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What to Expect at a Weed Festival

Published on April 11, 2023

man at cannabis festival guide

by Dan Ketchum

Like your favorite leaf itself, weed festivals come in all kinds of strains. From freewheeling street celebrations to ganja-flavored concerts, some cannabis festivals are a little more of a laid-back indicia, others are a euphoric sativa all the way. And like most of the canna-community, they’re usually pretty welcoming affairs – you don’t need a certification or anything to attend, but a little bit of prep to suit each event’s unique vibe can only help you enjoy yourself. 

Cannabis Festivals: Variety Is the Weed of Life

Look, even outside of Weed World, people play pretty fast and loose with what a festival is. You got 80K people in a desert tripping to Infected Mushroom at Burning Man, and you got seven people eating free Dunkin’ at your local dealership’s summer Toyota Fest. Both are festivals. Technically.

In an industry not really well known for throwing rulebooks around, you can bet your ass that “what’s a cannabis festival?” is a question with a super broad answer. Most of the time, you can expect a large, open-air event with a casual (festive even) atmosphere, crowds numbering in the hundreds or thousands, and lots of weed-themed or weed-adjacent attractions to check out. This often includes live music with 420-friendly acts at the center, vendor booths advertising or (where it’s legal) selling cannabis products, local crafts and food, and lots of paraphernalia for sale.

Prep Your Kit

No matter the fest, you’re gonna need a care kit before you hit any flavor of weed festival. Nnot to sound like your mom, but being better prepared can only lead to a better time, so make sure you check each fest’s official recs and guidelines before heading out.

For Festive (Outdoor) Festivals

Prepping for a banger of a cannabis festival, whether it’s a day of walking around or a weekend of desert camping, is a lot like prepping for a mini version of Bonnaroo or Coachella. Keep this stuff in mind before you partake under the sun:

  • Check the forecast. Bring a layer if it’s gonna get chilly, don’t dress to sweat if it ain’t. And lather on that sunscreen, maybe even paired with a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Pack light. Go for stuff secured to your body, like a fanny pack or crossbody bag. You’re gonna be under the elements and in groups, so you wanna be comfy and safe. Opt for a backpack if you’re camping out.
  • BYOB. At most festivals, you are A-OK to bring your own bud (though not booze), so you won’t need to worry about sneaking it into the venue in your underwear or buying some off of some random guy on the cheap once you’re in.
  • Hydrate. Instead of investing in an $8 Aquafina, bring your own generously sized, refillable bottle for the event. Water also pairs really well with getting high.
  • Snack well. Put some easy-traveling snacks in that lil bag of yours, like granola, nuts, jerky, or protein bars. Festival food can get expensive, and you’ll need the energy.
  • Bring some body wipes. Just trust us on this one.
  • Stash cash (safely) in your bag. Some vendors still haven’t gotten with the whole “2023” thing.
  • Mind your footwear. Even if you wanna dress like a neon glowstick space fairy or whatever, choose comfort here. You need kicks that are good for a lot of walking, and also for a lot of standing if there’s a stage show involved.
  • Check in on current Covid health guidelines, as regions and events vary. 

Different Fests, Different Vibes

Different cannabis festivals shoot for all kinds of different aims, and that means different vibes, different expectations, and different prep, too. Here’s what you generally expect at some of our favorite weed festivals in California, for a start: 

Green Street Festival (Los Angeles)

This springtime weed festival joins together music, the best local restaurants and cannabis brands big and small. It’s an outdoor-indoor (at the Green Street Building) cannabis festival with everything from DJ sets to keynotes – not too much of a concert, not too much of a trade show. Expect about 7,000 attendees, withindustry awards at the center. Oh, and any time you’re at a weed festival in Cali, keep an eye out for a certain 6-foot-tall gorilla handing out free swag (we hear she’s kind of a Tough Mama).

420 Hippie Hill (San Francisco)

Every April 20th around the meadows of the Golden Gate Park, you can expect about 20,000 stoners to gather at the biggest free cannabis festival in the country. Despite the size and 21-and-over rule, this is a no-camping, no-alcohol, no-pets deal. It’s all about the music, special guests, and ganja – which was officially legally for sale for the first time at the fest in 2022 – and wraps up at night. 

Grass Lands at Outside Lands (San Francisco)

Another Golden Gate Park fest, the late-summer Outside Lands attracts hundreds of thousands of guests to see musical artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to The 1975 to Lil Yachty and beyond. The three days also packs booze, food, and shopping, all while playing host to Grass Lands, one of the biggest cannabis festivals in the country. The Grass Lands area now offers plenty of legal vendors (so there’s no need to sneak your weed into this festival!) and partners on-site and is fully accommodating of getting real high in designated, zaza compliant areas.

The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball (Santa Rosa)

It’s pretty common for cannabis festivals to have an awards component, but at the Emerald Cup, the awards are the star of the show. For two decades, the spring EC has doled out accolades for everything from best flower to best dispensary and way beyond. Before the awards, though, the idyllic hills of the Emerald Triangle host the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball, a community-focused farm party to kick things off. Across its two days, you’ll find a vast marketplace, numerous concert stages, enlightening speaker panels, exclusive VIP rooms, cannabis consumption areas, lots of food, and even some hands-on agricultural workshops.  

No matter which weed festival you choose to partake in, here’s the most important thing to expect: expect to have a good time. That’s what weed and weed culture is all about. A little bit of healthy prep can make things smoother, but don’t stress too much. They’ve got food over there, they’ve got bathrooms, they’ve got water – so trust us, you’re not gonna die before you get high. Soak it up, enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes, and throw some Mini Mofoz in the bag for easy travel.

