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Stuff Stoners Should Know: Joints vs. Blunts

Published on June 22, 2022

joint vs blunt

by Dan Ketchum

By nature, stoners love two things: weed and jargon. And hot Cheetos, and skating, and shower thoughts, and vinyl and…alright, never mind about the “two things” part, stoners like lots of stuff, because we’re all unique human beings. But the jargon part is true.

In stoner culture, you’ve got atomizers, bubblers, dabs, zongs, and hotboxes, and that’s just the tip of the slang grass-berg. But just like stoners are distinct and special human-shaped snowflakes, so are our smokeables. Given the number of options out there, it can be tough to cut through the word salad to separate your joints from your blunts (and the lines do get blurry sometimes), but knowing a few key features will inform both your brain and your smoke sesh. 

Where We’re At

Before diving into, uh, blunt definitions and the joint vs. blunt wars, it’s important to clarify something up front: there’s no manual on this stuff. Weed culture has always been a grassroots (no pun intended), countercultural thing, so there is no officiating body, no United Nations of Weed telling us the exact specifications of a blunt or a joint. And that’s especially true here in the absolute weed renaissance we’re living in, where the options are just about endless.

So that said, most of our blunt definitions and joint definitions come from tradition, whether that’s pre-legalization street wisdom, post-legalization product trends, or just Urban Dictionary. We can certainly identify basic characteristics that make a joint a joint and a blunt a blunt, but keep in mind that the cornucopia of cannabis companies out there are ultimately going to identify their products in their own unique ways.

What Makes a Joint a Joint

In the Year of Our Matron Gorilla 2022, you can smoke, vape, eat, drink, dab, drop or rub your weed, you can swish CBD in your mouthwash or get greasy with cannabis-infused personal lube. Whatever gets you going. But still, just plain smoking weed in what Reefer Madness called a “marijuana cigarette” has never gone out of style.

And that’s basically what a joint is: cannabis rolled up in a little tube of paper for a convenient, smokeable format. The papers are usually made from rice, straw, wood pulp, flax, or even hemp, often bleached to a white-ish color. You can roll them yourselves with a flower, a weed grinder, and rolling papers, or get them all fancy-like from your local dispensary as singles or in packages, where they may include a filter. They come in all sorts of sizes but are generally smaller than blunts.

And that’s an important distinction. When it comes to the issue of joint vs. blunt, a lot of what makes a joint a joint comes down to what it lacks – basically, a blunt is a type of joint with some extra features. 

TL, DR: Joint Basics

  • It’s weed.
  • It’s usually smaller than a blunt.
  • The average American joint contains about 0.3 grams of cannabis.
  • It doesn’t contain tobacco.
  • It usually features lighter-colored or thinner rolling paper (but some unbleached rolling papers may still be a little earthy).
  • Those lighter rolling papers also make for a lighter-tasting smoke than a blunt.
tough mama blunts

How Blunts Hit Different

So here’s that blunt definition: it’s a bigger joint that’s rolled with paper, usually brownish in color, that used to feature tobacco content – nowadays, those papers are commonly made with hemp, (which is what you’ll find in most dispensaries) or other plant content. Back in the day, a blunt was a cigar that was hollowed out and had its tobacco leaf replaced with cannabis, but that’s not gonna be the case when you walk into a dispensary today. Mostly because we don’t need to do that anymore. 

That blunt rolling paper is usually going to be thicker and more textured, too, so the roll may be rougher or appear “veinier” than a joint). Blunts – like Tough Mama’s live resin-infused Hemp Cone blunts – can be conical in shape sometimes, to pack more leaf in. If a joint is a “marijuana cigarette,” think of a blunt sort of like a marijuana cigarillo or cigar.

TL, DR: Blunt Definition

  • It’s weed.
  • It’s usually bigger than a joint.
  • It usually contains about 1 to 2 grams of cannabis (ours have a gram of weed, 0.25 grams of oil, plus terps for 1.6 overall grams of heft).
  • The rolling papers are thicker “wraps” made with plants such as hemp, or even more creative stuff like banana leaves.
  • That rolling paper can also lend blunts an earthy, sometimes robust, flavor profile.

A Word on Spliffs

Quick note, things can get confusing here because blunts used to primarily combine tobacco papers and weed, and spliffs also combine tobacco and weed. Here’s the key difference: spliffs actually mix tobacco leaf, like the kind you’d find in a cigarette, with the cannabis flower contained in the roll. So unlike a blunt, it’s not just a rolling paper thing. Make sure you clarify when smoking casually, as some people use the term “spliff” and “blunt” interchangeably (Mama’s note: they shouldn’t). 

Joints vs. Blunts 

This isn’t World War III, or Twitter. We don’t need to dunk on each other in the great blunt vs. joint debate. But here’s how they can each affect your session in different ways.

 For one, the different rolling papers can affect the flavor profile of your sesh, lending blunts an earthier, smokier taste. At the end of the day, the strain, or the flower itself, will likely have a more noticeable effect on the way your body and mind respond to the weed, but the question of joint vs. blunt is often a choice of experience. 

Ultimately, because blunts simply contain more flower than joints, they pack more THC content – and they’re going to burn for longer than a joint (the thicker paper contributes to this, too), making them well suited to smoking over time or sharing with bigger groups of friends. It’s a slow-burn kinda high, while a joint is more personal, a little quicker, and best shared with a friend or two (though you can get joints with slow-burning, tobacco-free papers to split the difference). 

And because both of those situations are legit experiences and both suit valid moods and preferences, we offer a simple reminder – there’s always room for both.

joints vs blunts porque no los dos
Old El Paso

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. In cannabis, been fortunate enough to collaborate with Cannabis & Tech Today, FOCL, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Mistifi, and more.

