The Stoner’s Guide to Buying Bongs

Published on May 2, 2023

man using a cool bong

by Cyrus Grant

Bongs are a tried and true stoner staple. Not only do they make for a great smoking experience, a lot of them are basically art pieces (seriously, blowing glass is no joke). If you’ve decided it’s time to up your bong game, you’ve come to the right place. Mama will cover everything you need to know about bongs, plus some things to look out for when deciding to buy at a head shop or online.

So, whether you’re in the market for your first bong or just a new bong, here’s Mama’s bong buying guide. Oh, and if you want to see some cool bongs make sure you scroll to the end. 

Bong Basics 

So we all know what a bong is. It looks like a vase and you use it to smoke grass. A+, right? Well, that’s certainly the most important info, but let’s get a bit more into the weeds (pun absolutely intended) on what bongs actually are and how they work.

How Bongs Work

Bongs are technically a type of water pipe that uses water to filter smoke for a smoother smoking experience. The main features of a bong are a bowl (this is where you put the weed) that extends down into a chamber that holds water, which then rises into a cylinder where you place your mouth and inhale from.

To break it down for any bong noobs out there, this is how you use a bong:

  1. Pack your weed into the bowl (a small, almost pipe-looking device coming off the side)
  2. Light the weed
  3. Suck air until the water chamber is filled with smoke
  4. Remove the bowl
  5. Inhale the smoke

And that’s pretty much it. Some bongs work a little differently (we’ll cover some different types down below), and some even come with extra features like percolators to provide additional smoke filtration, or even ash catchers to keep the water clean. 

Bong Materials

Ignoring your homemade fruit bong for a sec, there are four typical materials you’ll find bongs are made out of — glass, ceramic, silicone, and acrylic. If you take nothing else from this, remember that the best bong materials are in that order.

  1. Glass – The standard bong material, and for all intents and purposes, the best. Glass performs the best, provides the cleanest and smoothest taste, and is surprisingly resilient (still, be careful not to drop it).
  2. Ceramic – Ceramic bongs are a close second to glass and can provide a cool and unique look. They feature many of the positives of a glass bong, but feature one distinct negative — they’re heavy.
  3. Silicone – A cheaper, shatter-proof alternative to the above two materials, a silicone bong can work in a pinch, but let’s be honest, the taste and quality of smoke that come out of these things are 🤮.
  4. Acrylic –  Just don’t. They’re cheap, but you’re basically just smoking out of a hot plastic water bottle.

There are a few other materials out there, like metal (again with the gross taste) or even bamboo (great option, but kinda a pain to clean since you can ruin them if you’re not careful). 

TLDR: Buy a glass bong…or ceramic if you don’t mind essentially lugging a brick around.

Standard Types of Bongs 

While you’ll typically know a bong when you see one, there are a few different types you’ll often come across.

Classic Bongs (aka Round or Bubble-Base Bong) 

If you’ve ever seen a cartoon bong, it was probably one of these guys. Round-base bongs feature the standard cylinder that stretches down into a round-shaped chamber. The only real difference with this bong from other standard-shaped bongs is that your high friend might set it down just a liiittle too angled, and the next thing you know it’s on the floor. Minus half a point for slightly less stability. 

Beaker Bongs 

Pretty much the exact same as the round bong, but with a wider, more stable base that resembles a science beaker. These are probably the most popular on account of them functioning well and also being more stable than most other bong shapes. The best bong is one that’s tough to accidentally knock over, trust us.

Straight Bongs

Straight bongs are, well, straight. Rather than having a tube that goes down into a larger chamber, they just go straight down into a base. With these, you just put a bit of water in and then it’s business as usual. The plus side of a straight bong is that they’re slightly easier to store, but the downside is they tend to be the least stable of the three major bong shapes. 

Cool Types of Bongs

The bongs in this section are essentially variations of the three above, but with some cooler twists and features. If you’re looking for a bong that provides a little something extra, this is the section for you.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are technically more of an airflow thing than a gravity thing, but let’s leave the science to people in lab coats and focus on what really matters — gravity bongs will get you extra high.

The basic idea is that water creates a vacuum that draws in a bunch of concentrated smoke. It’s obviously a more complicated process, but it’s easy to use and the important part is that it works. In fact, Seth Rogan (notable stoner), uses a $600 gravity infuser by Stundenglass. Talk about a cool bong.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator Bongs are generally one of the three standard bongs, but with an additional feature called a percolator (fancy word for “filter,” basically). The percolator is a piece of glass in the bong that not only helps filter the smoke, but can also cool the smoke for a smoother, less harsh experience. The only downside to this type of bong is the fact that it’s kinda a pain the ass to clean, since the percolator is generally a pretty small and complex glass structure inside the bong.

