Ask Mama: What to Do When You’re Too Damn High

Published on December 5, 2022

how to stop being high

Sometimes, things are just too damn high, like the rent, those crazy buildings in Dubai, Boban Marjanovi of the Houston Rockets and, case in point, your silly ass

Look, Mama knows that her shit goes hard — I mean, Tough Mama’s Live Resin Vape Carts pack up to 85.27 percent THC — and she understands that you accidentally got a little too high before that big sit-down with your boss, or meeting your girlfriend’s parents, or your nephew’s birthday party, or whatever.

So whether you need to know how to get unhigh from smoke or how to recover from edibles, Mama’s always here to take care of you. Going too hard happens. Now let Mama gently guide you through the journey of softening things up a little.

The Method Matters 

First thing you should know is that every high is different. And that’s not just because you’re a beautiful and unique snowflake (you are, tho), it’s because the method of your weed consumption matters. Like, a lot. 

How you got high has a big impact on both onset time and comedown time:

  • Smoking and vaping hits your bloodstream almost instantly (in vaping’s case) or within a few minutes, and the high can last about 1 to 4 hours.
  • Edibles can take about 30-to-60 minutes to set in, but can last up to 6 hours or so (often peaking around 3 hours in).
  • Tinctures take effect in about 15-to-30 minutes, with lastability similar to an edible.
  • THC beverages have typical onset times in the 10-to-15-minute range (Mama’s Yolo Shotz hit in 7-to-15 minutes) with highs that often last around 4 hours. 

The consumption method isn’t the only thing that matters, either. The concentration of THC in the weed itself has a huge effect, as can stuff like…

  • Your height and weight
  • What you’ve eaten that day
  • Your metabolism
  • Non-weed ingredients in the weed product
  • The strain
  • Your own personal tolerance levels 

All this stuff and more can change how the high feels, when it hits you and how long it sticks around.

Tough Mama’s Easy Tips 

Even though the duration and the sort of “size” or intensity of your high can vary a whole lot, you can use the same Mama-tested and Mama-approved tricks for getting less high. Before that happens, remember to start low and go slow when you’re trying some new shit. And when you’re going ham on a whole-assed cone blunt, do that in a safe space among friends who have your back.  

Once you do reach that way-too-high headspace, though (hey, it happens to the best of us), here’s how to stop being high — now don’t ever say Mama never did anything for you.

Get Wet

It’s pretty much never a bad idea to hydrate. Hydrate when you’re casually toking and hydrate when you’re partying with Yolo Shotz — you’ll just have a better time, straight up. If it’s too late for preventive hydration, chug that water to help your body pass the THC out of your bloodstream and stave off nasty bouts of dry mouth. If you’re deep in the shit and don’t have much time to spare, a cold shower can also help wake your brain and senses up real quick. 

Oh, and don’t “hydrate” with booze when you’re already too high. C’mon now, child.

Embrace The Munchies

Filling your belly, especially with carbs, proteins, and healthy fats like omega-3s, is never a bad idea for helping recenter your body when you’re too dang high. But you can actually do a lot better than Doritos Locos Tacos when you really need to recover. 

According to numerous studies by people a little smarter than Mama (NOT THAT THERE ARE MANY), snacks that contain certain terpenoid compounds can effectively offset Too Much Zaza Syndrome. These smart munchies include pine nuts, lemon, peppercorns (trying chewing on ‘em),  and black pepper.

Focus (and Maybe Get a Little Zen)

Even if you’re not experiencing some kinda trippy “mind high,” highness is just as mental as it is physical. That’s why the simple act of shifting your focus to something else — just about anything else, really — can help you get unhigh. 

Medical News Today recommends focusing real hard on some music, dedicating your attention to a show, game, or movie, or practicing an instrument. You can also get zen with it by meditating, honing in on a jigsaw puzzle, or going full Marie Kondo on a soothing organizing or cleaning project (so, yeah, technically Mama is telling you to clean your damn room). 

Let Time Heal You

If you can spare it, time might just be the best way to let your high fade away. Time may have broken Game of Thrones, but just like it can heal all wounds and mend a broken heart (tell Mama who hurt you), time is a surefire way to come down from a major weed high. Even better if you have the luxury to walk it off for a bit, or to sleep that monster high away. 

Master the Working High

Mama ain’t a doctor, but she does know that prevention is the best medicine. So how bout this — maybe don’t get uncontrollably mega T. Rex high in the first place? 

There’s a time and place for just getting full-on blazed, but there’s also this thing called the working high. What it means is, you maintain a nice, steady, clear-eyed buzz for a good long long while instead of getting insto-ripped and regretting your birth. 

Switching over to a capful or two of Mama’s Yolo Shotz might just help you maintain a working high — that solventless cured resin makes for a clear-headed, euphoric buzz that’s almost like a clean caffeine boost, but without those nasty jitters.  Likewise, snacking on superfoods, getting plenty of rest before your sesh, and staying super-hydrated throughout the day can all help keep your working high steady.On the flip side, steer clear of indicas and strains high in myrcene, and seek stuff with THC concentrations in the 10 and 20 percentiles.  

And maaaaaaaybe swap out that enormous boar’s leg of a bleezie for a Mini Mofo every once in a while.

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