Everything a Stoner Needs to Know About Pre-Rolls

Published on June 15, 2022

guide to pre-roll weed

The 2020s are full of all kinds of things Mama would rather not talk about, but on the bright side, they’re also full of things Mama loves: choice, variety, bananas, and all kinds of personalized options. Even better, that breadth of choice goes doubly for smoking weed. Or eating weed, or drinking weed, or vaping weed – which is kinda the point, here.  

Among all the edibles, vapes, tinctures, and lotions, pre-rolls are just one option for consuming cannabis these days. Basically, the pre-roll is a pre-packaged joint that someone has already rolled for you before selling it to you at the dispensary. But even in this singular weed-smoking category, you have tons and tons of sub-types and options to choose from. And Mama likes that. 

Pre-Rolls: The Basics

The joint – a rolled marijuana cigarette, in case you need a refresher or you’re new to all this – is an icon of canna-culture, and easily the most recognizable way to use weed. You can still roll joints and plenty of people do. All you need is about a half gram or a gram of ground-up weed, rolling paper, and an optional filter. Alternatively – maybe if you like convenience or you’re not an extra in Rebel Without a Cause – you can get a pre-roll.

When a dispensary, retailer, cultivator, producer, or otherwise any other officialized cannabis-selling group pre-rolls weed into a ready-made joint (and usually packages it all pretty) for sale, that’s a pre-roll. Most have filters, some don’t. You can get ‘em individually, or you can get ‘em in multi-packs. And there are many, many, oh-so-many varieties. We’ll get into that later.

It’s like when Mama makes PB n’ J sammies for you. You can do it yourself, but it tastes better when someone else makes it.

So Why Pre-Rolls?

Well, first there’s that variety thing, then there’s that convenience thing. Pre-rolls are not only an easier proposition than rolling your own joints, they get you high faster and offer an easily shareable, super sociable solution. Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive compared to other options for getting high. And if you love the green jungles like Mama does, it feels good to know that lots of ‘em come in eco-friendly, recycled, or recyclable packaging. 

Also, now’s a really damn good time for pre-rolls. Not only can you get any strain, size, flavor, potency, or style you want, we’re living in a quality renaissance, baby. Used to be that pre-rolls were full of shake, stems, and other plant part filler that had less to do with getting you high and more to do with saving rich people money. But with increased competition and more canna-educated customers than ever (Mama’s proud of you), quality has come up while prices have gone down.

Know Your Roll

There are many colors of the pre-roll weed rainbow. Probably more colors than there are in an actual rainbow. Wait, Mama just Googled it and there are definitely way more types of pre-rolls than colors in the rainbow:

  • The doobie or just standard variety pre-roll is what your dad calls a joint, and it’s pretty much the classic in pre-roll form. It usually packs up to1.5 grams of weed rolled up twisty-like in hemp or rice paper.
  • Dog walkers or mini products (more on those later) are like regular pre-rolls, but usually contain around .75 grams or less. 
  • You can probably guess what a king-sized pre-roll is (please tell me you can, my sweet summer child). It’s a pre-roll, but big. Usually up to 1.75 grams, and often with a wide filter for big ol’ hits and a funneled shape to get more weed in there. Cones fall into this – they’re wider at the tip than the mouthpiece because they pack in a lot of weed.
  • Imagine, if you will, a cigarette but it’s weed instead of tobacco. That, my sweet peas, is a cannabis cigarette. These are like tobacco cigs in size, shape, and smoothness, come with a filter, and usually sell in packs of five to a dozen.
  • Cannagars, a.k.a. Thai sticks are like if a pre-roll and a cigar had a beautiful baby. These monsters pack 4-to-8 grams of cannabis in the size and shape of a stogie. They’re meant to be shared or to last you a lot longer than a single sesh (please — Mama doesn’t want to see you green out).
  • There’s some overlap in the definition of blunts and cannagars, cuz there’s no official rule book on this stuff. Pre-legalization, a blunt usually meant a hollowed-out cigar paper filled with weed. Nowadays, with off-the-shelf pre-rolls, it probably just means it’s rolled in hemp leaf papers, or is bigger than the average bear.
  • Unlike blunts, the meaning of spliff hasn’t really changed much since Mama was young. Young-er! This is just a pre-roll or joint that has tobacco mixed in with the marijuana.
  • Infused pre-rolls usually contain some sort of cannabis oil, rosin, or distillate in addition to the flower – they may even be rolled in powdered cannabis isolate on top of that. Some infused pre-rolls also feature kief, the tiny trichomes that cover the surface of cannabis plants, in a concentrated powder form (not to be confused with Keith, he’s your uncle and he owes me money).

Now keep in mind that these are just some of the physical styles of pre-rolls. You’ll get waaaaaaaay more variety in the mix when you take into account that pre-rolls feature all kinds of different strains – from clear-eyed sativas to mellow indicas to balanced hybrids and beyond – but that’s a whole other story. If you’re just dipping your toes in, ask your budtender to guide you through the weeds of weed strains, just to start with.

Mama’s Own Prerolls

Mama loves making you two things: banana bread and those good good Mary Jane products. Just because Mama wants to see you happy, we’ve got:

  • Tough Mama’s Infused Hemp Cone Blunts. Hey, now you know what all those words mean! These come in euphoric citrusy sativa, relaxing flowery, diesel-y indica, and grassy, just-right hybrid varieties. They’ve got a gram of weed, plus 0.25 grams of Live Resin infused directly into the hemp cone. That oil infusion and hemp cone combo make for an even, balanced burn (but you may need some friends to help you finish).
  • Tough Mama’s Mini Mofoz. Mama almost named you Mini Mofo, but decided on these blunts instead. They come in the same strain options as the big boys, but at .85 grams, they’re adorable mini-cone blunts infused with cured resin and made with Hi-Phi, solventless extraction, so they’ll still knock your ass over. Plus, they come in 4-packs that encourage sharing, though Mama won’t judge you for bogarting.

