Tough Mama’s TV Guide: 10 Best Shows to Watch High

Published on February 7, 2023

best shows to watch high

by Cyrus Grant

Name something better than getting high, grabbing some snacks, and throwing on a great TV show. You can’t. Mama loves her shows, and we know you’ll love them too. While an almost unlimited number of shows can satisfy our stoned-watching desires, these are 10 of the best that every stoner is guaranteed to love. Grab your munchies, and your Tough Mama prerolls, and get ready to watch.


(Watch on Paramount+)

Look, watching someone get hit in the balls might be the purest form of comedy. You’re telling me our ancestors didn’t bust a prehistoric laugh when they saw that? Before language, all we had were farts and hits to the balls. Finding it funny is just in our DNA. No one does outrageously stupid shit better than the fellas at Jackass, and the show was the golden age of MTV (back when it still had music!). Amazing no matter what, but extra amazing when you’re stoned. (If you’re looking to settle in with a movie, all the Jackass flicks make our list of best movies to watch while high.)

Trailer Park Boys

(Watch on Netflix)

Trailer Park Boys is somewhat of a stoner cult classic show. A mockumentary about 3 guys living in a trailer park, smoking weed, trying to make a buck, and often landing in jail. This Canadian show started off as a movie, but turned into 105 episodes of pure stoned watching material.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

(Watch on Hulu)

Something about getting high and watching “the gang” being absolute sociopaths just hits different. You almost certainly know about IASP, but a quick summary is basically a group of five completely awful people run a bar and come up with schemes to make money…exact revenge…or just be assholes for the sake of being assholes. The show knows how to shock a laugh out of you, and being high amplifies it all. 

When it’s time to get high and watch TV, you can’t say “no” to the show. “Because of the implication.”


Impractical Jokers

(Watch on HBO Max)

Have you seen those videos of people doing embarrassing stunts because they got last place in their fantasy football leagues? Well, Impractical Jokers is basically that in the form of a long-running show. Four guys take turns doing embarrassing dares in public, where they have to follow the commands of their fellow show hosts who are hidden away, watching on surveillance equipment. If you get second-hand embarrassment for people, you’ll definitely feel it, but Mama-be-damned if it isn’t hilarious.



(Watch on Hulu)

Ever feel like suburban soccer mom life would be better with an underground weed business? Okay, we’re not so sure about that, but it is what Nancy from Weeds decided to do. Featuring the soccer mom turned cannabis kingpin, Weeds is a dark comedy-drama about a woman and her kids as they go from a suburban family in mourning, to a traveling mini-cartel. To be honest, the first 3 seasons are an absolute blast and should be thoroughly enjoyed with an infused blunt on hand, but a friendly heads up, seasons 4-8 are a bit of a mixed bag. If you haven’t yet, get high, throw it on, and enjoy (especially the first 3 seasons).



(Watch on Hulu)

Another show about 3 buds who just love to smoke weed, party, and do their jobs super poorly, Workaholics is TV made for stoners. If you don’t like this show, you probably have real “loose-butthole” energy tbh.



(Watch on Hulu)

If you’re watching Wilfred, you’re basically sitting around getting high with Elijah Wood and his neighbor’s dog, who is a man in a dog costume, or a figment of his imagination? Maybe? It’s not clear, but it’s funny so who cares. This is another dark comedy, but once again, totally made for watching while baked.


Nature Documentaries

Alright, this isn’t a single show, but watching pretty much any nature doc while high is a transcendent experience. You can go with the classics of The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Cosmos, or really any similar documentary you come across. Smoke some weed to make it a truly immersive experience with Earth’s greatest plant of all — Cannabis.

LA Time

What We Do In the Shadows

(Watch on Hulu)

What We Do In the Shadows is essentially the Office but with vampires. It’s a mockumentary that follows a group of Vampires that live together in Staten Island and try (but often fail) to blend in with the modern city of New York. Mama highly recommends the show and even the original movie it’s based on.

Deviant Art

Doctor Who

(Watch on HBO Max)

Hotboxing the Tardis is a sci-fi dream, but traveling through time and space with the Doctor while high out of your mind is a truly top-notch experience. It’s one of the longest-running shows out there, so there’s an almost endless amount of adventures waiting for your sweet little high mind to go on. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, 2005-2013 are the golden years of the modern series so we’d definitely recommend starting there. Now excuse me while I turn my sonic screwdriver into a functioning pipe. 

That wraps up Mama’s 10 favorite shows to watch while high. We hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to come to Tough Mama for all your weed needs!

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