Tough Mama’s 8 Best Slopes for Snowboarding in California

Published on January 25, 2023

best places for snowboarding in california

by Cyrus Grant

Winter brings all kinds of cool things — the holidays, hot chocolate, and best of all, some fresh powder to shred up in the mountains. It’s no secret, snowboarders love fresh snow and some loud weed. And since you already know Mama only brings the good shit, we figured we’d hook you up with Tough Mama’s favorite places to strap in and get your snowboard on in California.

Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe (formerly known as Squaw Valley)

Once upon a time this resort was home to the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. While we ain’t in the 60s anymore, the winter magic is still alive and well at Palisades Tahoe (known to many as Squaw Valley, they changed the name in 2020 due to the word “squaw” being derogatory). Considered one of the premier resorts in North America, Palisades offers everything your little snowboarding heart desires.

Between the two mountains that make up Palisades Tahoe, this ski resort features 6,000 acres of explorable terrain, including 34 lifts and over 270 trails. It also has 6 different parks for those who want to get out and hit some features. 

For more info check out the website.


Big Bear Mountain Resort

One of the best and most popular places for snowboarders in Southern California, Big Bear is the play if you’re looking to do some snowboarding in the morning and get back in time to hit some waves in the afternoon.

With some of the best terrain parks in North America, Big Bear resort has over 140 park features between its two mountains. Whether you’re into boxes, jumps, rails, or pipes (of the snow variety), Big Bear has you covered. 

For more info check out the website.

Ski California

Northstar California

Have you ever imagined getting high and snowboarding on an extinct volcano? Well, if you answered yes (and of course you answered yes, who wouldn’t want to do that?), then Northstar California is the location for you.

Located near North Lake Tahoe, Northstar has 100 trails and 8 terrain parks that make it a world-renowned snowboard resort. 

For more info check out the website.

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

While Heavenly might not boast the world-class terrain parks or runs that some of the other Tahoe area resorts have, it does compete when it comes to having absolute top-tier vibes. The resort is one of the biggest you’ll find in California, and is so big in fact, it’s actually located in both California and Nevada. 

Heavenly is home to 28 lifts, 97 trails, 4800 skiable acres, and no shortage of restaurants, bars, shops, and even casinos (on the Nevada side, of course). Getting high and getting a heavenly day on the slopes is well within reach, plus much much more at this resort.

For more info check out the website.

Los Angeles Times

Mt. Baldy Resort

If you’re located in Southern California (especially LA) and just want a quick trip to get your snowboarding fix, Mt. Baldy Resort is your best bet.  While it features mostly advanced runs, there’s enough going on for any level rider to go out and have fun. 

Although there are only 26 trails and 4 lifts, Mt. Baldy Resort still offers plenty in its diverse range of slopes and ridable terrain.

For more info check out the website.

Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Founded in 1939, Sugar Bowl gets to claim its status as one of the first ski resorts in the Tahoe area. It might not be the flashiest resort, but, with 4 different peaks and 103 trails, don’t sleep on the place. While there are only 2 terrain parks at the resort, one of them is dedicated to more novice snowboarders who are looking to get some practice in before hitting some of the bigger boxes, rails, rollers, jumps, etc. 

For more info check out the website.



Ahh, the old personal stomping grounds of this once-upon-a-time daily snowboarder. Boreal might not have the glitz and glam of some of the nearby resorts, but damn if it isn’t just dependable. Typically one of the first parks to open every year, Boreal has a little bit for everyone. While there are only 8 lifts, the whole resort funnels back to the same general location, meaning you can make your own personal runs if you’re in the mood to explore. And for the snowboarders that are just about park features, fear not, they have that too. Oh and a half-pipe.

Not to mention they are home to a Woodward bunker, which is essentially any action sport lovers dreamhouse. The bunker contains a full skatepark, giant trampolines, and even a foam pit to practice sending your biggest moves. The Woodward experience is something unique to Boreal, and definitely something to check out if you’re in the mood for a day of action sports beyond just snowboarding.

For more info check out the website.


Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth might be coming last on this list, but it should absolutely be towards the top of any snowboarder’s list of resorts. Located in Central California and way to the East, past Yosemite, Mammoth is a world-renowned ski resort, and home to everything a snow lover could ever desire. And if you’re a snowboarder that loves a good park, Mammoth consistently takes home Transworld Snowboarding’s best terrain park thanks to their Unbound Terrain Parks program that shows an unmatched dedication to progressing park snowboarding.  

With 25 lifts and 175 trails, Mammoth really is no joke when it comes to both quality and variety. Beyond just the impressive trails (from beginner to expert level runs), Mammoth also houses 7 parks and 2 halfpipes. If you’re serious about snowboarding and are trying to hit more features than bong rips, go to Mammoth.

For more info check out the website.

There you have it. Mama’s 8 best spots for snowboarding in California. And as you know, a day on the slopes is always better with some weed (true of most things tbh), and Tough Mama has you covered. 

Tough Mama’s Guide to Being 420-Friendly

Published on January 18, 2023


by Cyrus Grant

If you’re here, you’re probably “420-friendly.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that is, but there’s a meaning to the term that’s growing beyond some stoner slang. Mama wants to make sure everyone is hip to all things 420, so she jumped on her banana phone and told us to inform the people. 

Mama has never disappointed us, so as not to disappoint her, here’s your guide to “420-friendly.” 

What is 420?

