25 High Thoughts That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

Published on April 26, 2022

Hilarious High Thoughts

by Cyrus Grant

Have you ever been so high your brain leveled up? Well, you’re not alone. And to prove it, Tough Mama has gathered all of the most hilarious and mind-bending high thoughts from around the Web.

So, spark one up and get ready to have your mind blown.

1. The only thing worse than running out of lighter fluid is running out of weed.

Weed Jokes Lighter

2. Uno reverse, Officer.

Weed Jokes Tiny Mirror

3.  Weed giveth and weed taketh away.

Weed Jokes Answers

4. Weed never know.

5. Maybe we really are in a simulation.

6. What do we do with the extra gloves?

Weed Jokes Hands

7. We prefer being up in the clouds.

8. Not sure, but when we’re baked, we’ll gladly eat either.

High Thoughts Cookie Bacon

9. Wonder if Mozart ever realized this.

High Thoughts Tuna Piano

10. Lightbulb!

High Thoughts Lightbulb

11. One pulp water, please.

High Thoughts Water Pulp

12. Circle, square, triangle…don’t care as long as it’s pizza.

High Thoughts Pizza

13. New plan: Light up a Tough Mama infused pre-roll and watch a bug documentary.

High Thoughts Bugs

14. So, like, are all stairs reversible?

High Thoughts Stairs

15. Math checks out. Forever young!

16. Weed so fire you forget it’s winter.

High Thoughts Freeze

17. Better late than never.

High Thoughts Working Man

18. Are you saying every day could be our birthday??

19. And words are just air shaped by our mouths.

High Thoughts Name

20. Think about it.

21. Not what I signed up for, tbh.

22. The world may never know.


23. Hard pass.


24. Safety first.


25. Wait, wtf.

Inspired? Let us know if you have any mind-bending thoughts! And if you need a little help getting in the right mindset, check out Tough Mama’s powerful pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and liquid THC shots at your local dispensary.

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