (a breakout star of the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup). Set the bar high from the start with a No BS blunt. Choose from Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. You’re welcome!

2. Ice-Breaker Games

Once things get going and the bong water starts flowing, tap into the creative juices with some hands-on games. Giant Jenga to focus the mind, dominoes to go with a traditional Caribbean-style smoke out, Twister to take care of the introductions, or a quick Texas Hold ‘Em tourney to show everyone’s poker face.

Grandma’s Boy 20th Century Fox

3. Video Games

It’s no secret that the console and pre-roll were made for each other. Set up a soft area with a few controllers so that guests can indulge in some performance-enhanced gaming, fueled with a round or two of our Yolo Shotz perhaps? Dust off your N64, load up  Mario Cart, and put a fresh (and legal!) spin on drinking and driving

4. Lights!

Drop the house lights and set the mood with some soft, colorful LED lights, psychedelic swirls or a kaleidoscope projector. These got your (grand)parents through the sixties, and they will work just fine for 4/20 in 2022. 


5. Camera!

But first… let me take a selfie. Set up a photo booth or pass around a disposable camera and encourage guests to have fun shooting each other. Kind of. You get the picture. Long story short, if a 420 party happens without pictures, did it really happen? Perhaps that’s one to discuss around the bong table. 

6. Inaction!

When that Indica hits, guests will want somewhere soft and comfortable to relax. Set up a chill zone with subdued lighting, a trance playlist, some bean bags, inflatable couches, and blankets for stretching out and soaring.


7. Novelty Bongs and Pipes

Guests will probably bring their own bubblers, vape pens, and dab rigs but they’ll be leaving their go-to water pipe at home. (Though it is always a good idea to have pre-rolls and extra carts on hand if anyone runs low.) Here’s your chance to treat yourself to some fancy-ass glassware that smokes like a dream and demands attention on the table.  

8. 420 Decorations

You can’t overdo it on the weed napkins and tablecloths. Or, you could strike a more authentic look with some rasta colors, psychedelic splashes, and decorations that evoke the Golden Years of cannabis, from lava lamps to tie-dye.


9. Weed Olympics

Even stoners have a competitive streak. Unlock it with a quick weed olympiad to reveal the cannabis MVP. 

A few events you and your guests could participate in are… 

  • Speed joint-rolling. Line up the flower, the rolling papers, and see who’s got the fastest fingers. 
  • Toke obstacle course. Set up pillows, cones, books, chairs, or whatever you have to form an obstacle course. Then, add in a few well-placed joints, bongs, or liquid THC shots. The fastest contestant to take a toke (or a sip) of each and make it through the course wins.
  • Freestyle herb grinding. This is probably best played with the flower that’s been sitting around at the back of your stash for way too long. Get out your bud and a mix of unconventional tools to use as grinders. The person who gets the best-looking grind, wins!  
  • Weed pong. Think beer pong, but with weed. Don’t overcomplicate it!
  • Ring blowing. Show off those smoke tricks to a panel of judges!

10. Munchie Buffet

Newsflash: people are going to get hungry. When the munchies strike, have a buffet bar with some sugary and salty chips, dips, and appetizers ready, as well as some healthy options to slow down the cannabis absorption, like fresh fruit, nuts, and celery or carrot sticks. 

11. Weed Edibles

Unless you’re the mischievous kind, make sure that it’s clear where the everyday snacks end and the edibles begin. Put your weed cookies, muffins, and brownies on a separate table unless you want your living room to look like a scene from The Walking Dead come the early hours. 


12. Balloons

You’re never too old to enjoy a balloon, especially if you’re flying high. But we’re not talking half measures here. Fill a small room in your house with big, bouncy balloons, cover the floor with something soft and let guests lie back and bounce. Giggles and gurgling guaranteed!

13. Music

Party hits? Not today. Your 420 session calls for a dedicated stoner playlist, heavy on dub reggae, trap, G-funk, and as many 20-minute-long Afrobeat tracks as you can handle. Hear each note as nature intended. 

14. Pit Stop

Everyone hates cleaning their bong, right? Wrong! They just don’t like doing it alone. Set up a communal cleaning station so that guests can put the sparkle back in their bong, share some tips, and bond over some isopropyl alcohol, rock salt, and soapy water.


15. Pipe Band

A little weed did wonders for The Grateful Dead and the odd rapper or two. It can work for you also. Set up a drumming circle spanning some big, bassy bongos and smaller percussion (triangle, maracas, etc.) and let the spontaneity of the moment take center stage.


16. Wall of Fame

Unleash the creativity a good Sativa offers with some smoke-inspired strokes on your own 420 mural. But before you collectively tag your favorite wall, let’s cover it first with rolls of paper. Blaze up a blunt, pop the cans and let the graffiti begin.

17. Safe Haven

Even the best of us can sometimes get the jitters or paranoia, especially when people are passing around unfamiliar blends. Have what they need to calm down on standby. CBD is great for softening the effects of THC, and many people also swear by black pepper or lemon. Make sure there’s plenty of water too. (Have a guest that’s too high? Check out Tough Mama’s guide to greening out to learn how to deal.)

