Ask Mama: How Can I Get Even Higher?

Published on December 21, 2022

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So you want to get higher than high? Like, boost your high to the point you’re fighting off alien probes in space high? (Okay maybe not quite that high…unless you’re into that, in which case more power to you.)

Well, Mama has the tips you need. And we’re not just talking some lame-ass “smoke more” tips. We’re talking about boosting your high the right way (and also the way that doesn’t waste Mama’s sweet sweet weed). 

So, get ready to take Mama’s hand while she leads you up into the stars.

Know What You’re Working With

If you’re smoking some oregano-looking reggie shit out of an apple “pipe,” rethink your approach. If you’re looking for the best high, quality and method matters. 

Obviously better quality weed (especially weed with higher THC concentrations like Tough Mama’s Mini Mofoz and Infused Pre-Rolls) will boost your high, but don’t skip out on the basics when you go to smoke. Make sure your weed is properly ground, which ensures a better, longer burn, and thus a better, longer high.

Switch It Up

If you find yourself smashing through joints faster than grandma’s arthritis, consider switching it up and trying a vape. Tough Mama’s Live Resin Vape Carts have up to 85.27% THC, which means you’re probably hanging out with the moon-man pretty quickly after one of those. 

Now, if for whatever reason you feel like smoking or vaping just doesn’t do it for ya, Mama has a special little treat that will do the trick. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz have 100MG THC in each bottle, and while taking the whole thing isn’t advised, just a little bit straight-up or even mixed into a drink should put you on the Planet Express headed straight for the extra high galaxy you’re looking for.

Focus on Food

No, we aren’t talking about munchies right now. Mama loves to eat, and it just so happens certain foods can actually help enhance your high. You don’t even have to be Wolfgang Puck to make it work either, just make sure to eat the right foods about 30 minutes to an hour before smoking.

A few foods you should always have stashed in your pantry:

  • Mangoes – This delicious fruit contains terpenes that when consumed along with THC, can interact with each other and help give you a better high.
  • Chocolate – Oh hell yeah. Chocolate happens to contain an endocannabinoid that can also interact with THC, boosting its effects, and your high right there with it.
  • Foods with Omega-3s – Mama might not know exactly what an omega-3 is, but it’s found in foods like fish, nuts, and avocado, and can help your body process cannabinoids, which means it can boost your high. 

What’s In Your Cup? 

Hey hey, big surprise — not only can certain foods boost your high, but certain drinks can help too. Get your high-drate on with these drinks: 

  • Tea – Green and black tea contain some crazy-ass compound called catechin that can help with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Soooo, combine it with something else that gives euphoric and relaxing effects and boom, your high is all that x2.
  • Coffee – The Dutch were way ahead on this one, those beautiful clogged geniuses. Because coffee is thought to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, many believe that having a cup of joe before smoking gives the effects of weed an extra boost.
  • Beer – Yeah, getting a little crossed might not be out of the question if it’s an increased high you’re looking for. Beer has a solid amount of terpenes in it, meaning that much like the mango, having beer with your weed can potentially punch up your high.

Change Up Your Routine

Mama loves a good routine, but if it’s a higher high you’re after, you might want to do things a little differently every once in a while. When our bodies get used to things, they tend to not have the same effects.

Something as simple as changing the time of day you have your smoke session can help boost your experience.  If you always smoke in the morning, try and opt for a night session (or vice versa) to give yourself a reinvigorated high.

Time For a T Break

Booo, that sounds awful! BUT, if every wacked-out smoking method you try just doesn’t seem to get you where you want to go, it might be time for a little tolerance break. 

Resetting your cannabinoid receptors is a solid way to make your highs extra high again, but that does mean taking some time without your best bud. There’s no real universal timeline that works, so try abstaining for a week or two, and you’ll start getting the high you want again in no time.

Mama’s Final Thoughts

Whether it’s getting better quality weed (Mama taught you better than to buy second-rate stuff), changing your consumption, eating the right foods, drinking the right drinks, changing your routine, or straight up taking a short weed timeout, there’s plenty of options when it comes to getting that higher high we all like every now and then. 

So, next time you’re looking to go full space-walk levels of high, remember Mama’s lesson and shoot for the stars.

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