Just like Tough Mama’s tough love, none of these pre-rolls f*** around one little bit. But you know what? You deserve to let Mama roll one for you after this hardcore education session – and yes, Mama does have a light.

710 Day: Everything to Know About Vape’s Biggest Day of the Year

Published on June 10, 2022

710 friendly 710 day

by Dan Ketchum

No, 710 Day is not 420 multiplied by two, mostly because that would be 840 (you’re supposed to share that hemp cone blunt). It is kinda similar in that it does celebrate everybody’s favorite plant, but just like oil and flower, each celebration has its own distinct vibes. 

The (very) unofficial holiday has some pretty interesting online origins, which’ll mostly make for great convo starters as you party in 710-friendly ways that would make Mama herself proud.

OK, What Is 710 Day? 

OK, first up, we gotta talk about that whole 710 meaning. Similar to how “420” went from a certain time of day that a few California teenagers chose to smoke it up to a universal code word for weed, 710 is a (slightly more clever) code – it’s just “OIL” turned upside down. If you know, you know.

With that code in mind, celebrating the wonders of cannabis oil on July 10th has been catching on for more than a few years now. Leafly notes that there have been recorded 710 Day celebrations, like the 7/10 Cup in Colorado, since at least 2012. Weedmaps claims that the term “710” showed up on Urban Dictionary as early as 2010, while the indie hip-hop album “The Movement” was released in 2011 by Task & Linus with tracks like “7:10” and “Boil That Oil.” Album creator TaskRok perfectly nails the current mantra, though – he says 710 “belongs to the community now.” 

How to Celebrate 710 Day (Hint: Smoke It Up)

710 Day also goes by the name Dab Day, so feel free to celebrate with a dab, which is using a highly concentrated, uh, dab of hash oil by rapidly extracting its THC with high heat, usually a torch or dab rig. But if you’d rather not deal with the mess and fuss of a dab rig, portable dab vapes and vape pens offer a more easygoing solution. Our live resin cannabis oil vape carts pack plenty of punch with over 70 percent THC and our cone blunt pre-rolls come infused with live or cured resin oil, too. And that’s 710-friendly AF.

In any case, pack your vape, tincture, wax, shatter, or whatever other type of concentrate you like (gotta stay on theme, you know) and appreciate the oil nature gave us with one or two of these Tough Mama-vetted festivities:

Rise and Shine

Some people pray or meditate on holidays – we make party-friendly weed, but even we know that not everything’s a party. Whether it’s all you do to observe 710 Day or it’s just the start of your festivities, load up a fresh cart and take a symbolic pull at 7:10 AM on 7/10. Pairs great with a little meditation, coffee in the yard or just listening to the birds sing.

Mix Oil and Water 

As a date, 7/10 isn’t just “OIL” upside down, it’s also most likely going to be hot as hell. Good thing stoners and beaches (or lakes, we see you land-locked lovers) are like chocolate and peanut butter. Surfing, boogie boarding, sand volleyball, those weird little hot dog hibachis, bocce ball, or just zoning out to the sound of waves – they’re all legit ways to appreciate 710 that go oh-so-well with a dab or a pull. 

Picnic With (Two Kinds of) Edibles

Usually, edibles are made with odorless, flavorless oil called cannabis distillate – in Tough Mama’s case, our YOLO SHOTZ are infused with the same cured resin oil as our prerolls – which means that they totally count for 710 Day. Pack your 710-friendly pick-a-nic basket, lead up to the event with a little hike if you’re feeling outdoorsy, and enjoy a warm breeze under the gentle sway of your favorite gummy, cookie, brownie, or beverage. We recommend euphoric sativa for this one. 

Host the OILympics

OK, smoking weed does have some pretty verifiable health perks, but no one’s saying it’s going to turn you into an Olympian. You can totally host the Summer OILympics, though, which is a little bit more low-key and friendlier to people whose reps only involve lifting pens. 

Cornhole? Check. Cup pong? The game of champions. A $20 badminton set? That’s more money left for hot chips. Bocce ball? Still leaves you one hand to smoke. 

If you’re feeling extra generous, your OILympians can pool a few bucks together for gold, silver, and bronze medal prizes in the spirit of the holiday. Which is, you know, oil that gets you real high.

Dance Party to the OG    

Whether it’s serendipity, truth, or just the internet being weird, TaskRock got all wrapped up in the origins of 710 Day, and now he’s like the spirit of Dab Day, the Santa Claus of 7/10. As it turns out, “The Movement” is still readily and cheaply available in full on Bandcamp. It’s the perfect, thematically apt backdrop to slam Yolo Shotz and start a dance party to. Maybe pop it off at 7:10 PM? 

Here’s what we know about cannabis oil: it’s smooth, it’s easy to handle, and it facilitates having fun without a bunch of gatekeeping or stress. Bring that vibe to your 710 Day celebrations, big or small, and you’ll do just fine. 

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. In cannabis, been fortunate enough to collaborate with Cannabis & Tech Today, FOCL, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Mistifi, and more.

Tough Mama’s 24 Best Munchies When High

Published on May 27, 2022

stoner snacks pizza

by Cyrus Grant

Tough Mama loves her weed strong, and her munchies abundant. Despite being a gorilla, bananas aren’t the only thing Mama likes to eat when high, so we’re here today to share Tough Mama’s favorite stoner snacks.



We’re hitting cereal first because it’s the ultimate wake ‘n bake choice, and because it’s great morning, day, and night. While the only essentials for cereal are your hands and cereal of choice, making it with milk is a two-for-one, helping with both the munchies AND dry mouth. Mama’s go-to’s:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Not sure if it’s the cinnamon, the sugar, or the hit of nostalgia that comes with a bite of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but this is the cereal munchie of choice.
  • Cocoa Puffs – The trick here is to let the Cocoa Puffs sit in the milk long enough that you get a delicious chocolate milk bonus once you’re done eating.
  • Frosted Flakes – This is the cereal of choice if the milk carton is empty. Simple, sweet, and easy to eat with your hands.