18. Self-service Bar

Alcohol and cannabis don’t make a great combination, but you can still celebrate Happy Hour with a bar stocked with fresh juices for mocktails, THC-infused shots, seltzers. and sodas. Have a few, because things will get busy when the cotton mouth strikes.

Kingpin Mag

19. Natural High

So far, we’re assuming that this 420 “highdown” is at home. It doesn’t have to be. Take it on the road, to the park, or to the beach with a 420 surf or skate session. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the smoke in your mouth. 

20. Party Pack

Last impressions matter. Send your guests home with a party pack of papers, pre-rolled cones, chewing gum, and snack bars. There’s no birthday cake, but who needs it if you drop in an edible brownie too?
Ready to get this party started? Get your pre-rolls, vape carts, and THC Shotz right here. Come to Mama.

Stoner Dictionary: Tough Mama’s Guide to Weed Slang

Published on March 7, 2023

weed dictionary of other words for weed

Marijuana, pot, ganja, the list goes on. When something has been around for as long as weed has, it’s bound to pick up a lot of nicknames and slang. Mama thinks having a vast lexicon is important, and because Mama also cares about education, she figured she’d expand your weed-word knowledge with Mama’s Stoner Dictionary. 

Words for Weed

Let’s take a look at some of the popular terms and nicknames our good friend, marijuana, has picked up over the years. Mama’ll break them down into two categories: Terms that are used for good weed, and terms that are used for bad weed.

High-Quality Weed

Knowing words for weed is good. Knowing words for good weed is even better. Here are some of the more common words you’ll hear when people are talking about that high-quality shit.

  • Chronic – Popularized by none other than Snoop D.O. Double G himself. Supposedly after being so high he misheard “hydroponic” as “chronic,” and the rest is history.
  • Dank – It’s hard to pin down the origins of this one, but when you get a good whiff of some dank weed, it just makes sense.
  • Fire/Fuego – “Fire,” or its Spanish sibling, “fuego,” has picked up a permanent place in slang dictionaries to mean super good. 
  • Gas – Anyone else kinda like the smell of gasoline? Well if you do, you aren’t alone, ‘cuz some high-quality and pungent weed has a pretty similar smell, and thus the nickname, “gas.”
  • Loud – When marijuana smells so damn strong you can basically hear it.
  • Primo – Short for “premium.”
  • Sticky icky – If you’ve ever handled high-quality weed covered in trichomes, you’ll know it’s quite literally sticky. Despite the name, Mama promises it’s far from icky.
  • Zaza – A term pulled from the word “exotic,” it means the weed is rare (and of course, top-notch).

 Low-Quality Weed

  • Backyard boogie – Like it was grown in someone’s backyard. But like, not someone who knew what they were doing.
  • Bammer – Gonna be honest, not sure about the roots of this one, but Snoop says “no bammer weed,” and who is anyone to disagree? 
  • Boof – Okay, so back in the day this was a term mostly used to reference prisoners hiding things up their asses…Mama guesses smoking weed that had been up someone’s butt would categorize it as low-quality. IDK, but all-around gonna stay away from boof.
  • Bunk – “Bunk” pretty much just means bad, worthless, or boring. “Miss me with that bunk shit.”
  • Ditch weed – This one is pretty straightforward. Weed that basically could have been (or quite literally was) found in a ditch. It’s also known as feral weed, which just means it was growing out in the wild. Sadly, weed found in the wild isn’t quite like wild salmon or whatever. Trust professional growers to do their job. 
  • Mid – A newer entry to the slang world, “mid” is used to describe something as mediocre. Not terrible, but not good (and when it comes to weed, “not good” is definitely not good enough).
  • Reggie – Mama actually used this term to do a full breakdown on shitty weed (click on the word for that), but it basically just means some regular-ass weed. And again, Mama don’t play with average weed.
  • Shake – Shake weed is the stuff that’s fallen to the bottom of the bag or jar, and is pretty much just the leftovers. Kinda like when you’re desperately out of chips and you shake the bag to gather the crumbs. With chips — okay. With weed — hard pass.
  • Schwag (aka shwag) – This is a term used for visibly bad weed. Like brown, stemmy, seedy, weed.

Measurement Slang

This section will cover common slang for different measurements of weed. So you never have to guess again. Alternatively, you could just get some weed from Tough Mama and save the math for people who like that kind of thing. Anyways, here are the terms.

  • Dime bag – $10 of weed, or roughly 0.5 grams. Kinda pointless nowadays to be honest. (For reference, a single Tough Mama pre-roll is 1.6 grams. Way better value.)
  • Dub (aka a G) – Known as a “dub” because it’s $20, and typically about 1 gram, which explains why it’s also known as a “g.”
  • Eighth – 1/8th of an ounce. About 3.5 grams.
  • Quarter/Quad/Q (not to be confused with “QP”) – 1/4th of an ounce. About 7 grams.
  • Zip – 1 ounce. About 28 grams.