Multi-Chamber Bongs (aka Recycler Bongs)

A variation of the straight bong, recycler bongs are straight, but contain two water chambers connected by various smaller tubes. This results in the smoke being filtered a second time, resulting in a smoother and cooler (temperature-wise…but, they look pretty cool too) smoking experience. Again, cleaning is a bit of a hassle, but that’s the price we pay for beauty.

Ice Trap Bongs

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. If you want the literal coolest smoking experience, you’ll want to look for an ice trap bong. These bongs feature something known as an ice trap or pinch, which holds ice cubes so that smoke rises past it and rapidly cools the smoke. Cool smoke = less harsh hit, and it’s as simple as that. 

The only thing you’ll have to look out for is when the ice melts it will fill up the water chamber below to the point you might need to dump some out. Honestly though, the slight amount of extra effort is worth the nice and cool smoke you get.

Buying at a Head Shop vs. Online

We live in a time where you can literally order weed straight to your door (Tough Mama even offers it), but sometimes it can still be worth venturing out into the world when it comes to doing some shopping. Here are some advantages to buying a bong at a head shop versus buying one online.

Head Shop Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Employees can answer questions and make recommendations
  • You get to physically inspect the bongs and compare them to each other
  • Get a better idea of the size
  • Take it home with you that day


  • Less price flexibility
  • Not as convenient or available near you
  • Limited selection

Online Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Convenient
  • Limitless options
  • Not rushed to make a choice


  • Can’t inspect what you buy
  • Harder to get direct advice
  • Have to wait for delivery
  • Risk of damage during delivery

Bonus Section: Some Cool Bongs


Stündenglass Gravity Infuser

We mentioned this one already (made popular by Seth Rogan), but it’s so nice we just had to show it twice. This thing is a high-tech way to get high, and pretty f-ing cool. The price is slightly less cool, but you gotta pay to play sometimes.


Chongo Ceramic Bong by Summerland

If you’re into a minimalist, natural look, Summerland makes some killer bongs. Honestly, these double as home decor. Might just buy a few to keep around the house…for aesthetics of course.


Budsy Water Bottle Bong by Puffco

This one technically breaks our no-plastic rule, but it is pretty cool. If you really want water filtration on the go but don’t want to lug your glass bong along (reasonably so), then this is a solid and discrete option. Just make sure you don’t actually drink the water after.


Mini Baseball Bat Bong By Bougie

A bong that looks like a baseball bat with a baseball bat percolator inside? Yeah, this one knocks it out of the park.


12″ Twisted Spiral Bong

Oooo spirals. Not only does this feature a unique design, it’s also technically an ice bong. Double cool.


Gas Mask Bong

Gas. Mask. Bong. Enough said.

Smoke Station

Gorilla Smoking A Fatty Hand-Blown American Rig

A smoking gorilla bong affixed atop a glass banana. Mama might be in love.

And that’s it on Mama’s bong buying guide. There are basically an infinite amount of cool and high-quality bongs out there, so get to searchin’ for something that matches your style. And don’t forget what you learned today, so can you make sure to buy the bong that’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Oh, and for when you’re not in the bong mood, check out Tough Mama’s selection of seriously great products!

What Is Live Resin and Why Does It Matter?

Published on May 1, 2023

man smoking live resin vape

by Dan Ketchum

Sometimes, weed culture crosses the thin green line right into hype culture. And with the tech bros in one ear and the crunchy Birkenstock crew in the other, it can be hard to sort shit out. It’s especially hard when you’ve got one thing called live resin and another called live rosin nestled between 12 other buzzwords – like, who’s branding this stuff?

No worries, though, cause Tough Mama’s here to help you strike a balance between knowing your smoke and just smoking your smoke without straining your brain. Enjoy our slow-burning, smooth-hitting, BS-free breakdown of what live resin is, and why it matters to ganja enthusiasts like you.  

What Is Live Resin?

So what is live resin? Cutting right to the chase, it’s simply a cannabis concentrate, typically produced in oil form. And a cannabis concentrate is just a concentrated (yep) mass of the most active or enjoyed parts of cannabis, like THC or CBD. You’ve heard of concentrates like various oils for your vapes and the resins advertised on pre-rolls – we’ll dive into all of that in a bit.