Chips (and Puffs)

Chips are an easy pick for some of the best munchies when high. We love the crunch, we love the salt, and we love how damn easy it is to pop open a bag and just go to town. (Kinda like how easy it is to pick up a Tough Mama pre-roll and get super stoned.) You’re definitely going to want a beverage after putting away that family-size bag though. A bunch of weed plus a bunch of salt will leave your mouth dryer than the Mojave Desert. Mama’s chips of choice:

  • Flaming Hot Cheetos – Be careful though, putting down a big bag of these babies is a sure-fire way to feel some pain the next day on…uhh the back end. 
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos – Why make nachos when you can just open a bag of Doritos? Mama says work smarter, not harder.
  • Takis – Kind of like a Cheeto and a Dorito hooked up and made a beautiful snack baby. Takis are yet another rolled-up consumable Mama loves. 
  • FunyunsWhat even are Funyuns? Not sure, but they’re delicious when you’re high, so they make the list.

Ice Cream 

Ice cream is great whether you’re happy, sad, or super-duper stoned. Something about the sweet and cold just hit different when you have weed-induced munchies. While pretty much any ice cream will do, our go-to’s are from Ben & Jerry’s. Partly because they rock, and also because their ice creams kind of sound like weed strains. Mama’s picks:

  • Half Baked – Nothing beats Half Baked when we’re full-on baked. Honestly, though, it’s no coincidence that the best ice cream flavor known to mankind is a nod to stoners.
  • Phish Food – Named after Phish the band, who have openly shared how cannabis has helped them with the creative process.
  • Cherry Garcia – A tribute to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful dead, this ice cream was made to be stoner food.
  • Chunky Monkey – It’s banana ice cream, so of course, Mama loves it!

Full-on Food 

Sometimes the munchies are more of a gorilla-sized hunger, and when that’s the case, we want some actual food to get us right. While any meal or batch of leftovers will work, we’re looking at the best quick fixes to the black hole we have forming in our stomachs. Mama loves:

  • California Burritos – Rolled up and full of stuff we love, burritos and joints are both absolute necessities. Mama loves the California burrito with the fries inside to really lock those munchies down.
  • Pizza – We always love some pizza, but when the munchies hit, a large turns into a personal size pizza. Get your own slice(s).
  • Loaded Fries – The perfect example of how to take something amazing and make it even better. Fries topped with melted cheese and your meat of choice, no brainer.

Fast Food

Let’s be real, fast food is stoner food. Sure, it can be for anyone, but there’s a reason fast food joints are open late and offer literal boxes of food for a few bucks: It’s for us. When Mama wants some food, and she wants it fast, these are the spots:

  • In N’ Out – Being in California has countless advantages, one of them being the munchies paradise that is In N’ Out. Mama goes wild for the animal-style burger and fries.
  • Taco Bell – Probably a guilty pleasure for many, Taco Bell just has too many top-tier options to pass up. They even have a Nacho Cheese Doritos shell taco – talk about a two-for-one.
  • Jack in the Box – They literally have Late Night Munchie Meals. Hmm, wonder who that’s for?

Grocery Snacks 

They say never go to the store hungry. Well then we probably shouldn’t go to the store high, but where else would we go for snacks? The grocery store is a magical place, where the cure for munchies sprawls through aisles and aisles. These are the items Mama looks for while roaming the munchies mecca:

  • Cheez-Its – There’s definitely a cheese theme going on with a lot of these munchies, so obviously THE cheese cracker was going to make the list.
  • Pizza Rolls – There’s nothing like ignoring the directions and dumping as many pizza rolls as possible onto a plate to cure your munchies. Watch out though, these little suckers are full of pure magma fresh out of the microwave.
  • Pop-Tarts – Pop ‘em in the toaster…or don’t, the ultimate fast breakfast (or late night) munchie. Mama likes brown sugar cinnamon, but there are like 20 flavors and when you have the munchies, any of them will do.
  • Bagel Bites – When you can’t get your hands on some actual pizza, these mini-pizza/mini-bagel hybrids can be the hero we need.
Experience Life

Next-level Munchies

Sometimes getting high gives us the munchies AND major creative energy. When this happens, next-level munchies are born. This is the research and development department of snacking, and while it’s always a discovery in process, these are some of Mama’s favorite creations:

  • Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich – So simple, yet so good. Take your favorite Pop-Tart and ice cream flavors, put a couple of scoops between the two Pop-Tarts, and boom — gourmet ice cream sandwich in seconds.
  • Doritos super nachos – If just having nacho cheese Doritos doesn’t fill the nacho-sized hole in your stomach, use these Doritos as the base for full-on nachos. We’re talking melted cheese, maybe some bacon crumbles or ground beef, and your seasoning of choice (Mama likes an easy blend of garlic powder, salt, and pepper).
  • PB&J milkshake – We love a PB&J sandwich and we love a milkshake, so naturally we love to put them together. Just put some vanilla ice cream, peanut butter,  jelly, and a little milk in a blender and you’re set. (If you like a thicker shake, go heavy on the ice cream and light on the milk.)  

Did reading this article make you kind of hungry? Us too. So make sure to stock up at the store so you aren’t left with an empty stomach the next time you enjoy one of Tough Mama’s pre-rolls or vape carts!  

Oh, and let us know if Mama left out any of your favorite munchies! (And feel free to share any strange concoctions you swear by when you’re high.)