Other Stoner Terms to Know

Weed is more than just a plant — it has a whole culture around it (but you already know that). And because of that, there are words and terms every stoner should know that aren’t used directly for weed. 

Mama would probably need a second edition to cover all the categories and terms that have been created around weed, but ain’t nobody got time for that, so here are a couple more terms that every stoner should know.

  • Bogart – You ever been in a circle and one person just won’t pass the weed to the next person? Yeah, that’s a Bogart. Don’t be that person.
  • Pearl – Da Vinci had the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo had David, and stoners have pearl. A perfectly rolled joint or blunt that feels like a masterpiece.
  • Rip – Taking the biggest inhale imaginable from a bong or vape.
  • Roach – The butt of a joint or blunt. Basically, what you can’t smoke because you’re starting to burn the hell out of your fingers.
  • Spliff – A joint mixed with tobacco.
  • Crossfaded – Drunk and high at the same time.
  • Green Out – It might seem impossible, but you can actually get too high. And it’s called greening out.
  • Plug – Someone you can get weed from. For you, that someone is Tough Mama.
  • 420 – April 20th (aka 4/20 aka 420), a weed holiday to celebrate the world’s best plant. 

That’s it (for now) on Tough Mama’s Stoner Dictionary. While there is an endless amount of words floating around out there, and terms that haven’t even been created yet, this list covered most of the big ones. So get out there, and get your stoner slang on with confidence!

Tough Mama’s TV Guide: 10 Best Shows to Watch High

Published on February 7, 2023

best shows to watch high

by Cyrus Grant

Name something better than getting high, grabbing some snacks, and throwing on a great TV show. You can’t. Mama loves her shows, and we know you’ll love them too. While an almost unlimited number of shows can satisfy our stoned-watching desires, these are 10 of the best that every stoner is guaranteed to love. Grab your munchies, and your Tough Mama prerolls, and get ready to watch.


(Watch on Paramount+)

Look, watching someone get hit in the balls might be the purest form of comedy. You’re telling me our ancestors didn’t bust a prehistoric laugh when they saw that? Before language, all we had were farts and hits to the balls. Finding it funny is just in our DNA. No one does outrageously stupid shit better than the fellas at Jackass, and the show was the golden age of MTV (back when it still had music!). Amazing no matter what, but extra amazing when you’re stoned. (If you’re looking to settle in with a movie, all the Jackass flicks make our list of best movies to watch while high.)

Trailer Park Boys

(Watch on Netflix)

Trailer Park Boys is somewhat of a stoner cult classic show. A mockumentary about 3 guys living in a trailer park, smoking weed, trying to make a buck, and often landing in jail. This Canadian show started off as a movie, but turned into 105 episodes of pure stoned watching material.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

(Watch on Hulu)

Something about getting high and watching “the gang” being absolute sociopaths just hits different. You almost certainly know about IASP, but a quick summary is basically a group of five completely awful people run a bar and come up with schemes to make money…exact revenge…or just be assholes for the sake of being assholes. The show knows how to shock a laugh out of you, and being high amplifies it all. 

When it’s time to get high and watch TV, you can’t say “no” to the show. “Because of the implication.”


Impractical Jokers

(Watch on HBO Max)

Have you seen those videos of people doing embarrassing stunts because they got last place in their fantasy football leagues? Well, Impractical Jokers is basically that in the form of a long-running show. Four guys take turns doing embarrassing dares in public, where they have to follow the commands of their fellow show hosts who are hidden away, watching on surveillance equipment. If you get second-hand embarrassment for people, you’ll definitely feel it, but Mama-be-damned if it isn’t hilarious.



(Watch on Hulu)

Ever feel like suburban soccer mom life would be better with an underground weed business? Okay, we’re not so sure about that, but it is what Nancy from Weeds decided to do. Featuring the soccer mom turned cannabis kingpin, Weeds is a dark comedy-drama about a woman and her kids as they go from a suburban family in mourning, to a traveling mini-cartel. To be honest, the first 3 seasons are an absolute blast and should be thoroughly enjoyed with an infused blunt on hand, but a friendly heads up, seasons 4-8 are a bit of a mixed bag. If you haven’t yet, get high, throw it on, and enjoy (especially the first 3 seasons).



(Watch on Hulu)

Another show about 3 buds who just love to smoke weed, party, and do their jobs super poorly, Workaholics is TV made for stoners. If you don’t like this show, you probably have real “loose-butthole” energy tbh.



(Watch on Hulu)

If you’re watching Wilfred, you’re basically sitting around getting high with Elijah Wood and his neighbor’s dog, who is a man in a dog costume, or a figment of his imagination? Maybe? It’s not clear, but it’s funny so who cares. This is another dark comedy, but once again, totally made for watching while baked.


Nature Documentaries

Alright, this isn’t a single show, but watching pretty much any nature doc while high is a transcendent experience. You can go with the classics of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Cosmos, or really any similar documentary you come across. Smoke some weed to make it a truly immersive experience with Earth’s greatest plant of all — Cannabis.