One of the things that sets live resin apart is how it’s made, and yes, that is a segue.

How Live Resin is Made

Hello, and welcome to the “how it’s made” section we just set up in the last sentence. 

To get that live resin cannabis concentrate, you start with flash-frozen cannabis plants, which are weed plants frozen ASAP after harvesting, typically by way of liquid nitrogen or dry ice, like a sick high school Halloween dance. That plant is kept cool throughout the entire process of extraction, in which all the good parts of cannabis you want to put into a concentrate – psychoactive THC, chill CBD, flavorful terpenes, and such – are separated from the rest of the plant using a solvent like CO2, butane or propane. (Don’t worry, though, modern extraction processes ensure that no traces of solvent are left in the final product.)

Live Resin in Comparison

A lot of the time, concentrates are extracted from dried and cured weed. The main idea behind the flash-freezing method for live resin is to retain more terpenes – the natural chemical compounds that imbue each strain of weed of their distinct aromas and flavors – than those methods, which can sacrifice more terps during the extraction process. 

Here’s how it differs from other concentrates you’ve probably heard of, or seen at the dispensary.  

  • Rosin is an extract that’s made without using any solvents, just forces like heat and pressure.
  • Live rosin, like live resin, is extracted from flash-frozen cannabis.  
  • THC oils can encompass different kinds of concentrates, including live resin. They can be extracted in different ways, but end up as the oils in your tinctures, capsules, and vape carts.
  • Wax and shatter are more solid cannabis concentrates that are often enjoyed by dabbing. While wax can be sticky or sappy, shatter has a glassy, sugar candy-like consistency.
  • Crumble is a potent and affordable alternative to wax and shatter. Like those, it’s usually made with solvents, but has a more honeycomb-like, drier texture.   
  • Budder is another type of terpene-rich, solvent-produced concentrate, this time with a taffy-life feel.  

Live Resin In Your Life

OK, we’ve got all the abstract Google responses to “what is live resin” out of the way. So how does live resin actually factor into your life as a stoner? TBH, it may already be factoring in right now.

How You Use It

Because live resin concentrate has a smooth, saucy consistency (jury’s out on its saucy personality), it’s real common for it to show up in vape cartridges. But that also means it’s easy to micronize and mist onto cannabis flower, which is how you get those “live resin-infused” pre-rolls. Spoilers: we make both of those things and we’re gonna talk about ‘em in a sec.

You don’t have to do anything special, like set up a dab rig or anything, to smoke live resin – if everything’s on the up-and-up, it’ll be labeled loud and clear as a part of the weed you already enjoy, like “live resin vape carts” or “live resin-infused flower.” And after the fact, weed products with live resin don’t really impact the regular storage needs of your zaza.

How It Feels

Ideally, live resin concentrates with all those terps intact offer a fragrant, flavorful experience when you partake, retaining plenty of the original strain’s character. Because those terps are present, products made with live resin may also help facilitate the entourage effect, making for a full-bodied high. 

(P.S.: The entourage effect is the theory that your high is ultimately affected by the sum of weed’s parts, that the interactions between various cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and other cannabis compounds actually strengthen the high.)

Get Curious

Like Mr. Rogers said, it’s good to be curious. Tough Mama believes that, and we believe in exploring, too. That’s why we’ve got Mini Mofoz pre-rolls and party hardy Yolo Shotz infused with premium Hi-Phi cured resin right alongside Live Resin Infused Hemp Blunts and Live Resin Vape Carts

Get curious, and see if that live resin life is for you – by trying a 1.6g Big Block indica blunt with a brain-smacking 37.42% THC content, a more euphoric, aromatic Mango sativa vape cart, or something entirely in-between. 

Cuz sometimes Tough Mama knows best, and sometimes, it’s your call.

Dan Ketchum splits his time between Dallas and LA as a freelance lifestyle, fashion, health, and food writer with more than a decade of experience. In cannabis, been fortunate enough to collaborate with Cannabis & Tech Today, FOCL, Vitagenne, Reign Together, Mistifi, and more.

Ask Mama: Stoner Rules Every Weed Lover Should Know

Published on May 1, 2023

stoner rules and weed etiquette

When you were a weird little sticky-fingered, cabbage-scented kid, Tough Mama taught you all kinds of essential etiquette, like always say “please,” be as punctual as you can, tip your servers 20% and don’t fart at the dinner table (except on Christmas). 