In case you’ve been abducted by pot-smoking aliens that stole your memory, we’ll hit a quick refresher on the basics. 420 is the magic weed number because it stands for the date April 20th, which has been claimed by the wonderful weed-smoking people of the world as our pot-smoking holiday. Hooray!

The origin story of 420 is a bit hazy, but essentially some guys would get together to smoke at 4:20 pm every day. One of the guys ended up working with the Grateful Dead, who then started incorporating the term “420” for when it was time to smoke. Word got out that “420” was code for getting high, and now it’s a whole thing. That’s the spark notes at least.

Okay, So What is 420-Friendly?

The meaning of the term 420-friendly can vary slightly depending on who’s using it, but the general concept is that 420-friendly means having a positive attitude when it comes to pot. Who woulda guessed? But, before you go thinking that’s the end of the story, there’s actually more.

420-Friendly Businesses and Events

420-friendly has moved on from a general vibe, to a full-on semi-official label. (Dubbed official by Tough Mama herself. May her life be long and her weed be strong.) Businesses and events have begun using the term to basically say, “hey, it’s cool if you want to smoke weed here.” It’s a sign that you can consume freely without feeling like some judgy narks are gonna throw a fit about it. It’s also a good sign that the people attending said business or event will also be 420-friendly, which are the best kind of people.

If you do see an official use of “420-friendly,” make sure to still double-check the rules. While some places might be cool with weed, they also might limit it to vaping so as not to smoke up the joint. (Just to be safe you should keep some Tough Mama Vape Carts on deck. Can’t have some fire-department rules ruining your high plans.) 

420-Friendly People

So it’s obvious why businesses would make it clear they’re 420-friendly, but why are people labeling themselves? No, it isn’t some terrifying human-pickling scheme, it’s actually just a way to sift out the squares when creating profiles on different apps or social platforms. 

If weed is a big part of your life, seeing “420-friendly” on someone’s dating profile will be an immediate sign that you have something in common. Some people think roses are the flower of romance, we think it’s weed.

Where You’ll See the Term “420-Friendly” in Use

We already touched on this a bit, but be on the lookout for the term when searching around businesses or events/parties you might be headed to. There’s also the obvious dating or social profile, which should mark a pretty solid green flag. (Don’t ignore the red flags though…duck-lip selfies past 2008? Hard pass.)

Somewhere you might not expect to see the phrase, but could become increasingly relevant as the suits in DC ease up, is on apartment and hotel listings. While once again you should always be respectful when it comes to smoke rules, apartments, hotels, and AirBnBs that label themselves “420-friendly” are letting it be known that the beautiful aroma of cannabis is likely to be found on the premises. 

While it will probably be a while before apartments and hotels are posting “420-friendly” on the regular, also keep an eye out when looking for new roommates. Nothing worse than moving in with someone who “has asthma” and hates when you smoke or vape in the house (unless they legit have bad asthma, but they never do).

What Are the Current Most 420-Friendly Places?

While any state that has legalized marijuana is technically now 420-friendly, some places are obviously friendlier than others. Denver is a great example of a 420-friendly locale, with plenty of dispensaries and weed-themed events to be found throughout the year. Most of the Pacific states are also 420-friendly, with major cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more being the most inviting when it comes to really putting the term to use. 

One perfect example of 420-friendly is the fact that you can literally have weed delivered to your door by legit companies in the state of California. In fact, Tough Mama delivers. 

Final 420-Friendly Thoughts

As weed is becoming more and more normalized, you’ll start running into more “420-friendly” listings. Now that you know exactly what that means, keep an eye out when planning your next trip, looking for your next partner, or really just going about your everyday life.

And as always, it’s hard to truly be 420-friendly without some good-ass weed. Hit up Tough Mama so you’re never missing out! 

Tough Mama’s “What Kind of High Are You” Stoner Type Quiz

Published on January 11, 2023

what kind of high are you

by Cyrus Grant

Not all stoners are alike. While you’ve definitely seen some stoner stereotypes, have you ever wondered which category of stoner you fall under? Well, wonder no more, ‘cuz Tough Mama is bringing you the stoner sorting quiz, so you can know what kind of stoner you are once and for all.

Get your stoner cap on and answer these questions to see which stoner category you fall under. (Try and keep track of how many times you pick each letter — as in you picked “C.” 6 times, for example — as that’s how you’ll figure out your final results.)

1. Which of These is Your Preferred Method of Getting High?

2. It’s Saturday Night and Your Hanging With Some Friends, What’s the Move?

  • A. Hope someone has a little weed and see where the night takes us.
  • B. A large supply of cannabis, my favorite bong, and whoever’s house has the comfiest couch.
  • C. Definitely just want some high-quality weed and great conversation.
  • D. Let’s get crossfaded!

3. What Do You Look For When Buying Weed?

  • A. It’s green and smokable.
  • B. I want me some frosty nugs. 
  • C. Everyone knows it’s all about the terpenes.
  • D. Ummm, which one has the highest THC? 

4. How Often Do You Smoke? 

  • A. Mostly just when I’m with friends.
  • B. Yes.
  • C. It depends on how I’m feeling and what’s in my stash.
  • D. Sometimes often, sometimes not so often.

5. You Just Finished Smoking, What’s Next On the Agenda?

  • A. Maybe a concert or movie with some buds.
  • B. Uh, scrounge up some munchies and get the next bowl packed.
  • C. Enjoy whatever beverage and meal pairs well with the strain I smoked.
  • D. Party time, bitch.