LA Time

What We Do In the Shadows

(Watch on Hulu)

What We Do In the Shadows is essentially the Office but with vampires. It’s a mockumentary that follows a group of Vampires that live together in Staten Island and try (but often fail) to blend in with the modern city of New York. Mama highly recommends the show and even the original movie it’s based on.

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Doctor Who

(Watch on HBO Max)

Hotboxing the Tardis is a sci-fi dream, but traveling through time and space with the Doctor while high out of your mind is a truly top-notch experience. It’s one of the longest-running shows out there, so there’s an almost endless amount of adventures waiting for your sweet little high mind to go on. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, 2005-2013 are the golden years of the modern series so we’d definitely recommend starting there. Now excuse me while I turn my sonic screwdriver into a functioning pipe. 

That wraps up Mama’s 10 favorite shows to watch while high. We hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to come to Tough Mama for all your weed needs!

P.S. Go check out Mama’s favorite cartoons and anime too!

9 Epic Anime to Watch While High

Published on December 21, 2022

Best stoner anime Luffy

by Cyrus Grant

Gripping stories, great comedy, and super sick power-ups aren’t necessarily unique to anime, but Mama-be-damned if anime doesn’t just do it the best. 

If you’re like us and love a good anime when you’re high, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going over our favorite anime to watch stoned, and where you can find each of these absolute banger shows.

So, get ready to get super high and go super Saiyan on the best anime for stoners.

One Piece

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll

What’s cooler than pirates? How about a young pirate named Luffy, who basically has Mr. Fantastic’s rubbery stretching ability because he ate some crazy-ass fruit? (If only the munchies I ate gave me superpowers.) When it comes to a great anime to watch while stoned, One Piece has it all. It’s funny, action-packed, and full of adventure. One Piece is notorious for having like a thousand episodes, which can feel a bit intimidating, but that’s why it’s solid stoned viewing. Pop it on, zone out a bit while watching a few episodes, and repeat.

What’s it about: The basic premise is Luffy, using the powers he gained from eating the Devil Fruit, assembles a crew as he quests for the legendary treasure known as One Piece, so that he can one day become the King of the Pirates. But, plenty of other pirates are after the same booty (hehe). Oh yeah — and there’s the minor inconvenience that whoever consumes a Devil Fruit loses the ability to swim. Not the greatest weakness to have when you’re living life on the high seas.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video

Hmmm, how to explain JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure…it’s uh, pretty fucking weird, but in a spectacular way. This is one you definitely have to watch to really get the vibe of, and once you do you’ll see why it’s even better high. Basically, imagine a bunch of anime characters that raided David Bowie’s closet and duke it out over multiple generations. Speaking of David Bowie, we have to shout out the creators of JoJo for working famous music groups into the characters’ names — Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Tonpetty, Esidisi, plus so many more — bravo to them. And fun fact, the Hi-Phi oil found in our Mini Mofoz and Yolo Shotz is inspired by Hi-Fi sound, so it’s no wonder we vibe with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.  Anyway, back to the show, you’re just gonna have to trust us on this one.  

What’s it about: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the wildly absurd Joestar family over multiple generations, as they use their unique psychic abilities and super strength to take on longstanding rivals (who are vampires for a bit) and other random bad guys. 

One Punch Man

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video

In a world full of powerful superheroes, monsters, and evil villains, one man exists who’s far more powerful than the rest…and it’s super boring for him. One Punch Man is the perfect anime if you love superpowers, lots of action, and just a comically overpowered main character. Like it’s literally comedy. The dude can beat anyone with a half-assed punch.

What’s it about: One Punch Man follows a man named Saitama, who despite being a super average-looking bald dude (it’s his signature feature — other than, you know, his ability to defeat any enemy in one punch), is by far the strongest living being on Earth. He achieved this one-of-a-kind strength simply by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10km (6.2 miles) every day for three years. While you would think his ability to end any fight in a single punch would put him at the top of the hero world, it turns out fighting is no fun when it isn’t really a fight, so he lazily takes care of business when necessary, but never when anyone seems to be paying attention.

Cowboy Bebop

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll

You know what’s cooler than a space western? A space western with an elite soundtrack. That pretty much explains Cowboy Bebop. This show is a classic, and like many of the others on this list, it has a great combination of action, comedy, and storytelling. What really makes this a stoner anime and sets it apart from all the others is the music. Between the action-packed visuals and the absolute audio bangers, this is an anime to get absolutely lost in when you’re baked.

What’s it about: Cowboy Bebop follows Spike Spiegel and a couple of his friends (including a bioengineered Welsh Corgi) as they make their way through space onboard their ship, the Bebop. Spike is essentially a space bounty hunter who travels the cosmos looking to take down outlaws as a way to escape his troubled past.

