11 Best Stoner Cartoons to Watch While High

Published on October 11, 2022

best stoner cartoons

by Cyrus Grant

Whoever says cartoons are for kids is 1) super lame, and 2) has probably never sat back in their PJs and watched cartoons while stoned out of their minds. Tough Mama doesn’t listen to the haters, and neither should you. So, today we’re giving you a list of the best adult cartoons to watch while high.

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Hmmm how to describe Aqua Teen Hunger Force…. Well, basically, three sentient fast-food items live together and they…do stuff? Honestly, the show doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but for some reason, it’s exactly what you need if your stoned-out brain wants to watch a cartoon. Don’t question it, just let Meatwad, Master Shake, and Frylock lead you on a nonsensical cartoon adventure.

Disclaimer: Watching this show while high will more than likely bring about cravings for milkshakes and fries. Plan accordingly and stock up on some of your favorite munchies.


Rick and Morty

Watch on Adult Swim, HBO Max, and Hulu

Rick and Morty need no introduction. It’s one of the most popular shows around, and for good reason. It’s fast-paced, full of trippy adventures, funny, and surprisingly deep. Whether you just want a good high laugh, or you want a show that can provoke thoughts and feelings, you can’t go wrong with Rick and Morty

Just try and stay away from the weird gatekeeping “high IQ” fandom that unfortunately follows the show around like it’s some sort of Mensa-only club. Little do they know you can be high as a kite and still fully grasp the show.

South Park

South Park

Watch on Comedy Central and HBO Max

It’s a classic, and yet it’s still modern. South Park is one of the few shows that has been able to ever-expand its relevancy, and we’re totally here for it. From the old episodes to the new specials, South Park continues to push the boundaries of what you can put on TV. While you can’t actually spark up some Tegridy Farms weed (yet) and watch this show, we’re happy to let you know that Tough Mama’s pre-rolls and vape carts are top-notch and will get you plenty high for your cartoon-watching endeavors.

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Smiling Friends

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

The newest show to make our list, Smiling Friends is about two charity employees who just want to bring smiles and happiness into the world. While it doesn’t always go as planned for them in their little TV universe, it will bring a smile to your face when you’re watching this show high on your couch.



Watch on Hulu

A cartoon blast from the past, set in the distant future, Futurama is just a straight-up good show no matter how sober or stoned you are. Although many of the characters are outcasts in the future, they totally belong on your TV next time you want to get baked and watch cartoons.

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Robot Chicken

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Robot Chicken can best be described as an unhinged stop-motion sketch comedy series that often tackles pop culture references and parodies famous franchises. It’s really one of those shows that must have been made for stoners, in that it’s nearly impossible to watch when sober, but completely fascinating when you’re faded.


The Big Lez Show

Watch on YouTube

Okay, not gonna lie to you about this one. It’s super Australian and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have no idea what the hell is happening. But Tough Mama be damned if it isn’t just inexplicably hilarious when you’re baked. There are so many selling points, but the pack of stoner sasquatches just resonates with us for some reason (okay maybe we just love big furry stoners, it’s kinda our thing).

Oh, and don’t be deterred by the clear lack of production budget, it’s worth all the pixels and more.


Beavis and Butt-Head

Watch on Paramount+

While Beavis and Butt-Head technically never did drugs in the show, there’s no doubt they bring big stoner energy. Like, who else just goes around laughing at everything? Anyways, there’s a proper way to watch this show, and it’s super stoned. 

A small warning — if you happen to watch any of the episodes where Beavis turns into “Cornholio,” there’s a good chance you’ll be walking around the rest of the day with your hands up and your shirt over your head. If you know you know.

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Mr. Pickles

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Mr. Pickles is, how should we say this…uhh, really fucked up. Like, satanic, murderous border collie levels of fucked up. It’s honestly kinda terrifying, BUT, it’s absolutely gripping when you’re high. If you have a dark sense of humor, you’ll no doubt find it super funny. 

Heads up, probably not a show for you if you’re prone to weird/bad dreams. But again, for those out there with slightly twisted minds, you’re welcome.

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The Boondocks

Watch on Adult Swim and HBO Max

Full of comedy, action, and ever-relevant social commentary, The Boondocks is a great show no matter what your current headspace is. It follows two black boys who move with their grandad to a predominantly white neighborhood, leading to a view of American culture that the show makes funny while also providing a clear critique of society.

If you haven’t watched it, you should. And feel free to spark up for an extra kick of entertainment.



Watch on Netflix

Similar to Futurama (more so in art style than content) but set in medieval times, Disenchantment has a magical feel to it, especially if you’re high. The pacing can get a bit weird, but when you’re stoned the fantastical setting is really what you’re there for. Enjoy the magic, and throw this on when you just need a cartoon that’s fun to look at. 

That wraps up our list of the best stoner cartoons to watch while high. Next time some Tough Mama products get you where you’re trying to go, pop on one of these cartoons and just soak it all in.

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