Stoner Dictionary: Tough Mama’s Guide to Weed Slang

Published on March 7, 2023

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Marijuana, pot, ganja, the list goes on. When something has been around for as long as weed has, it’s bound to pick up a lot of nicknames and slang. Mama thinks having a vast lexicon is important, and because Mama also cares about education, she figured she’d expand your weed-word knowledge with Mama’s Stoner Dictionary. 

Words for Weed

Let’s take a look at some of the popular terms and nicknames our good friend, marijuana, has picked up over the years. Mama’ll break them down into two categories: Terms that are used for good weed, and terms that are used for bad weed.

High-Quality Weed

Knowing words for weed is good. Knowing words for good weed is even better. Here are some of the more common words you’ll hear when people are talking about that high-quality shit.

  • Chronic – Popularized by none other than Snoop D.O. Double G himself. Supposedly after being so high he misheard “hydroponic” as “chronic,” and the rest is history.
  • Dank – It’s hard to pin down the origins of this one, but when you get a good whiff of some dank weed, it just makes sense.
  • Fire/Fuego – “Fire,” or its Spanish sibling, “fuego,” has picked up a permanent place in slang dictionaries to mean super good. 
  • Gas – Anyone else kinda like the smell of gasoline? Well if you do, you aren’t alone, ‘cuz some high-quality and pungent weed has a pretty similar smell, and thus the nickname, “gas.”
  • Loud – When marijuana smells so damn strong you can basically hear it.
  • Primo – Short for “premium.”
  • Sticky icky – If you’ve ever handled high-quality weed covered in trichomes, you’ll know it’s quite literally sticky. Despite the name, Mama promises it’s far from icky.
  • Zaza – A term pulled from the word “exotic,” it means the weed is rare (and of course, top-notch).

 Low-Quality Weed

  • Backyard boogie – Like it was grown in someone’s backyard. But like, not someone who knew what they were doing.
  • Bammer – Gonna be honest, not sure about the roots of this one, but Snoop says “no bammer weed,” and who is anyone to disagree? 
  • Boof – Okay, so back in the day this was a term mostly used to reference prisoners hiding things up their asses…Mama guesses smoking weed that had been up someone’s butt would categorize it as low-quality. IDK, but all-around gonna stay away from boof.
  • Bunk – “Bunk” pretty much just means bad, worthless, or boring. “Miss me with that bunk shit.”
  • Ditch weed – This one is pretty straightforward. Weed that basically could have been (or quite literally was) found in a ditch. It’s also known as feral weed, which just means it was growing out in the wild. Sadly, weed found in the wild isn’t quite like wild salmon or whatever. Trust professional growers to do their job. 
  • Mid – A newer entry to the slang world, “mid” is used to describe something as mediocre. Not terrible, but not good (and when it comes to weed, “not good” is definitely not good enough).
  • Reggie – Mama actually used this term to do a full breakdown on shitty weed (click on the word for that), but it basically just means some regular-ass weed. And again, Mama don’t play with average weed.
  • Shake – Shake weed is the stuff that’s fallen to the bottom of the bag or jar, and is pretty much just the leftovers. Kinda like when you’re desperately out of chips and you shake the bag to gather the crumbs. With chips — okay. With weed — hard pass.
  • Schwag (aka shwag) – This is a term used for visibly bad weed. Like brown, stemmy, seedy, weed.

Measurement Slang

This section will cover common slang for different measurements of weed. So you never have to guess again. Alternatively, you could just get some weed from Tough Mama and save the math for people who like that kind of thing. Anyways, here are the terms.

  • Dime bag – $10 of weed, or roughly 0.5 grams. Kinda pointless nowadays to be honest. (For reference, a single Tough Mama pre-roll is 1.6 grams. Way better value.)
  • Dub (aka a G) – Known as a “dub” because it’s $20, and typically about 1 gram, which explains why it’s also known as a “g.”
  • Eighth – 1/8th of an ounce. About 3.5 grams.
  • Quarter/Quad/Q (not to be confused with “QP”) – 1/4th of an ounce. About 7 grams.
  • Zip – 1 ounce. About 28 grams.

Other Stoner Terms to Know

Weed is more than just a plant — it has a whole culture around it (but you already know that). And because of that, there are words and terms every stoner should know that aren’t used directly for weed. 

Mama would probably need a second edition to cover all the categories and terms that have been created around weed, but ain’t nobody got time for that, so here are a couple more terms that every stoner should know.

  • Bogart – You ever been in a circle and one person just won’t pass the weed to the next person? Yeah, that’s a Bogart. Don’t be that person.
  • Pearl – Da Vinci had the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo had David, and stoners have pearl. A perfectly rolled joint or blunt that feels like a masterpiece.
  • Rip – Taking the biggest inhale imaginable from a bong or vape.
  • Roach – The butt of a joint or blunt. Basically, what you can’t smoke because you’re starting to burn the hell out of your fingers.
  • Spliff – A joint mixed with tobacco.
  • Crossfaded – Drunk and high at the same time.
  • Green Out – It might seem impossible, but you can actually get too high. And it’s called greening out.
  • Plug – Someone you can get weed from. For you, that someone is Tough Mama.
  • 420 – April 20th (aka 4/20 aka 420), a weed holiday to celebrate the world’s best plant. 

That’s it (for now) on Tough Mama’s Stoner Dictionary. While there is an endless amount of words floating around out there, and terms that haven’t even been created yet, this list covered most of the big ones. So get out there, and get your stoner slang on with confidence!

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