Princess Mononoke

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Ok this one is actually a movie rather than a show, but it would feel almost illegal to make an anime list that doesn’t include something made by Studio Ghibli. Princess Mononoke is an all-time anime classic, and a revolutionary accomplishment for hand-drawn animation. As with pretty much everything Studio Ghibli, this movie is a masterpiece and will have your stoned mind transfixed to the TV as you go through a stunning visual and emotional journey alongside the main characters.

What’s it about: While Princess Mononoke has some deep underlying messages that really need to be watched to fully appreciate, the basic premise is this: A young prince is afflicted with a curse while fighting a demonic boar, leading him to leave his village in search of a cure. On his journey he finds a war taking place between a town and the forest (like, the forest creatures are literally fighting the humans from the town). The conflict, however, isn’t as clear cut as you might think, as the townspeople and their leader have to make iron to protect the people of the village from outside threats, but happen to be harming the forest in the process. Obviously, the forest gods and creatures that live in the forest aren’t super stoked about their home being destroyed, leading to the conflict between them and the humans. 

The Dragon Ball Series

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu (only part of the series appears on Hulu)

The Dragon Ball series is one of the most recognizable and beloved anime that exists. It makes the list not only because it’s a classic (the new shit goes hard too once you make it to Dragon Ball Super), but also because there’s no way Master Roshi isn’t sitting on his island just absolutely ripping bongs, blunts, vapes, THC shots, you name it. While Dragon Ball is solid to watch high, be warned, there is a lot of unnecessary screaming. Like, A LOT. 

What’s it about: Dragon Ball follows Goku and his group of friends as they hunt for the seven Dragon Balls throughout the years to fulfill varying wishes. Goku is one of the few remaining Saiyans, a race of powerful warriors that have the ability to gain extreme power by pushing past their limits and gaining the ability to go super Saiyan (to ever-growing levels of powers throughout the show).

Space Dandy

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

Honestly, if we had to pick one anime on this list that truly counts as a “stoner anime,” it would probably have to be Space Dandy. This anime is more serialized, in that each episode doesn’t necessarily lead into the next, which honestly makes it even easier to throw on and just enjoy without being worried about what you might have missed. While it might not have much of a story, it still manages to grab your attention by being hilarious and weirdly fascinating (especially if you’re high).

What’s it about: Because it’s not super story-driven, and also because it’s a weird-ass trip, Space Dandy can be about a number of things. It follows the main character, Dandy, who is a pompadour-adorned alien hunter who often hangs out at a bar called BooBies with his sidekicks (a robot named QT and an alien cat named Meow).

Attack on Titan

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix (Netflix does not currently have all seasons)

Alright, this one is probably the least stoner-y of the anime featured on this list, but hot-damn if it isn’t just so amazing that you’ll want to watch this no matter what your current state of mind. Attack on Titan (often referred to as AoT) is a modern-day masterpiece, filled with epic action, stunning visuals, an amazing story, and more character deaths than Game of Thrones.

What’s it about: Without giving any spoilers, AoT is about a civilization that lives within a series of walls, built to keep out giant man-eating creatures known as titans. The main character, Eren Yeager, vows to join a dangerous titan fighting unit of the military after his mother is eaten by a titan in an attack during his childhood. The show then follows Eren and his comrades throughout the years, as the mysteries of their civilization and the titans come to light.


Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

If this show were weed, it would be a top-tier indica. It’s relaxing, tranquil, and yet still impressively gripping. Unlike most of the other shows on here, Mushishi isn’t really a binge anime, but instead something you’ll want to experience slowly while your mind wanders off into an indica-induced state of relaxation.

What’s it about: Mushishi takes place roughly in 1800s Japan and follows the main character, Ginko, who has a unique ability to interact with supernatural creatures known as Mushi. While most humans aren’t able to see or interact with Mushi, these primitive creatures seem to serve no purpose and have no agendas other than to simply survive. While many can be fascinating, some, unfortunately, pose a threat to humans, forcing Ginko to use his unique ability to protect humans from any dangerous Mushi.

While these are some of our favorite anime to watch while high, the real list is infinitely long, as watching almost any top-tier anime can be an amazing stoned experience. (Though if you need more recommendations for what to watch while high, check out our favorite stoner cartoons.) And as always, if you want the best high experience when it’s stoned anime time, check out Tough Mama’s collection of kick-ass weed products. 

Feel free to let us know what anime you think hit different when stoned, and we’ll be sure to check them out!

The Stoner’s Guide to Surviving Christmas

Published on December 1, 2022

stoner Christmas guide

You hear that distant ice cracking? It’s the sound of Mariah Carey being freed from her polar slumber to assault your eardrums every time you go to the grocery store for the next three months. And it sounds a whole lot like those cynical corpo-Santa commercials and the shrill sound of your Q-anon aunt at the holiday dinner you’re forced to attend.

But it ain’t all bad. Even if you don’t celebrate baby Jesus or Coca-Cola Santa, the holidays might just net you some downtime, lots of killer food, and a good excuse to show some love to the best people in your life. And we know just the way to turn all the shitty stuff into a wonderfully chill stoner Christmas for the ages — it all starts with a few puffs of that Jolly Green.     