6. How’s Your Stash Looking?

  • A. Are you talking about the mason jar in my closet?
  • B. Like a mini-dispensary in a drawer.
  • C. In climate-controlled storage away from direct light.
  • D. My friends usually have weed.

7. What Are You Watching When You’re High?

  • A. Binge-watching my favorite cartoon or anime.
  • B. Honestly anything will work.
  • C. Nature documentaries all the way.
  • D. I prefer listening to music.

8. What Time of Day Do You Usually Smoke?

  • A. Usually after work.
  • B. Trick question, time doesn’t exist. But, like, all the time.
  • C. Sativa earlier in the day, Indica later in the day.
  • D. Whenever someone hands me weed tbh.

9. How Do You Feel About This Meme?

Stoner Memes Brick Wall
  • A. I swear people are going to know.
  • B. Okay, how did you get this picture of me?
  • C. I keep the eyedrops on deck.
  • D. And that’s why I never leave home without my sunglasses…even at night.

10. And How About This One?

Stoner Memes Fred
  • A. HA! That’s pretty good.
  • B. It do be like that sometimes.
  • C. Guilty.
  • D. Wait, am I the problem?

11. What Would You Name Your Favorite Piece?

  • A. Uhhh, I just use rolling papers so I’m not sure what you’re on about.
  • B. BongyMcBongFace.
  • C. I call my Stündenglass Gravity Infuser “The Hourglass.”
  • D. IDK, but I love Mini Mofoz if that counts.


Make a Meme

Mostly A: The Casual Smoker

You smoke, but you probably aren’t a “stoner.” That’s okay, nothing wrong with getting high and hanging out with friends every now and then!

Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke

Mostly B: The Classic Stoner

Pretty high chance you currently have or at one point had a Bob Marley and/or Sublime poster hanging somewhere in your room. You are THE stoner, and don’t ever let anyone fuck up your vibes.

You probably spend a good portion of your day on some level of high. It’s no surprise when your birthday or the holidays roll around and you all of a sudden have a new set of socks with cannabis leaves printed on them. Just make sure they aren’t forgetting to gift you some nice prerolls or vape pens too. Everyone loves the classic stoner.


Mostly C: The Cannabis Connoisseur

Terpene charts, smoking apparatuses hidden in plain sight as home decor, and an acute palate for all things cannabis — you are the cannabis connoisseur. For you, smoking is a holistic experience. Down to the details of the cannabis you choose, you want a curated experience. Some might call you fancy, but being passionate is something to be proud of.


Mostly D: The Wildcard

Labels can’t lock you down. Somedays you’re a casual smoker, others you’re a classic stoner, and sometimes you transcend them all and are just fucking unpredictable. Hey, life gets boring without some variety, you let that freak flag fly.

Now that you know what kind of stoner you are, go find out how high you are right now over at Mama’s other quiz. Oh, and maybe restock your stash with some of Mama’s favorites, while you’re at it. 

What TF are Weed Diamonds? Should You be Smoking Them?

Published on December 21, 2022

what are THC diamonds

by Dan Ketchum 

Let’s get the disappointing news out of the way first: no, weed diamonds are not the object of a super cool ganja heist that involves giant bags of flower and sick criminal code names like “Green Wolf” and “Lazer Chronic.” 

Basically, THC diamonds are a form of isolate that’s crystallized, so it looks like those healing crystals your ex bought in Silverlake for $200. Except weed diamonds might actually make you feel something, and you don’t need to recharge them in the sun or whatever. 

What Are Weed Diamonds?  

OK, first things first: isolate. So, after cannabinoids like THC (the chemical compound that gets you high) and CBD (cannabinoids that offer similar benefits to THC, but aren’t psychoactive) are separated from the flower by way of distillation, they can be further refined into a mega-concentrated isolate. 

Usually, isolates take the form of small crystals or powder that contains virtually pure cannabinoids. While this has the potential to make isolates really potent, they’re usually tasteless and odorless because the terps and other plant components have been removed during processing. And when you lose powerful components like terps and other volatile organic compounds, you run the risk of changing the character of the cannabis, from how it tastes to how it makes you feel.    

How They’re Made

You’ve probably figured out by now that THC diamonds are a type of isolate. (I mean, we just spelled it out for you, so if you’re still confused, go back and read the section above.) 

Weed diamonds start with the cannabis extract called sauce (or terp sauce), which is made when a liquid solvent — typically butane or another harsh (and possibly even harmful) chemical — separates active cannabis compounds. While solvent is usually removed as quickly as possible during extraction, in this case, it’s very slowly removed and a bit is typically left behind. While the technique saturates the sauce with THCA (more on that later), leaving behind any trace of a chemical like butane (a.k.a. actual f**king lighter fluid) isn’t great. 

Within the sauce, shiny crystalline solids of THCA are formed and eventually separated out — that’s where you get the whole “weed diamond” thing. Weed diamonds can be made from any cannabinoid, which is why you’ll see CBD diamonds, too. 

Weed diamonds vary in size, shape, mass, and purity based on factors during their creation, like temperature, moisture, and the type of solvent used, as well as the terps and other compounds present in the sauce. And, yeah, people do call them weed diamonds because they tend to be pricey AF — THC diamonds can run you about $60 per gram.  

What’s Up with THCA Diamonds?

Look further into this stuff for two seconds, and you’ll see the term “THCA diamonds” used just as much (or maybe even more) than “THC diamonds.” So what’s the deal? 

Basically, the terms are interchangeable. THCA is THC acid, a THC precursor compound that’s very abundant in cannabis plants and has the potential (keyword there) to get you very high. THCA in its normal state will technically not get you high, but when it’s heated it’s converted to good ol’ THC, which does (obvs) get you high.