But now that you’re all grown up and those fingers are sticky with Tangie trichomes instead of lemon Starbursts, it’s time Mama taught you the social rules that really matter in life: weed etiquette to live by, whether you’re on the streets or in ~high~ society.  Here are 15 rules to know.      

Thou Shalt Not Bogart

Sharing is caring, and when someone shares their big-ass cone blunt with you, that means they care. Show your appreciation by making sure there’s plenty of smoke to go around for everyone. On the flip side, expect to share and offer freely if you’re in a group setting and packing plentiful heat. 

It Always Goes Left (Till It Doesn’t)

Mama has no idea where this one comes from, but it’s one of the most basic stoner rules out there and it’s been around since even before there were gorillas. When you’re passing a joint (or vape or hot dog-shaped novelty pipe or whatever you freaks do), it always goes to the left. It just does. 

HOWEVER, allow Mama to drop some advanced weed etiquette on you. Once you go through the first round – like the joint or bowl is cashed – you start a new rotation if there’s a second round, so it now goes to the right. And thus the universe is in balance.  

Buyer Goes First

If you’re in a group smoking situation, proper weed etiquette dictates that the person who purchased the weed goes first, whether that’s the first toke of a joint, hit of the bong, dab off the rig, bite of the “special” brownie, or sip of Yolo Shotz.  

Be the Windbreaker 

A stoner rule for truly seasoned stoners: be your bud’s windbreaker. If they’re trying to light up in a breeze, you smoothly step in and provide a barrier. Bonus: do it all nonchalant and Daniel Craig-like and you’ll also look extremely cool.  

Ask Permission…

Mama always says consent is key, and that’s true in the world of weed etiquette, too. Ask permission before you light up in someone’s house, car, dorm, pool, man cave, she shed, what the f**k ever, you get the idea. Not your house? Ask.

…and Don’t Assume!

This one’s a two-part stoner rule. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, don’t just assume someone’s a stoner or not a stoner. Yeah, weed’s really popular now. So is Dungeons and Dragons, but you don’t assume everyone you meet is a wizard. Just ask politely if they partake and don’t make a big deal out of it.

Always Appreciate  

Remember how Mama just said “sharing is caring?” Look, not everyone has the guidance of a matronly monkey, so not everyone is savvy enough to pack aromatic Chemistry Cookies indica vape carts every time. Sometimes, your friends share what they have, and what they have is a touch skunky

Times are tough. It’s the thought that counts, so don’t complain, and don’t be a dick.   

High-drate Freely 

If you’re sharing your stash or partaking in someone else’s generosity, offer some nice, hydrating bevvies whenever you get the chance. Hydration is always important, but it’s extra important – and extra appreciated – when cottonmouth is a thing. 

Puff, Puff, Pass (Usually)

OK, last one of the group smoking stoner rules, but this shit’s important. If you’re hitting a joint, “puff, puff, pass” is the golden rule, meaning it’s OK to take one or two hits. That rule changes if you’re sharing a bong, vape, or pipe, in which case you’re looking at a one-hit situation. Remember: don’t bogart, or it gets the hose again!  

Cash It Out

When whatever you’re hitting is cashed, it’s OK to take just one hit to make sure that it is indeed cashed. Once you know it’s dunzo, it’s your civic duty to let the supplier know that it’s done cashed – don’t pass a cashed bowl on to the next person. 

Educate the Masses

This is newer weed etiquette for an old head like Mama, but the reality is that as ganja becomes more mainstream, stoners are getting more educated, more conscious of what goes into their bodies and way savvier in general. People are more likely to know the difference between an indica and sativa nowadays, so let the group know what they’re smoking when you share.

Corner the Bowl

Finally, it’s time to stop pretending you know what this means and let Mama tell you what it actually means. When you’re smoking a bowl, cornering is the practice of lighting the flower from the side so as to conserve it for a longer smoker. This goes for relighting the bud, too. (And um, if you’re unsure about what the hell we’ve been talking about in general, you may need to consult our Stoner Dictionary.)

Don’t Hit Sick 

C’mon now, you lived through 2020, right? If you’re feeling under the weather, know you’re under the weather, or even suspect it at all, it’s time to politely pass on sharing smoke with others. Keep that shit to yourself, no one wants your germs. Mama taught you better than that. 

Karma Rules

If your gracious stoner buds smoke you out, karmic stoner rules say that you should smoke them out down the line, too. Mama also says you should, because it’s the right thing to do and that kind of “I got you, bro” mentality is what makes the cannabis community such a great place to be. 