Everything Stoners Need to Know About THC Drinks

Published on April 29, 2022

THC Drinks Pool Party

by Nick Marshall

How are you getting your drink on these days? Shotgunning spiked seltzer like it’s still 2019, sippin’ on gin and juice like an OG, or pounding the brewskis in the backyard because it’s the weekend? 

Tough Mama’s seen it all and she knows that this year it’s probably none of the above.

Stoned Cold Sober Is the New Buzzed

As a nation, we’re drinking less alcohol and smoking more herb. And that’s created a huge global market (set to top $2 billion by 2026) for cannabis-infused drinks. Since brewers aren’t allowed to produce any drink that contains both THC and alcohol, these new kids on the block are alcohol-free. That’s great if you want to get high instead of wasted — and avoid hangovers while still having a blast.

How to Enjoy Your Liquid Marijuana

With THC drinks, the buzz hits different. It takes longer, for a start. Like 90 minutes for an oil-based THC beverage, or around 15 minutes for a water-soluble formula like Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz. So there’s no chugging or chasers required, just a slow pace to let your cannabis infusion do its thing. 

Where to Buy

THC drinks aren’t available in all 50 states, and you’re not going to find them in the major retailers yet. That means you’ll have to order them online or check out your regular dispensary. At the moment, it’s mainly women blazing the trail too. Tough Mama approves!

Here are our top picks of what’s out there at the moment. 

Cannabis Shots

If you prefer your cannabis straight up or splashed on the rocks, you’ll find plenty of cannabis shots to choose from. These give you a quick, controlled dose that kicks in within 10 or 20 minutes. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz are some of the most kick-ass on the market, and clock in at 100 mg of THC per bottle. 

Who’s it for? Seasoned stoners looking for a serious high. 

The DIY Dose

If you’re not about the tasting notes and just want the THC, look for pure liquid cannabis. strip things down to a pure liquid cannabis shot. The most popular are colorless and odorless vials that gives you 5 or 10mg of THC. No calories, no sugar. Just drop it in your smoothie, shake, morning coffee, or sundowner, and let the good times roll. 

Who’s it for? Hustle culture bros with no room in the calendar for a full bong between spin class and their TED Talk.  

THC Teas 

Think Long Island iced tea, without the alcohol. Look for the brightly colored bottle and instant look of regret at your local dispensary. That’s because most are pretty hit and miss when it comes to flavor. We prefer to take an established brand of Iced Tea and add a Yolo Shotz instead. Who said you can’t hack getting high?

Who’s it for? Stoners looking for a cheap 100mg of THC without too much concern for taste.

Sodas, Seltzers, and Sparkling Waters

Since everyone’s making a hard seltzer these days — here’s the proof —it’s hardly surprising that THC soda is already a big deal. They’re not bad at all right now, and could get even better once some of the bigger beer and soda brands flex their muscles.These fruity, natural sodas are a great place to start your cannabis journey, as most come with just 2mg of THC per can, but if you’re an experienced stoner they’re not going to blow you away.

Who’s it for? Yo mama (seriously)- and her cannacurious friends.

Marijuana Mocktails

As long as you’ve got plenty of ice, a shaker, and a swizzle stick or two, why not experiment at home with some THC mocktails? All you need is a dash of sour, a hint of sweetness, a few parts bitterness, and a slug of Tough Mama YOLO Shotz, with a No BS 100mg of THC per bottle and three flavors to choose from. 

Who’s it for? Mixologists on a mission. 


Boost your gut health AND set your mind free? Sounds like a plan. Kombucha drinks with THC are starting to boom and we’re expecting them to become a big deal in the future, especially with some well-known brands ready to enter the market.

Who’s it for? Clean-eating, life-loving, moment-seizing beautiful people. 


It’s wine, but not as we know it. Now you can get fermented grape juice that swaps out the alcohol for around 8mg of THC. Red fruit with a hint of honeysuckle? Mmm. Live cannabis resin? Ahhhh.  

Who’s it for? If you can name a bud by the aroma alone, this one is for you. 

Energy Drinks

Need a boost? If you like a little Mary Jane with your Cup of Joe, you can either add your own THC-infused oil to your regular coffee or you can chug an energy drink with THC to see you through the task ahead. 

Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to be high at work, but whose boss might have a problem with one of our infused pre-rolls in a meeting. 

Sip and Soar

THC drinks are the best new way to get buzzed. If you’re looking to put the fun back in getting baked, Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz is a must in your line-up. They come in three flavors, and at 100 mg per 2oz bottle, they pack a serious punch. Because Tough Mama is for the fearless few who aren’t afraid to get stoned properly.  


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Cannabis Beverage Association the Cannabis Beverage Association

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking a Marijuana Shot

Published on April 27, 2022

how to take liquid THC shots

by Dan Ketchum

In the Year of Our Mama 2022, you can get high from a blunt, a vape, a drop under your tongue, a patch, some beef jerky, a cup of coffee or even cotton candy (that’s not a typo). 

Truthfully, liquid THC drinks kinda sucked until recently, but thanks to the good graces of the weed gods — and also lots of science — smooth, tasty marijuana shots have finally arrived. 

Mama says always shoot your shot, but if you’re gonna do it, here’s how to do it right.    

It’s Me, Liquid THC

So, marijuana shots are simple: liquid THC infused into a convenient, shootable beverage. THC shots are always alcohol-free, as it’s currently illegal to combine alcohol and cannabis into a single product in the U.S. 

The way that cannabis got infused into your shot is a little less simple, though. Infusing cannabis into beverages has been stumping brands for years, which is why stuff like THC-infused beer used to go down like chunky Yoplait. That’s because cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat-soluble compounds that don’t like to mix with water (think oil and water).  

In recent years, a process called nano-emulsification, which breaks cannabis oil down into microscopic particles, has finally allowed liquid THC to thrive. Tough Mama’s own Yolo Shotz exist thanks to tech like B-LINE nano-emulsion, a new Cannabistry technique that ensures cannabinoid integrity and maximizes bioavailability. In other words, it gets you high real good, real clean, and real quick.