The Two Strains of Christmas

OK, so technically sativa and indica are the two strains of, like, all the time. BUT, we find that the two main strains are really well suited to different seasonal activities in ways that are kinda perfect, elevating “oh please no,” to“bearable,” and all the way to “actually, I’m having a pretty good time right now.” 

Here’s how to optimize your 420 Christmas with a holiday date that’s always down.

Santa Sativa

Sativa strains like the sticky sweet Iced Lemonade you’ll find in our 1.6-gram infused pre-roll are kind of a “daytime high,” even if you smoke ‘em (or in the case of our YOLO Shotz, drink ‘em) at night. Sativa highs are bright and bold, stimulating your creativity and churning up feelings of straight-up euphoria. Because sativa is more energizing like that, it really lends itself to high-energy, hyper-colorful Christmastime events like

  • Christmas parties
  • Opening tons of presents
  • Christmas caroling
  • Ice skating
  • Touring wild Christmas light setups (we implore you to do this, trust us)  
  • Going to a holiday concert
  • Christmas dances
  • Watching Batman Returns or Bad Santa

Indica-ristmas Spirit

On the flip side, indica like that Big Block in our big ol’ hemp cone blunt can help encourage feelings of peace and relaxation, which you might just need as half your family gets wound up tighter than a gnat’s ass this December. 

Take advantage of indica’s de-stressing potential for

  • Pre-gaming family dinners with your conspiracy-buff cousins
  • Centering yourself while wrapping presents (good luck)
  • Reading nice Christmas stories to the little ones
  • Winding down with hot cider on Christmas Eve 
  • Ignoring everyone screaming about Starbucks cups
  • Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas

Make Meals (a Lot) Merrier

Even if you don’t like Christmas, there’s a pretty good chance you can find something to appreciate among the Christmas grub spread, whether it’s honey ham or that giant tin of different types of popcorn. (Pro tip: fight the munchies by mixing the caramel and cheese flavors.) 

You’ve celebrated Danksgiving, now it’s time to make Christmas food ascend to the next level with two key allies: cannabutter and Tough Mama’s Berry Crush Yolo Shotz.

Say what you will, but Xmas is like the X Games of baked goods. Whether you go the DIY route or buy it premade, butter infused with cannabis oil turns delicious treats into full-on experiences. Work it into Christmas classics like gingerbread, sugar cookies, brownie brittle, fruit cake, rum cake, peanut butter buckeyes, or (extra) sticky toffee pudding and you’ll just about guarantee some Christmas cheer.

On the Christmas cocktail side, one little $15 bottle of Berry Crush Yolo Shotz makes the Christmas party way better — you’ll get 20 canna-cocktails with 5mg of THC each outta that naughty little boy, and the berry flavor suits the season. We recommend a Cranberry sauce cocktail — here’s how to make it:

  • Fill a rocks glass with ice
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cranberry sauce and 1 1 serving of Berry Crush to a rocks glass
  • Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lemon wedge

Couple sips of that and you might just change your mind about the holidays.

Dankify Your Decor

Why go red and green when you can just go green? Ditch the nutcrackers and creepy animatronic reindeer in favor of some merry-juana themed decor. Make it a stoner Christmas — make it your Christmas — with decor that celebrates your love of leaf:

  • Extra Large Cannabis Wreath by 3rd Street Inn ($46.99) to let the whole neighborhood know it’s about to be a 420 Christmas on these streets.
  • Weed Gift Wrap by Unblushing ($5) because the holiday calls for a different type of rolling paper.
  • Etsy’s selection of weed-themed ornaments (Varies) so you can hang up a bulb that says “Happy Holi-Daze” or a gingerbread man smoking a fat one all while supporting indie artists.
  • Cannabis Light Set by Kurt Adler ($27.99) to light up your holiday while you light up…other stuff.
  • The Rainbow Cannabis Christmas Stocking by Discrete Unlimited ($19.99) because it looks sick and offers a not-subtle hint about the kind of stocking stuffers you really want.
  • The Original Weed Christmas Tree ($329.99) if you just want to go completely extra this Christmas.

Green Up Your Gifts

Getting stuff is cool, and giving stuff is even better. It’s a great way to show someone how much you love them without having to pay a therapist to tell you how to do that without making it weird. Don’t let crusty traditions keep you from infusing your gifting with a big touch of ganja. 

Here’s what’s on Tough Mama’s Official Stoner’s Wishlist this year:

  • Light-Up Merry Kushmas Ugly Christmas Sweater ($59.99) that’s guaranteed to be used every time your giftee inevitably gets invited to one of those f**king sweater parties.
  • Weed and Cobras Deck by Roger Skateboards ($60) so they think of you every time they kickflip (it says “20% skateboarding, 80% weed and cobras” and we agree). 
  • Kind Buds Candle ($8.99) because it’s always good for Grinches to keep a few cheap oh-shit-I-forgot gifts, especially ones that smell like cannabis.
  • High Art: The Definitive Guide to Getting Cultured With Cannabis by Robert Lambrechts and Estefanio Holtz ($15.99) because it finally answers the question, “Is there an edible that will help me understand Cubism?”
  • Weed Men’s and Women’s Crew Socks by Aksels ($14.99) so that you can finally make the gift of socks into something cool.
  • Mini Mofoz by Tough Mama ($32.50) to fill your friends’ stockings with up to 40%THC in an incredibly cute (but still tough) form factor. 

