Ask Mama: What’s the Best Weed for Doing it Like They Do on the Discovery Channel?

Published on August 23, 2022

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Look, Mama already gave you the birds n’ bees talk, but now that you’re older, Mama knows you f**k – literally and metaphorically. It’s OK, we’re an open family around here. Not like we go to nude beaches together and kiss on the mouth open, but like, open in that we’re comfy enough to talk about how sex is one of the best parts of life. And you know what can make one of the best things even better? I’ll give you one guess.

(Oh shit, you guessed right: it’s weed😶‍🌫️🌿)

Does Weed Really Make Sex Better?

It might sound too good to be true, but sex and weed really are two great tastes that taste great together. Take it from the same scientists who studied Mama’s brainwaves in all those Andy Serkis movies. OK, maybe different scientists, but reports from those who like to get high and f**k (i.e. people with good taste) indicate that cannabis most definitely has the potential to elevate sensual experiences across the spectrums of gender and sexual preference. 

Science Is Sensual

One of the best sources we have on the issue is a pivotal 2019 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Shush, Mama subscribes for the articles, not the pics. Here’s what those Sex Med scientists learned from a survey of 216 participants: 

  • 38.7% of sex-havers say sex is just better when high
  • 58.9% say cannabis increases sexual desire
  • 73.8% report sexual satisfaction after smoking weed
  • 74.3% are more sensitive to touch when high
  • 65.7% experience increased orgasm intensity
  • 50.5% note that they can focus better during sex
  • Over 69% (nice) felt more relaxed during sex  

And like the New York Times “Well” section says, “anecdotal evidence suggests that the right dose of cannabis can make a woman’s orgasms more satisfying and increase sex drive. This is in part because cannabis can enhance the senses and also alleviate some of the symptoms that inhibit desire, like anxiety, sleeplessness or pain.”

So potentially stronger desire, chilled-out headspace, a heightened sense of touch, and better busting? Sign Mama up. And no, that’s not gross, how do you think you got here in the first place? 

The Sexiest Strains

Whether you’re looking for the best edibles for female arousal, a foreplay vape sesh to treat your man right, or even a sense-enhancing smoke to heighten your self-love (Mama says it’s healthy!), it’s all about the strain. And, no, I don’t mean the blowing-her-back-out strain, I mean the weed strain. What’s the best weed for sex? The answer really depends on the sex.

Wedding Cake🎂

You don’t have to tie the knot to get rowdy, but Wedding Cake’s high levels of limonene might just help boost your sex drive. And as an indicia with a high THC count, it promotes a tingly, relaxing sense of euphoria.

Strawberry Cough🍓

Emojibator CEO Joe Vela tells Weedmaps, “My go-to strain for arousal is Strawberry Cough. In addition to the sensual smell and taste of berry, this strain gives me creative energy and full-body relaxation.”

Super Lemon Haze🍋

As an energizing sativa, Super Lemon Haze might just be the best weed for sex of the, uh, more ~energetic~ variety. When it’s less about foreplay and more about getting down like you’re on PornHub, this clear-headed high makes for an intense afternoon delight.  

Trainwreck 🚄

The potent combo of energizing pinene and relaxing terpinolene terps in Trainwreck make it crazy good for generating feelings of euphoria. If you just want to get totally lost in the moment and explore each others’ bodies for hours, this is your ticket. 

Amnesia Haze 😶‍🌫️

When it’s time for self-pleasure, a calming strain can help ease you into a guaranteed good time. For that, Healthline and GoLove CBD Naturals co-founder John Renko recommend the sativa Amnesia Haze due to the relaxing linalool content.

Blue Dream 💙

With a tendency to promote cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation, the sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream might just lower your inhibitions in bed. Give it a honk if you’re trying something new this weekend. 

Kush n’ Push 🍃

As great as sex is, sex is also weird. And that can trigger or heighten anxiety, whether you suffer from it regularly or not. Cannabis is well known for helping some folks ease anxious feelings, and research from Frontiers in Neuroscience says that some strains are the most effective at that: to help yourself let it all go, try the indicias Bubba Kush and Kosher Kush, or the indica-dominant hybrid Skywalker OG Kush.

Setting the Scene

Sex encompasses and accelerates so many of our senses, making the whole experience as immersive as possible can really take things to the next level. Smoking and vaping only take a few minutes to kick in, so you’ll want to do that right before foreplay. Go with relaxing, flattering warm accent lights or candles, and curate the vibe with just the right playlist. You can even try cannabis-infused lube, which budtender Chelsea Cebara tells Thrillist, “causes [pleasure center] areas to be more sensitive and calls your attention to them. The effect really comes during orgasm, when you come longer and harder.”

And now that you know the best weed for sex, how about the best weed-infused cocktails for sex? Mama’s got a few cannabis-enhanced takes on classic aphrodisiac drinks to get your night started off right.  Bonus points: These canna-cocktails smooth out the vibes and help stave off dry mouth in the bedroom, too. 

Sensual Sangria

Ginger’s potent aroma has a rep for stimulating arousal and getting the heart pumping, and what’s sexier than Spanish wine? Serve it over ice in a wine glass garnished with a lemon slice and mint sprig.

  • 2oz. grape juice
  • 2 oz. cranberry juice
  • ½ oz. blood orange sparkling water
  • 5mg capful of Tough Mama YOLO SHOTZ Berry Crush
  • ½ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 2 oz. ginger beer  

The Hot Mama

Capsaicin makes spicy stuff spicy, and its circulation-increasing properties can also get you all hot-blooded in the bedroom. Shake this spicy cocktail for spicy times over ice and strain it into a martini glass.

  •  1.5 oz. sparkling water
  • 1.25 oz. passion fruit puree
  •  ¼ oz. sugar syrup 
  • ½ oz. lime juice
  • Half an egg white
  • 5mg capful of Tough Mama YOLO SHOTZ Tropical Punch
  • 1 pinch of chili powder in the mix, 1 on top to finish

Wrapping It Up

The thing is, sex is different for everyone. And even though plenty of evidence points to weed and sex being a killer combo for lots of people, cannabis can affect different people in different ways. And in that way, weed and sex share some really important things in common:

Number one, safe experimentation is good. Explore what works for you and what makes you feel good, but also do that in a space that feels safe for you.

Number two, starting with a low dose and slowly ramping up over time is the way when trying out new strains and seeing how they affect you. Start low and go slow? That one works for weed just as well as it works for making love.

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