How to Take a Marijuana Shot (Like a Pro)

A super important clarification: even though it’s called a marijuana shot, you don’t always want to shoot the whole off-the-shelf bottle at once. (Unless you’re trying to green out, we guess). Read the label to figure out how much THC it contains in total. 

As a dosage rule of thumb, stick to about 5 to 10 mg for a punchy shot, or feel free to go lighter — around 2.5 to 4 mg — if you’re new or want a gentler high. For context, a single capful of one of our Yolo Shotz is about 5 mg, which means you can get about 20 shots or canna cocktails from a single bottle (sizes of course vary among brands). 

You can shoot a THC shot straight, holding that capful-sized dose daintily, pinky up, and wig powdered. Or, if you want that real LFMAO ft. Lil Jon “Shots” vibe, mix your milliliters into sparkling water, soda, or juice, and serve in a shot glass. Virtually any traditional shot recipe works, just sub out the booze for THC. That’s the beauty of marijuana shooters; you can take them as a no-nonsense sip to encourage creativity or get you through your shift, or dress ‘em up for a Friday night and expect less of a Saturday hangover.  

Oh, and don’t forget the best part: you’ve got flavor options. Nowadays, liquid THC tastes like everything from green tea to sour gummy worms. We like Mama’s Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Berry Crush shooters, but we’re also slightly biased. 

Ways to Shake It Up

Look, Mama’s a classy monkey, just like you — she’s not always taking stealth shots in the Circle K parking lot (only sometimes). If you’re a classy stoner, try mixing your THC shot into a weed-infused cocktail. Here’s some inspo.

Tough Mamartini

What you’ll need:

  • 5 ml Berry Crush Yolo Shotz 
  • 5 oz organic coconut water
  • Sugar
  • Sprig of rosemary

How to make it:

  • Rim glass with sugar
  • Combine all liquid ingredients and shake over ice
  • Serve in a 7 oz martini glass
  • Garnish with rosemary sprig

Tough Mama’s Lemon Lime Elixir

What you’ll need:

  • 5-10 ml Lemon Lime Yolo Shotz
  • 5 oz lemon-lime seltzer
  • Hearty dash of lime syrup

How to make it:

  • Combine all ingredients 
  • Serve on ice in a rocks glass

What to Expect

Marijuana shots like Tough Mama’s own family recipe are a good time, but remember that they’re also powerful. THC shots kick in fast (like really fast), so they get you high quick. Expect liquid THC to hit in about 5 to 15 minutes. In comparison, you can expect an onset of about 30 to 60 minutes with most edibles.

Vibes will range from euphoric to mellow depending on the strain the shot contains. The premium cannabis extract used in our Yolo Shotz retains the full spectrum of the flower, which means you’ll get a high that’s a little more spacey and stonery. 

As fast as they hit, marijuana shots also dissipate more quickly than smoke and edibles, making them a little more sessionable (meaning, you can have a few hits in a single session). This also makes it great for hanging with people who have different tolerances — seasoned stoners can keep shooting while canna-casuals can sip slowly. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Dr. Ryan Vandrey of John Hopkins University says, “If you’re talking about drinking [weed shots] in a social setting in an evening, you need to drive home at some point. A faster onset and shorter duration might be better.”

Let the High Times Roll

If you’re new to THC shots, always remember the quote Confucius stole from Mama: start low and go slow

When you’re ready to shoot your shot, here’s where to buy Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz. But try to make your Mama proud, OK? Shoot hard and take big swings, but know your stuff first — and don’t go apeshit.

Dan splits his time between Dallas and LA, where he’s been writing lifestyle, fashion, health, and food content for more than a decade. He’s been fortunate enough to collaborate and publish with companies such as Mistifi, LIVESTRONG, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Out East Rose, SFGate, The Seattle Times, and many more.


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Real Talk: Here’s How to Tell If Weed Is Laced

Published on April 27, 2022

how to tell if weed is laced

by Tough Mama

Gather round, kids. It’s time for some real talk on a tough subject: laced weed. You all know what I’m talking about. We’ve all heard of weed that’s been mixed with something else to make it stronger, weirder, or to fool you into thinking it’s higher quality than it really is. 

But here’s the deal: Laced weed can be straight-up dangerous. Any self-respecting stoner needs to be able to spot if something funky has been mixed in with their flower. And Tough Mama’s here to teach you how.

Here’s everything you should know about laced weed, including…

  • how to tell if weed is laced.
  • how to tell what it’s laced with.
  • what you should do if you accidentally smoke laced weed.
  • how to avoid buying laced weed in the first place.

How Common Is Laced Weed? 

Kids who grew up watching cartoons and action shows in the ’80s and ’90s thought quicksand would be a much bigger problem in their adult lives. You can say the same thing about the chances of accidentally coming across laced weed. If you go by the headlines and viral posts on Facebook, it seems like a really huge problem. But the facts tell a different story, especially if you’re talking about fentanyl, which is the most likely to get into the headlines. A recent case in Connecticut is a good example. 

In November 2021, the Connecticut Department of Public Health issued a warning about fentanyl in weed. Just a few months later, in February 2022, they had to walk back their warning after testing lots of weed and finding fentanyl in exactly one sample. Even cops agree that it’s pretty rare to find weed laced with fentanyl. 

So How Does It Happen?

Probably by accident. The stories you hear about weed laced with fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, angel dust, and other street drugs don’t pass the smell test. Just like nobody is handing out $20 edibles to kids at Halloween (bummer, Mama knows), no dealer is wasting money by dusting cheap weed with more expensive drugs. 

What’s more likely is that they packaged their weed on the same table where they package other drugs. If they didn’t do a good job of cleaning up between batches, some of the fentanyl might get mixed in with the bud.