For people who aren’t feeling the holiday vibes, the trick to surviving Christmas is finding ways to inject the things that define you into a time of year that feels like it just doesn’t get you. Think of it like making a playlist in a genre that you don’t love — with a little digging, you’re gonna find enough deep cuts to put together a tracklist you can dance to. 

And like a much hairier Elf on the Shelf, Tough Mama’s here to help you dig deep down into that spot where you keep your long-lost holiday cheer. Just take a few deep breaths and exhale all that smoke like a jolly little Christmas chimney.

30 Best Stoner Names for Your Pet, Baby, Boat, Bong…Whatever

Published on November 18, 2022

best stoner names

by Cyrus Grant

Names are how we make ourselves distinguishable from others. They’re how you can go to the store and pick out some Tough Mama weed and know you got some good shit. They’re also just fun to give out to random things around the house. Whether you’re naming a baby, a pet, a plant, a bong, a boat, or whatever the hell you feel like, these are the perfect stoner names.

Weed and Slang Inspired Names 

  • MaryJane – An obvious classic. If it’s good enough for Spider-Man’s love interest, it’s good enough for your daughter…or bong…or whatever.
  • Reefer – Reefer? I barely know ‘er. Okay, but for real, a great stoner name.
  • Bud – Might seem generic to some crowds, but those who love bud will love Bud.
  • Flower – You’ll have some plausible hippie deniability with this one, but between us, we know which flower you’re talking about.
  • Doobie – It sounds cute and is weed related. Not really any more that needs to be said.
  • Herb – Who knew an old-man name was actually just a subtle stoner name?
  • Blaze – Maybe douchey, maybe awesome, definitely a stoner.
  • Green – Not all names have to be creative. If you like smoking green, make it a name.
  • Indica – For any laid-back and mellow person, pet, or item you’re trying to name.
  • Sativa – A perfect name for the more energetic and uplifting people/things in your life.
  • Kief – Sounds like a normal(ish) name, but it’s the precious little trichome powder slowly collecting at the bottom of your grinder.
  • Ganja – You’re not fooling anyone with this name, but it’s honestly beautiful.

Celebrity Inspired Names

  • Spicoli – After the infamous Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Pick this name for whatever needs some laid-back surf stoner vibes.
  • Bob – Anything Marley related is going to be auto-associated with weed. Bob is subtle, but between Marley, Dylan, and Ross, Bob is a certified stoner name.
  • Ziggy – You could honestly pick any of Bob’s kids’ names, but Ziggy just feels more stoner-y than the rest.
  • Cheech and Chong – Twins, cats, your two favorite smoking pieces. They are the perfect stoner names for anything that comes in pairs.
  • Snoop – After the one and only D-O-Double G, Snoop is a stoner icon, which makes his name a solid stoner name to choose for anything.
  • Willie – After yet another stoner legend, Willie Nelson, this is another name that can pass as a more subtle stoner name.
  • Scooby and Shaggy – For any duo that is destined to love Scooby Snacks. Or any snack, really.
  • Ricky Williams – Anyone who puts up crazy numbers in a professional sport and also drops the quote, “I got high, and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high” deserves to have someone or something named after them.
  • Janis – While male celebrities might dominate the famous stoner lists, Janis Joplin is more than worthy of being considered when it comes to giving out stoner names.
  • Puff – You’re allowed to be a bit of a Bogart in the circle if your name is literally “Puff.”
  • Smokey – Smokey the Bear wants you to prevent forest fires. But with a name like Smokey, there’s no way you don’t burn something. Save the forests, burn some weed.
  • Wiz – A modern-day marijuana icon, Wiz Khalifa
  • Herodotus – Super deep cut, Herodotus was an ancient Greek philosopher who was writing about getting high back in 440 B.C..

Boat Themed Names (‘cuz boats need good stoner names too)

  • Sea Weed – Get it? Seaweed, Sea WEED? Yeah, you get it.
  • WeedyMcWeedFace – Everybody loves BoatyMcBoatFace. So, why not give it a nice weed-themed spin?
  • High Seas – Fun fact, the high seas are any saltwater that isn’t within a territory or state. Alternatively, it’s anytime you’re high on a boat.
  • Bong Water – Can you put ocean water in a bong? Probably, yeah.
  • Wake ‘n Bake – What do you call the little waves a boat makes? A wake. What do you do when you wake up? Bake. Run with the idea.

Now get out there and give your baby/pet/plant/boat/literally anything you want, a great stoner name. And next time you’re in the dispensary or online looking for high-quality weed that doesn’t mess around, look for the name Tough Mama.