Anyway, the THC diamonds that you see on dispensary shelves or in your pre-rolls are essentially always THCA, even if they’re marketed as “THC.” The more you know.

What’s the Weed Diamond Experience Like? 

For the most part, people use THC diamonds by dabbing them. Since they’re often free of aroma and flavors, they’re usually paired with some syrupy extracted terp sauce to add taste and scents back into the equation. Bits of weed diamonds can also be added to pre-rolls or processed into vape carts.Some companies, like Jeeter for example, infuse their pre-rolls with “liquid diamonds” and other additives — though some products that boast “liquid diamonds” are actually just using some sort of distillate. Because there aren’t any real regulations on weed diamonds, one major drawback is that the people selling you them can kinda just label shit however they want. 

And as we mentioned, once the THCA in the diamond is heated up, it transforms into active THC and gets you high. Because of the high concentration of the crystal, which can be about 95% to 98% straight THCA, the high can be head-smashingly potent. The flip side is that you stand to lose a big portion of all the other things that make good weed, ya know, good weed. Terpenes and other natural compounds give different types of flower different vibes in terms of both flavor and high; without those, you might get a less balanced, more harsh feeling high with an equally harsh, chemical-tainted taste.  

Resin Matters

Weed diamonds themselves can be a form of live resin, and we get why you’d be curious about them. But the thing is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to satisfy that curiosity, and you don’t have to sacrifice a rich experience to get a powerful high, either. 

Wanna try the power of resin for yourself? Tough Mama’s Solventless Cured Resin-infused pre-rolls feature cured resin extracts that pack twice the terps of other pre-rolls, and are fully infused for a smooth, even burn. Each blunt hits hard with 25% to 35% THC (and at a fraction of the cost of weed diamonds), so you get that super punchy high without sacrificing the essential compounds that make your smoke both distinct and satisfyingly complex. Because who says you can’t have it all?

Sure, they’re only for the brave. But we bet you can handle ‘em.

8 Tough Mama-Approved Weed Drinks

Published on December 21, 2022

friends toasting with THC drinks

by Dan Ketchum

In case you missed it, THC drinks are here to stay and they f**king rule. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz are on the frontline, packing way more THC — which means way more individual shots and cannabis drinks per bottle — than most of those other bougie options on the shelf. But what do you do with this revolutionary liquified stoner tech? First you make drinks, then you get nice and high. Start with eight of our faves, from classics to deep cuts to Tough Mama originals.  

So How Does This Work?

Whether you’re Cali sober, want to shake up your night life, or just, ya know, love weed, cannabis drinks offer up yet another way to indulge in everyone’s favorite flower. Here’s how it works: while old cannabis drinks were kind of a chunky mess, cutting-edge emulsion tech has made it possible to smoothly, seamlessly infuse THC into pretty much any beverage you can dream of (our Hi-Phi solventless cured resin tech makes it even smoother). That’s why you’ve noticed so many bevvies popping up at the local dispensary. And unlike the popular CBD drinks that came before, THC drinks contain psychoactives, which means they do get you baked. 

For the most part, you’ll find that each of these marijuana drinks contains about 2mg to 100mg of THC per container or serving. You know we go hard, so Mama’s own Yolo Shotz are at the high end, with a hundo milligrams of the good stuff per bottle. While dosages vary per brand and bottle, we recommend about 5mg of Yolo Shotz per each canna-cocktail, or about 10mg per shot. You can expect that euphoric high to kick in after about 7 to 15 minutes, thanks to Mama’s rapid onset nano-emulsion tech (she’s smart for a monkey).     

The Classics

While some cannabis drinks are hyper specific, fruit flavored Yolo Shots are versatile — they work as solo sips or straight shooters, but they also lend themselves to more totally booze-free cannabis-infused cocktails and creative shots than you can count. Let’s start with what you know. These recipes still taste like the cocktails you love, but a little Tough Mama magic transforms old-school booze drinks into new-school marijuana drink classics.   

Mama Collins

Stir up the iconic Tom Collins (literally) with a lil’ Yolo lime spark.

  • 1.5 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • .75 ounce simple syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Club soda over ice to top of Tom Collins glass
  • Stir, garnish with a lemon wheel and maraschino cherry

Twisted Coke

The rum and Coke is dead, the whiskey and Coke is buried. Long live our new cherry-berry-flavored overlords.

  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • 4 oz. Coca-Cola Cherry in a rocks glass, over ice
  • Garnish with unnaturally red cocktail cherry, a dash of cherry juice from can, and a gentle stir


Mama loves a marg, but she don’t need $40 tequila when she can have $15 Yolo Shotz and a much better body and mind high.

  • 2 ounces lime-flavored sparkling water, frozen and cubed
  • ½ ounce shot of blood orange juice
  • 1 ounce lime juice, frozen and cubed
  • ½ ounce agave syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Combine in blender, serve in kosher salt-rimmed margarita glass garnished with lime wheel

Summertime Vibes

Whether it’s a rager or a slow-burning day in the backyard under the summertime sun, THC-infused cannabis drinks make for a lighter, brighter experience than the typical boozy alternatives. Here’s how to keep the vibe flowing on those long summer days.

Slow Sippin’ 

Mama’s own variation on the wonderfully extra Pimm’s Cup, sans Pimm’s plus your best friends. Savor them all.