Why Do People Lace Weed?

Some stoners lace their own weed with another drug to change the high. That’s cool — Mama doesn’t judge. You might run into it if they bring it to a party or offer to share it with you. If you’re expecting pure flower, though, their little addition might be an unwelcome surprise. 

Street dealers may mix low-quality weed with other things to make it heavier or to fake higher-quality strains. If you know what to look for, you can avoid getting ripped off — or worse, ending up in the ER.

How to Tell If Weed Is Laced

Fentanyl and other street drugs may grab the most headlines, but they’re not the only things you might find in your bud, especially if you’re buying it on the street. Here’s how to tell if weed is laced and what it’s laced with — preferably before you light it up.

  • Know your weed. Know how it should look, taste, smell, and feel. 
  • Smell it. Different strains have very different smells, but they should all have that rich, earthy smell underneath it all. If it smells chemical or fake, it probably is.
  • Feel it. Roll a nug between your fingers. It should be slightly sticky, and some of the trichomes might stick to your fingers. 
  • Look for excess white powder that might be crushed drugs or laundry detergent. The kief should be greenish with maybe a tinge of brown or yellow. 
  • Watch for weird effects when you light up. If it sparks, pops, or burns in weird colors, there’s probably something off with it.

Here are some specific things to check.


Like Mama said it’s rare to find fentanyl in weed. If you’re still worried about it, though, you can use a fentanyl test strip (here’s how to use them) on a small sample. It will tell you if there is any fentanyl in it. 

Special Note: Fentanyl is more dangerous if you inject it or absorb it through mucous membranes, like under your tongue. It’s also a lot easier to test tinctures and oils for fentanyl.


There are two ways to tell if weed is laced with coke:

  1. a lot of white powder shakes off the buds.
  2. your mouth goes numb when you spark it up.

What you might feel after smoking weed laced with cocaine:

  • agitation
  • excitation
  • high energy
  • paranoia
  • heart racing
  • shallow breathing

What to do: Call someone you trust — if you’re not already with a friend. They can get medical help for you if your physical symptoms get too extreme.


Weed isn’t exactly laced with acid because the psychedelic compounds in acid will break down when you light up. Instead, people soak the mouth tip of a joint or blunt in acid to make a rainbow joint. There’s no real way to tell if you’ve got a rainbow joint before you smoke it and start tripping. It can be scary AF if you’re not expecting it.

What you might feel after smoking weed laced with acid:

  • hallucinations
  • euphoria
  • intense emotions
  • time distortion

What to do: Again, get a friend to babysit. You’ll be fine in a few hours.

PCP (Angel Dust)

There are two ways to lace weed with PCP: mix it with the weed or soak the rolling papers in it. If it’s mixed in with the weed, you’ll see more white powder on the buds than there should be. If the papers have been soaked, you might be able to see the dried crystals. but don’t count on it. You will taste it, though. PCP has a strong, harsh smell and taste.

What you might feel after smoking weed laced with angel dust:

  • hallucinations
  • euphoria
  • relaxation
  • excitement
  • feelings of invincibility
  • wired
  • agitated
  • anxious
  • nausea
  • panic
  • racing heartbeat
  • psychosis

What to do: Mama’s starting to feel like a broken record here but — yeah, call a buddy to sit it out with you. They can get help for you if you need it, and keep you company if you don’t.

Other Weird Additives

Some shady dealers try to pass off ditch weed as top-shelf green by doctoring their stash with some pretty nasty stuff. If you pay attention, you can usually catch it before you roll it up and toke.

Ground Glass

Um, yeah, it’s a thing. — and not even a new thing. Back in 2007, Brits had an epidemic of grit weed. Dealers were spraying shwag with the stuff they use to make signs reflective. The buds looked rich and sticky with trichomes — but they were tiny glass beads. 

How to tell: Rub a nug between your fingers. If it’s been laced with glass, it will feel gritty. Or rub against the back of a CD. If it leaves scratches, it’s probably laced.

What to do: Throw it out — and don’t buy from that dealer again.

Laundry Detergent

Again, they’re trying to fake the trichomes you get on dank weed. 

How to tell: Use your eyes. Laundry powder will be pure white or have blue speckles. Or break off a bit of bud and swish it around in a glass of warm water. If it suds — well, trichomes don’t do that.

What to do: Same as before. You don’t really want to smoke bargain-basement laundry soap, do you?

Butane or Fuel

Some strains of weed have a very distinct smell. Sometimes a dealer will try to fake something like Sour Diesel by spraying crap weed with lighter fluid or some kind of fuel. 

How to tell: Break off a chunk and hold it to a lit flame. If it flares right up, it’s probably dipped in something flammable.

What to do: You know the drill by now.

How to Avoid Getting Laced Weed

Mama doesn’t say “don’t” very often, but here’s a big don’t — don’t buy your weed on the street corner. The one sure way to make sure you’re getting the real deal is to buy from a trusted source, like a dispensary. That way, you don’t look like a fool swishing your nugs in a dishpan to see if they suds up.


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20 4/20 Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Day of the Year

Published on April 12, 2022

Party Ideas Clock Radio

by Nick Marshall

We never need an excuse to get stoned, but there’s something extra special about lighting up on our favorite day of the year: 4/20. 

4/20 is not the time for your usual wake-and-bake or lighting-up routine. Nah — it is time to let loose and let your stoner freak flag fly! So instead of inviting the gang over to just chill, why not throw a 420 party?

Here are 20 great 420 party ideas for letting loose, kicking back, tearing it up, and getting your groove on, Tough Mama style.

1. Welcome Pre-rolls

Get the party started and set the mood by giving guests one of our award-winning cannabis-infused pre-rolls, (a breakout star of the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup). Set the bar high from the start with a No BS blunt. Choose from Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. You’re welcome!