11 Best Stoner Cartoons to Watch While High

Published on October 11, 2022

best stoner cartoons

by Cyrus Grant

Whoever says cartoons are for kids is 1) super lame, and 2) has probably never sat back in their PJs and watched cartoons while stoned out of their minds. Tough Mama doesn’t listen to the haters, and neither should you. So, today we’re giving you a list of the best adult cartoons to watch while high.

Warner Bros

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Hmmm how to describe Aqua Teen Hunger Force…. Well, basically, three sentient fast-food items live together and they…do stuff? Honestly, the show doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but for some reason, it’s exactly what you need if your stoned-out brain wants to watch a cartoon. Don’t question it, just let Meatwad, Master Shake, and Frylock lead you on a nonsensical cartoon adventure.

Disclaimer: Watching this show while high will more than likely bring about cravings for milkshakes and fries. Plan accordingly and stock up on some of your favorite munchies.


Rick and Morty

Watch on Adult Swim, HBO Max, and Hulu

Rick and Morty need no introduction. It’s one of the most popular shows around, and for good reason. It’s fast-paced, full of trippy adventures, funny, and surprisingly deep. Whether you just want a good high laugh, or you want a show that can provoke thoughts and feelings, you can’t go wrong with Rick and Morty

Just try and stay away from the weird gatekeeping “high IQ” fandom that unfortunately follows the show around like it’s some sort of Mensa-only club. Little do they know you can be high as a kite and still fully grasp the show.

South Park

South Park

Watch on Comedy Central and HBO Max

It’s a classic, and yet it’s still modern. South Park is one of the few shows that has been able to ever-expand its relevancy, and we’re totally here for it. From the old episodes to the new specials, South Park continues to push the boundaries of what you can put on TV. While you can’t actually spark up some Tegridy Farms weed (yet) and watch this show, we’re happy to let you know that Tough Mama’s pre-rolls and vape carts are top-notch and will get you plenty high for your cartoon-watching endeavors.

Adult Swim via Vulture

Smiling Friends

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

The newest show to make our list, Smiling Friends is about two charity employees who just want to bring smiles and happiness into the world. While it doesn’t always go as planned for them in their little TV universe, it will bring a smile to your face when you’re watching this show high on your couch.



Watch on Hulu

A cartoon blast from the past, set in the distant future, Futurama is just a straight-up good show no matter how sober or stoned you are. Although many of the characters are outcasts in the future, they totally belong on your TV next time you want to get baked and watch cartoons.

Rotten Tomatoes

Robot Chicken

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Robot Chicken can best be described as an unhinged stop-motion sketch comedy series that often tackles pop culture references and parodies famous franchises. It’s really one of those shows that must have been made for stoners, in that it’s nearly impossible to watch when sober, but completely fascinating when you’re faded.


The Big Lez Show

Watch on YouTube

Okay, not gonna lie to you about this one. It’s super Australian and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have no idea what the hell is happening. But Tough Mama be damned if it isn’t just inexplicably hilarious when you’re baked. There are so many selling points, but the pack of stoner sasquatches just resonates with us for some reason (okay maybe we just love big furry stoners, it’s kinda our thing).

Oh, and don’t be deterred by the clear lack of production budget, it’s worth all the pixels and more.


Beavis and Butt-Head

Watch on Paramount+

While Beavis and Butt-Head technically never did drugs in the show, there’s no doubt they bring big stoner energy. Like, who else just goes around laughing at everything? Anyways, there’s a proper way to watch this show, and it’s super stoned. 

A small warning — if you happen to watch any of the episodes where Beavis turns into “Cornholio,” there’s a good chance you’ll be walking around the rest of the day with your hands up and your shirt over your head. If you know you know.

Rotten Tomatoes

Mr. Pickles

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Mr. Pickles is, how should we say this…uhh, really fucked up. Like, satanic, murderous border collie levels of fucked up. It’s honestly kinda terrifying, BUT, it’s absolutely gripping when you’re high. If you have a dark sense of humor, you’ll no doubt find it super funny. 

Heads up, probably not a show for you if you’re prone to weird/bad dreams. But again, for those out there with slightly twisted minds, you’re welcome.

Rotten Tomatoes

The Boondocks

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Full of comedy, action, and ever-relevant social commentary, The Boondocks is a great show no matter what your current headspace is. It follows two black boys who move with their grandad to a predominantly white neighborhood, leading to a view of American culture that the show makes funny while also providing a clear critique of society.

If you haven’t watched it, you should. And feel free to spark up for an extra kick of entertainment.



Watch on Netflix

Similar to Futurama (more so in art style than content) but set in medieval times, Disenchantment has a magical feel to it, especially if you’re high. The pacing can get a bit weird, but when you’re stoned the fantastical setting is really what you’re there for. Enjoy the magic, and throw this on when you just need a cartoon that’s fun to look at. 

That wraps up our list of the best stoner cartoons to watch while high. Next time some Tough Mama products get you where you’re trying to go, pop on one of these cartoons and just soak it all in.

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