  • 2 ounces non-alcoholic digestive with a fruity profile, like Eva’s Spritz
  • ½ ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • Ginger ale to top of tumbler over ice and stir
  • Garnish with (get ready) cucumber slice, mint spring, strawberry, lemon wheel, and orange wheel

La Estrella

East Coast Death & Co. bartender Phil Ward came up with this divine craft cocktail, we just put a Tough Mama-flavored spin on it.

  • Muddle 4 sugar cubes and 1 ounce of club soda until the sugar dissolves
  • Muddle 4 one-inch chunks of watermelon into the mixture
  • Add 2 ounces apple cider, 1 ounce fresh lime juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, then stir till chilled
  • Strain over a snifter and one large ice cube, add 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Watermelon Lime
  • Fill with 2 ounces club soda, gently stir
  • Garnish with a strawberry and a pineapple slice

Cool Weather Canna-Cocktails

When it cools down outside (it’s 2022 and we’re in SoCal, does it cool down outside?), you deserve to wind down inside. Whether you’re at a swaggy fireside or just chilling under a blanket with bae, these non-spirits help you embrace the cozy spirit of the season. 

The Cozy Mogul

Created by Gran Coramino Tequila, and zaza-ified by Tough Mama. A surprising garnish is really gonna impress your cuffing season date, trust us.

  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 3 ounces prickly pear puree 
  • 1 ounce agave syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Shake and strain over ice in rocks glass
  • Garnish with eucalyptus sprig (nice)

Cranberry Claus

From cranberry flavor to Christmas colors, the Cranberry Claus captures the holiday season, and gets you high enough to deal with your crazy aunts.

  • 3 ounce cranberry juice
  • ½ ounce lemon juice
  • 1 ounce orange tonic water
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • Stir in tumbler, garnish with frozen cranberries and sprig of rosemary

The Big Batch: Punch Up Your Party 

Another great thing about cannabis drinks? They won’t suck your paycheck away like a money vampire the way liquor does. Mama’s Yolo Shotz run you $15, and when you dump a single bottle into a party-sized punch bowl, you’ve just served up 20 drinks with 5mg of THC each. That’s $0.75 a drink — “happy hour” drinks for $7 a pop, my ass.

Watermelon Punch-Out

  • Scoop out a 15-pound-ish watermelon till it’s hollow (that’s right, we’re DOING THIS)
  • Blend the seedless watermelon into a fine, juicy pulp
  • Add 7 cups of raspberry lemonade (the fresher the better) to the melon bowl, then strain all that sweet-assed watermelon juice in
  • Pour in 100mg (one bottle) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Tropical Punch
  • Stir thoroughly, add a ladle, and garnish with handfuls of fresh raspberries and floating lemon slices — makes 20 canna-cocktail-sized servings

Why have booze when you can have a marijuana drink with a better high, less calories, and no nasty hangovers before work the next morning? I mean, you do know what YOLO stands for, right? 

So let’s get to living. And while you’re living it up, mix up a few of your own canna-cocktail creations and tag us on Insta with @toughmamaofficial so we can share your brilliance – and highness – with the world. Can’t wait to see (and sip) what you come up with. 🥂

The Grown Up’s Guide to Getting Crossfaded

Published on November 21, 2022

getting crossfaded

by Dan Ketchum

When he first tasted a peanut butter cup in 349 BC, Aristotle said, “ah, two great tastes that go great together.” That’s the whole reason we have chicken and waffles, sweet and sour sauce, and that kind of peanut butter that already has jelly mixed in. It’s probably also why getting crossfaded is a thing in the first place. 

But are you still getting crossed like you’re a college freshman? Tough Mama would like to have a word with you about that. 

What Is Crossfaded? 

OK, it’s time to get all Urban Dictionary in here. Being crossfaded, a.ka. getting crossed, is a pretty simple state of being. According to most stoners’ definition, it’s just being high and drunk at the same time. Of course, it’s a slang term, so Merriam-Webster hasn’t chimed in or anything, but some people get a little more specific and say that crossfading is the act of being high and drunk in equal measure (how those people precisely measure highness and intoxication is anybody’s guess). 

And if you’re wondering if it’s just a stupid myth your friend who’s a career roadie always talks about, rest assured that it’s a real thing. The journal Cannabis even published a study in 2018 to see how many young people knew about getting crossfaded (though they hyphenated it as “cross-fading” just to make sure stoners would make fun of them). And a whopping 87% of the people asked had heard of it. But why’s the idea so popular, and should you get into it?   

Getting Crossed the Right Way 

You’re a grown-up now. You’re drinking legally, you’re smoking weed legally. You know the difference between top-shelf cannabis and straight-up reggie weed. We support you going hard, but if you’re gonna get crossfaded, you gotta do it with some self-respect (and a touch of safety) at this point in your journey. And also — no joke — with a touch of science. Turns out, Harvard Medical School’s Scott Lukas has done a couple of studies on how marijuana and alcohol interact with each other in your body. Now, everybody’s body is different in how it responds to weed and booze, but Scott found that smoking weed when you’re drunk has a higher likelihood of inducing dizziness and vomiting. Or, you know, feeling like shit.

Via Reddit

Here’s the golden discovery, though. One of his studies found when you’re high first and then drink alcohol, it can just about double the THC levels in your bloodstream, taking you from “real high” to “mega f**cking high.” That’s because alcohol can potentially increase the blood’s ability to absorb THC.  