2. Ice-Breaker Games

Once things get going and the bong water starts flowing, tap into the creative juices with some hands-on games. Giant Jenga to focus the mind, dominoes to go with a traditional Caribbean-style smoke out, Twister to take care of the introductions, or a quick Texas Hold ‘Em tourney to show everyone’s poker face.

Grandma’s Boy 20th Century Fox

3. Video Games

It’s no secret that the console and pre-roll were made for each other. Set up a soft area with a few controllers so that guests can indulge in some performance-enhanced gaming, fueled with a round or two of our Yolo Shotz perhaps? Dust off your N64, load up  Mario Cart, and put a fresh (and legal!) spin on drinking and driving

4. Lights!

Drop the house lights and set the mood with some soft, colorful LED lights, psychedelic swirls or a kaleidoscope projector. These got your (grand)parents through the sixties, and they will work just fine for 4/20 in 2022. 


5. Camera!

But first… let me take a selfie. Set up a photo booth or pass around a disposable camera and encourage guests to have fun shooting each other. Kind of. You get the picture. Long story short, if a 420 party happens without pictures, did it really happen? Perhaps that’s one to discuss around the bong table. 

6. Inaction!

When that Indica hits, guests will want somewhere soft and comfortable to relax. Set up a chill zone with subdued lighting, a trance playlist, some bean bags, inflatable couches, and blankets for stretching out and soaring.


7. Novelty Bongs and Pipes

Guests will probably bring their own bubblers, vape pens, and dab rigs but they’ll be leaving their go-to water pipe at home. (Though it is always a good idea to have pre-rolls and extra carts on hand if anyone runs low.) Here’s your chance to treat yourself to some fancy-ass glassware that smokes like a dream and demands attention on the table.  

8. 420 Decorations

You can’t overdo it on the weed napkins and tablecloths. Or, you could strike a more authentic look with some rasta colors, psychedelic splashes, and decorations that evoke the Golden Years of cannabis, from lava lamps to tie-dye.


9. Weed Olympics

Even stoners have a competitive streak. Unlock it with a quick weed olympiad to reveal the cannabis MVP. 

A few events you and your guests could participate in are… 

  • Speed joint-rolling. Line up the flower, the rolling papers, and see who’s got the fastest fingers. 
  • Toke obstacle course. Set up pillows, cones, books, chairs, or whatever you have to form an obstacle course. Then, add in a few well-placed joints, bongs, or liquid THC shots. The fastest contestant to take a toke (or a sip) of each and make it through the course wins.
  • Freestyle herb grinding. This is probably best played with the flower that’s been sitting around at the back of your stash for way too long. Get out your bud and a mix of unconventional tools to use as grinders. The person who gets the best-looking grind, wins!  
  • Weed pong. Think beer pong, but with weed. Don’t overcomplicate it!
  • Ring blowing. Show off those smoke tricks to a panel of judges!

10. Munchie Buffet

Newsflash: people are going to get hungry. When the munchies strike, have a buffet bar with some sugary and salty chips, dips, and appetizers ready, as well as some healthy options to slow down the cannabis absorption, like fresh fruit, nuts, and celery or carrot sticks. 

11. Weed Edibles

Unless you’re the mischievous kind, make sure that it’s clear where the everyday snacks end and the edibles begin. Put your weed cookies, muffins, and brownies on a separate table unless you want your living room to look like a scene from The Walking Dead come the early hours. 


12. Balloons

You’re never too old to enjoy a balloon, especially if you’re flying high. But we’re not talking half measures here. Fill a small room in your house with big, bouncy balloons, cover the floor with something soft and let guests lie back and bounce. Giggles and gurgling guaranteed!

13. Music

Party hits? Not today. Your 420 session calls for a dedicated stoner playlist, heavy on dub reggae, trap, G-funk, and as many 20-minute-long Afrobeat tracks as you can handle. Hear each note as nature intended. 

14. Pit Stop

Everyone hates cleaning their bong, right? Wrong! They just don’t like doing it alone. Set up a communal cleaning station so that guests can put the sparkle back in their bong, share some tips, and bond over some isopropyl alcohol, rock salt, and soapy water.


15. Pipe Band

A little weed did wonders for The Grateful Dead and the odd rapper or two. It can work for you also. Set up a drumming circle spanning some big, bassy bongos and smaller percussion (triangle, maracas, etc.) and let the spontaneity of the moment take center stage.


16. Wall of Fame

Unleash the creativity a good Sativa offers with some smoke-inspired strokes on your own 420 mural. But before you collectively tag your favorite wall, let’s cover it first with rolls of paper. Blaze up a blunt, pop the cans and let the graffiti begin.

17. Safe Haven

Even the best of us can sometimes get the jitters or paranoia, especially when people are passing around unfamiliar blends. Have what they need to calm down on standby. CBD is great for softening the effects of THC, and many people also swear by black pepper or lemon. Make sure there’s plenty of water too. (Have a guest that’s too high? Check out Tough Mama’s guide to greening out to learn how to deal.)

18. Self-service Bar

Alcohol and cannabis don’t make a great combination, but you can still celebrate Happy Hour with a bar stocked with fresh juices for mocktails, THC-infused shots, seltzers. and sodas. Have a few, because things will get busy when the cotton mouth strikes.

Kingpin Mag

19. Natural High

So far, we’re assuming that this 420 “highdown” is at home. It doesn’t have to be. Take it on the road, to the park, or to the beach with a 420 surf or skate session. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the smoke in your mouth. 

20. Party Pack

Last impressions matter. Send your guests home with a party pack of papers, pre-rolled cones, chewing gum, and snack bars. There’s no birthday cake, but who needs it if you drop in an edible brownie too?
Ready to get this party started? Get your pre-rolls, vape carts, and THC Shotz right here. Come to Mama.

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