Tough Mama’s 8 Best Slopes for Snowboarding in California

Published on January 25, 2023

best places for snowboarding in california

by Cyrus Grant

Winter brings all kinds of cool things — the holidays, hot chocolate, and best of all, some fresh powder to shred up in the mountains. It’s no secret, snowboarders love fresh snow and some loud weed. And since you already know Mama only brings the good shit, we figured we’d hook you up with Tough Mama’s favorite places to strap in and get your snowboard on in California.

Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe (formerly known as Squaw Valley)

Once upon a time this resort was home to the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. While we ain’t in the 60s anymore, the winter magic is still alive and well at Palisades Tahoe (known to many as Squaw Valley, they changed the name in 2020 due to the word “squaw” being derogatory). Considered one of the premier resorts in North America, Palisades offers everything your little snowboarding heart desires.

Between the two mountains that make up Palisades Tahoe, this ski resort features 6,000 acres of explorable terrain, including 34 lifts and over 270 trails. It also has 6 different parks for those who want to get out and hit some features. 

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Big Bear Mountain Resort

One of the best and most popular places for snowboarders in Southern California, Big Bear is the play if you’re looking to do some snowboarding in the morning and get back in time to hit some waves in the afternoon.

With some of the best terrain parks in North America, Big Bear resort has over 140 park features between its two mountains. Whether you’re into boxes, jumps, rails, or pipes (of the snow variety), Big Bear has you covered. 

For more info check out the website.

Ski California

Northstar California

Have you ever imagined getting high and snowboarding on an extinct volcano? Well, if you answered yes (and of course you answered yes, who wouldn’t want to do that?), then Northstar California is the location for you.

Located near North Lake Tahoe, Northstar has 100 trails and 8 terrain parks that make it a world-renowned snowboard resort. 

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Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

While Heavenly might not boast the world-class terrain parks or runs that some of the other Tahoe area resorts have, it does compete when it comes to having absolute top-tier vibes. The resort is one of the biggest you’ll find in California, and is so big in fact, it’s actually located in both California and Nevada. 

Heavenly is home to 28 lifts, 97 trails, 4800 skiable acres, and no shortage of restaurants, bars, shops, and even casinos (on the Nevada side, of course). Getting high and getting a heavenly day on the slopes is well within reach, plus much much more at this resort.

For more info check out the website.

Los Angeles Times

Mt. Baldy Resort

If you’re located in Southern California (especially LA) and just want a quick trip to get your snowboarding fix, Mt. Baldy Resort is your best bet.  While it features mostly advanced runs, there’s enough going on for any level rider to go out and have fun. 

Although there are only 26 trails and 4 lifts, Mt. Baldy Resort still offers plenty in its diverse range of slopes and ridable terrain.

For more info check out the website.

Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Founded in 1939, Sugar Bowl gets to claim its status as one of the first ski resorts in the Tahoe area. It might not be the flashiest resort, but, with 4 different peaks and 103 trails, don’t sleep on the place. While there are only 2 terrain parks at the resort, one of them is dedicated to more novice snowboarders who are looking to get some practice in before hitting some of the bigger boxes, rails, rollers, jumps, etc. 

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Ahh, the old personal stomping grounds of this once-upon-a-time daily snowboarder. Boreal might not have the glitz and glam of some of the nearby resorts, but damn if it isn’t just dependable. Typically one of the first parks to open every year, Boreal has a little bit for everyone. While there are only 8 lifts, the whole resort funnels back to the same general location, meaning you can make your own personal runs if you’re in the mood to explore. And for the snowboarders that are just about park features, fear not, they have that too. Oh and a half-pipe.

Not to mention they are home to a Woodward bunker, which is essentially any action sport lovers dreamhouse. The bunker contains a full skatepark, giant trampolines, and even a foam pit to practice sending your biggest moves. The Woodward experience is something unique to Boreal, and definitely something to check out if you’re in the mood for a day of action sports beyond just snowboarding.

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Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth might be coming last on this list, but it should absolutely be towards the top of any snowboarder’s list of resorts. Located in Central California and way to the East, past Yosemite, Mammoth is a world-renowned ski resort, and home to everything a snow lover could ever desire. And if you’re a snowboarder that loves a good park, Mammoth consistently takes home Transworld Snowboarding’s best terrain park thanks to their Unbound Terrain Parks program that shows an unmatched dedication to progressing park snowboarding.  

With 25 lifts and 175 trails, Mammoth really is no joke when it comes to both quality and variety. Beyond just the impressive trails (from beginner to expert level runs), Mammoth also houses 7 parks and 2 halfpipes. If you’re serious about snowboarding and are trying to hit more features than bong rips, go to Mammoth.

For more info check out the website.

There you have it. Mama’s 8 best spots for snowboarding in California. And as you know, a day on the slopes is always better with some weed (true of most things tbh), and Tough Mama has you covered. 

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