Did you wake up expecting to get a Harvard perspective on crossfading today? Probably not, but you’re welcome. The trick here is the order of operations — just like your tío says, “weed then beer, you’re in the clear” — and focusing on staying buzzed, not f**cked out of your mind. That means not greening out, and not getting trashed, but complementing a nice light booze buzz with a couple of puffs. Do it right and that pleasant tipsiness mingles with your high so that you feel the complementary effects of both while the alcohol actually enhances the impact of the weed. 

Be Safe, Mama Loves You

Look, you know Tough Mama is all about getting uber stoned, so now’s a good time to remind you that we also care about taking care of your shit. You’re obviously not going to overdose on THC, but too much booze can wreck your central nervous system and mobility. And while we seriously don’t recommend mixing weed with booze, we’re grown-up enough to know that it’s just gonna happen sometimes.

So, if you are  going to experiment with getting crossed, save it for when your ganja tolerance is high (if you’re reading at Tough Mama, it probably already is), do it in a safe space among friends, and don’t do stupid shit like driving or operating a combine harvester, or weedeating your front yard, or whatever.

Always hydrate when you’re smoking or drinking, and hydrate even more when you’re getting crossed. It’ll help you maintain a buzz rather than nurture a bender, and you’ll appreciate it in the morning. If it gets to be too much, find a cool place to (literally) chill, as alcohol can cause your body to overheat. Don’t be afraid to call it a night with a big thermos of H20 and a long nap in a cool spot if crossfading just doesn’t agree with you.

Crossfading, Evolved 

As the company with the skateboarding gorilla for a mascot (love ya, Mama), we know a thing or two about evolution. With the rise of absolutely ass-kicking cannabis infused beverages, getting crossfaded might have just grown up right alongside you. And that means you can have the experience of smoking (or vaping) and drinking (or doing shots), while cutting alcohol out of the equation and focusing entirely on cannabis

Take Tough Mama’s own Yolo Shotz. Because each fruit-flavored bottle is packed with 100MG of Hi-Phi solventless cured resin, you’ll feel a euphoric high that sets in about 7-to-15 minutes after you take your shot or sip your Shotz-infused canna-cocktail (one bottle does about 20 cocktails or 10 shots for only $15 a pop, too, so it’s a lot cheaper than stocking up on Cîroc.) It’s one way to reach that state of crossfaded ecstasy, but without the voms and hangovers.

And maybe, just maybe, that’s the real grown-up way to get crossfaded — which is to say not getting crossed at all. 

(But still getting real high.)

Tough Mama’s Guide to Surfing San Diego

Published on October 18, 2022

surfing san diego best waves

by Cyrus Grant

Rolling waves, rolling joints, getting a high from nature — surf culture and stoner culture are really based on the same vibes. While not every surfer is the stereotypical long-haired pothead, if you surf it’s pretty likely you enjoy nature’s delicacies beyond just waves. Tough Mama gets it, and since she already offers some kickass weed, she decided to offer up some tips on kick-ass waves too.

Here’s Tough Mama’s guide to surfing San Diego.

California Beaches


Ah, Tourmaline. If you grew up surfing as a grom in San Diego, there’s a good chance this is where you fell in love with the ocean. Tourmaline is a super mellow wave, ideal for both longboarders and beginners looking for a gentle wave to ease them into one of the greatest hobbies on earth.

It does have to be said though, with the ever-growing popularity of surfing, Tourmaline can turn into an absolute zoo. But hey, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a crowd-free break that isn’t total shit.


Black’s Beach

Black’s beach, where you get world-class waves and a front-row seat to old dudes playing volleyball with their…uh balls out. Yup, Black’s is well known as the nude beach in San Diego, but don’t let that stop you from getting out and scoring some great waves.

The waves at Black’s Beach tend to be a bit bigger than other spots in San Diego, but they hold their shape well without too much closeout action. This spot is for surfers that are comfortable with bigger waves, and should be kept to intermediate to advanced surfers.

California Beaches


Swami’s is a spot that can cater to anyone from beginners to pros depending on the conditions. On most days you’ll find a soft sloping point break, ideal for longboarders and novices (and trust us, you’ll be dodging them like Neo dodges bullets in the Matrix), but on special days when the swell is cranked to the max, Swami’s can hold surfable waves up to double overhead.

You’ll definitely want to check out the conditions before paddling out depending on your skill level, but there are almost always waves to be had. But again, be careful of 10-foot logs flying at your head from every direction. Oh, and also this spot is a reef bottom, so try not to go for any head-first swan dives. After a day of battling the crowds at Swami’s, you’ll definitely want to have a  Tough Mama infused pre-roll ready and waiting for you to smoke straight out of the water.

California Beaches


Another top-notch wave in San Diego, Windansea has been the go-to spot for La Jolla surfing since way back in the day. Not only is Windansea an absolutely beautiful beach, but it also offers up an equally beautiful wave.

Unlike some other spots on this list, Windansea pretty much has one central break. So, even though the wave technically isn’t too difficult to surf (intermediate level), the compact structure of the wave makes for a much more difficult crowd experience. If you’re able to score a wave to yourself, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to throw some water and get your turns in. Just don’t expect the opportunity to open up very often.


Scripps Pier

If you’re an intermediate-level surfer looking for a beach break, look no further than Scripps Pier. Due to the sandbars shifting around, you should be able to find plenty of lefts or rights on either side of the pier. Scripps is also nice because it tends not to suffer from closeouts as much as some other beach breaks. 

Also worth noting, the waves are faster by the pier, so don’t be afraid to get close…just don’t try to shoot the pier unless you’re okay with having your face scraped off like old gum.

