How High Are You? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Published on August 25, 2022

how high are you quiz

by Cyrus Grant

So, you want to know how high you are right now? To be honest, if you’re asking, you’re probably pretty high. But, that’s not very fun, so here’s a little quiz (very scientific) to give you a definitive answer.

Note, some of the questions might not have answers that are entirely accurate to your situation, so just pick whichever answer matches your general vibe the best. Also, grab your phone or a piece of paper to keep track of how many points you get, then we’ll do some simple addition, and voila, you’ll know how high you are.

Let’s get this party started!

Answer these questions and your question will be answered….

  • Have you smoked, eaten, drank, and/or done some weird shit with weed at some point today?
    • Yes – (1 point)
    • No – (0 points)
    • I don’t remember…so, yeah – (2 points)
  • Do you know what time, day, and year it currently is? 
    • Of course, dumb question – (0 points)
    • Time is a man-made construct, man – (1 point)
    • Ahhhhh the dinosaurs are coming! – (2 points)
  • What did you eat for your last meal?
    • A big ol’ loaded-up burrito – (1 point)
    • A nice salad, gotta count those calories! – (-1 point)
    • Well, I started with a nice PB&J milkshake, made some nachos using Doritos as a base, and then snuck in a pop-tart ice cream sandwich for dessert – (2 points)
    • I was actually just about to chow down on…hey, who took a bite out of my sandwich?? – (3 points)
  • How did you get high last?
    • Enjoyed a cured resin mini Mofo – (1 point)
    • Solo’d a 1.6g full-size Tough Mama Live Resin Blunt – (2 points)
    • Realized Tough Mama YOLO SHOTZ make 10 10mg servings…after the bottle was empty  (3 points… maybe go lay down)
    • I’m high on life! – (-1 point)
  • When did you get high last?
    • It’s my default state of being – (3 points)
    • Like an hour or so ago – (1 point)
    • *bong rip sounds* – (2 points)
    • IDK, a few days ago maybe – (0 points)
  • What’s going on with your outfit right now?
    • T-shirt and some pants – (1 point)
    • Business casual, baby – (0 points)
    • A silky soft bathrobe – (2 points)
    • Clothes are the shackles of society, I prefer to let it all hang out – (3 points)
  • Has anyone asked you if you’re high right now?
    • Dude, why does everyone keep asking me that?! – (1 point)
    • No, why would they? – (0 points)
    • I don’t think they really need to ask, tbh – (2 points)
  • Where are you?
    • Who wants to know?? – (2 points)
    • Just hanging at home – (1 point)
    • At work – (0 points…unless you’re a ganjier, then infinite points)
    • Oh shit….I have no clue – (3 points)
  • Why are you taking this quiz right now?
ET how high are you
  • How hard are you laughing at the above meme?
    • *crickets* – (0 points)
    • Gave me a little giggle – (1 point)
    • That’s some funny shit! – (2 points)
    • AHAHAHA……HAAHAHA – (3 points)
  • What does the air taste like to you right now?
    • Tastes exactly like the pizza I just finished eating – (1 point)
    • WTF are talking about? – (0 points)
    • It tastes like weed…wonderful wonderful weed – (2 points)
  • Do you think you’re going to score higher than your friends?
    • They don’t call me “the smoke machine” for nothing (literally no one calls you that) – (1 point)
    • Hey, it’s not a competition…but definitely – (1 point)
    • My friends are absolute animals, so probably not – (1 point)
    • Not sure, but I guess we’ll find out! – (1 point)
  • Have you actually been keeping track of your score?
    • Absolutely – (1 point)
    • Nah, numbers aren’t really my thing – (1 point, but go back up and count…we believe in you!)
    • There’s a score? – (1 point,  just pick your favorite image in the results section below)

Add up your point total to see just how high you are!

0 to 5 points: Not stoned at all.

how high are you bored

6 to 11 points: Pretty stoned.

stoned wall how high are you

12 to 17 points: High as a fucking kite.

how high are you kid with cat

18 to 23 points: The cars aren’t actually talking, you’re just that high.

how high are you kerchoo

24 to 29 points: So high you’re practically in space

how high are you gorilla in space
*Disclaimer* – If a Tough Mama infused pre-roll put you here, congrats, you’re basically an astronaut since our prerolls are infused by robots built by former NASA scientists.

30 points: Out-of-body experience levels of high.

how high are you out of body

Now that you know how high you are, go ahead and send this to your highest friends. After all, Mama says sharing is caring!

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