World Surf League

Lower Trestles 

Okay, this might be a little controversial since you get to Trestles from San Clemente, which is in Orange County, but technically Lowers is on the San Diego County line, so we’re sneaking it in here. 

Lowers is not just one of the best surf spots in California, it’s one of the best in the whole world. You’re likely to spot pros out there on any given day, and it’s even become the yearly stage for the WSL’s championship showdown. All of this goes without saying, this is a spot for advanced surfers that know how to jockey a lineup. To be honest, if you’re just learning about Lowers from this list, you probably aren’t good enough to go out there (for your safety and others). Luckily, there are plenty of friendlier options listed above! 

There you have it, the best spots to catch some waves in San Diego. Whether you’re looking to get high and cruise some ankle biters, or are looking to mellow out after a pumping overhead session, remember, Tough Mama has you covered! 

(Looking for more things to do in San Diego? Check out this guide to the best skate parks in the city, because Mama loves you.)

6 Tough Mama Approved Skateparks in San Diego

Published on August 30, 2022

best skateparks in san diego

In San Diego, the roots of skate culture run deep. 

Local surf pioneers like Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith innovated modern board-making techniques back in the early ‘60s. Del Mar’s 1975 skate competition helped legitimize the sport in the eyes of the mainstream. Spots like the Escondido Reservoir and La Costa housing tract became such iconic skate spots in the ‘70s that their terrain would become the DNA for many a modern skatepark.

 If that’s not legit enough, the Carlsbad Skatepark – born in 1976 – was one of the first two skateparks on the planet (both of the OGs opened in the same month). Here’s how San Diego skateparks are keeping the culture alive, and six spots where you can see it thrive today.

San Diego skateparks Robb Field
Photo by Christian Cellular

The Mecca: Robb Field Skate Park

Daygo isn’t short on massive skate emporiums – look no further than beefy, 30K-plus-square-foot San Diego skateparks like Encinitas or Linda Vista for proof – but at 40,000 square feet of concrete, this 20-plus-year-old spot is something of a crown jewel.

Among all that space at Robb Field, you’ll find plenty of handrails, ledges, and blocks, plus a combo bowl, pump bump, and octagon volcano. Long story short, it offers everything but the kitchen sink, is big on wide-open blue-skies SD energy, and features more than enough space to make you feel cozy whether you’re a learner, a pro, or a spectator.

San Diego skateparks Chicano Park
Photo via On the Grid

For the Street Features (and the Art): Chicano Park Skatepark 

You don’t need all that size to be one of the best parks in San Diego, you just need vibes. Barrio Logan has good vibes in spades, and they all condense and explode in technicolor under the Coronado Bridge. Among some of the sickest street art in the city, you’ll find smooth and spacious features like a pyramid, quarterpipes, pool coping, and lots of ledges. As On the Grid puts it, “Not the most features for a skatepark, but a lot of real estate to play in a supremely unique setting.”

San Diego skateparks Washington Street
Photo via WVST

A Locals Only Park for Vet Skaters: Washington Street Skatepark

SD locals know Washington Street as a park built by skaters for skaters. In 1999, Daygo was running low on safe skate spots and police were cracking down on the culture with outrageous tickets, sometimes up to $300 (cue the “Skating Is Not a Crime” shirts – they were a thing for a reason). That’s why a non-profit group of volunteers – who still maintain the park, so don’t be a shit when you’re there – created Washington Street Skatepark. Here, you’ll find all-weather skating nestled under the Pacific Highway, free parking, no fees, no safety gear enforcement, speedy lines, kinky kinks, and a wild keyhole. Naturally, it’s boards only out here.

San Diego skateparks Imperial Beach
Photo via

Beachy Vibes: Imperial Beach Skate Park

You can’t scope out a skatepark in California without scoping out a good beach – enter the southernmost skatepark on the whole West Coast, Imperial Beach Skate Park. This small park with a 3-foot-high flow bowl (with extensions and taco), street features, simple rails, sloping banks, and a big hubba welcomes learners just as much as it beckons experienced skaters who just want to chill the f**k out. You don’t come to Imperial Beach for the street cred or the TikTok views, you come here to hit a hybrid and get mellow with a touch of ocean breeze on your face.

San Diego skateparks Krause
Photo via YMCA

All-Wheel Drive: Krause Family Skate & Bike Park

If you need a laid-back vibe that’s family friendly but not a total bore, Krause Family Skate and Bike Park at the Mission Valley YMCA is your ticket. It spans 60,000 square feet for a reason, and that reason is that it’s way more than just a skatepark. 

Krause packs massive permanent bike tracks as well as vert ramps, a pool, a BMX course, mini-ramps with spines and – maybe most notably for skaters – a full-assed skatercross skateboard racing track. Which is honestly f**king wild. It does charge membership fees (as little as $25 a month or as much as $360 a year, depending on your Y membership) but you’d be hard-pressed to find any other spot that hosts so many wheels in one big place.

San Diego skateparks Cesar Solis
Photo via Stray Rocket

Something for Everyone: Cesar Solis

Cesar Solis in Ocean View Hills kinda feels like San Diego came to life as a skate park – it’s big, it’s clean, it’s spacious and it’s as mild as an indica cone blunt. While it’s heavy on street style features, Solis has really got something for everyone, including a ramp-rail combo in the shape of a whale tail that sorta rules (we know you want that photo-op and we don’t blame you).

But the highlight here is thoughtful design; everything sort of just flows perfectly into the next thing, putting you right in the zone, letting you live in that sweet spot – and you should probably have a good high on while you chase that flowy feeling to its maximum.

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