And when it’s your turn to provide some bountiful, hard-hitting green, Tough Mama knows just where you can find it.

Ask Mama: How to Cure Weed (And Why It Matters)

Published on May 1, 2023

how to cure weed

For legal reasons, Mama can’t use the word “cure” too loosely, but one thing Mama does absolutely cure is her weed. Today Mama is here to give you a little introduction to curing weed, including what it is, why you should care, and how you can even do it yourself.

So, get ready to turn your freshly picked cannabis into the frosty nugs we all love…or just learn about how we do it for you.

What Does Curing Weed Mean?

If you love sandwiches and pizza…and bacon, good news, you love things that are cured. A lot of the meats we love (pepperoni, bacon, mortadella, some hams, etc.) are all cured, and when it comes to weed, it’s basically no different.

Before you start hitting the “who cares” button, just know that without the curing process, your weed is gonna suck. Straight up. Curing weed is an essential part of preserving it, and involves the careful drying and aging of the buds to remove excess moisture. Not only that, but it also allows the flavors and aromas to fully develop.

Why Curing Matters

Besides just making for a longer-lasting shelf product, Mama wants to make sure her friends are smoking weed with the best possible flavor, aroma, and smoke quality, for the longest amount of time. And that’s exactly what curing weed does.

Preserve the Terpenes!

Science time for my sweet cannabis nerds out there. Terpenes (the stuff that gives weed its unique flavor and smell), are actually pretty sensitive and can start to break down in temperatures as low as 50°F. All that to say your weed will get all fucked up if you don’t cure it right.

By carefully curing your weed, those terpenes won’t degrade and evaporate as quickly, meaning it’ll be enjoyed in all of its flavorful glory when the time comes to smoke that beautiful zaza.

Flavor Flav

Yeah, terpenes affect flavor, and yes, curing weed helps preserve terpenes. But, that’s not the only benefit it has when it comes to flavor. It turns out that if you don’t do a good job curing weed, the taste profile will be more like eating fresh lawn clippings than smoking delicious chronic. Grass is a cool slang term for weed, but hard pass if the weed tastes like actual grass.

Back to the lab coat for the curious overachievers out there. Why does weed taste like grASS if not cured properly? Well, it has to do with chlorophyll (the compound that makes plants green). Curing weed also helps break down chlorophyll, which reduces the grassy flavor, and results in a smoother, more pleasant smoking experience. Science, bitches. 

Potency of the Pot

Much like terpenes (which control flavor and aroma), THC and CBD can degrade more quickly if weed isn’t cured properly. No one wants weak-ass weed, which means curing it is even that much more important. By curing your pot, it’ll hold its potency for a much longer period of time.

Shelf Life Matters

Unless you want your weed to be moldy, taste awful, or have the potency of oregano (in highness, not taste), then you best cure it. While Mama doesn’t let her weed get that old (it’s not doing you any good sitting in a cabinet for ages), the principle of the matter is that your weed shouldn’t go bad in a couple of weeks. In fact, when properly cured and stored, weed can maintain its flavor and potency for up to two years (which is like six gorilla years just FYI). 

We’re guessing you’d only need weed to last that long ‘cuz you buried it like secret treasure and then forgot about it, but whatever the reason, you have two years.  

How to Cure Weed 

If you’re looking to cure your own weed, or just want a sneak peek of Mama’s green thumb, here’s the basic procedure for drying and curing weed.

Quick side note, drying and curing weed aren’t the same thing, but they are both necessary steps. More on that coming right up.

Step 1: Harvest 

Before you dry or cure, you’ll obviously have to harvest the buds. This is done when most of the trichomes are visibly cloudy, indicating that you’ve arrived at peak potency.

Step 2: Trim

Like many things in life, a good trim goes a long way. After harvesting your buds, trim away any excess leaves and stems. This will help the buds dry evenly and keep mold away during the process. 

(Doing it in this order is called a wet trim, but you can technically do a dry trim by drying and then trimming.)

Step 3: Dry

The drying stage can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days, but tends to be on the shorter side when opting to go with wet trimming since there’s less material that needs to dry. You can hang your buds or use a drying rack, but either way you’ll want to do so in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated space. Aim for 60-70°F and humidity levels of 55-65%.

After 2 days, check on the buds by bending the stems. If they snap, they’re dry. If they bend, check again the next day.

Step 4: Cure

Finally, the part we’re all here for. It’s curing time, which is mostly a waiting game, but does require a few different steps in and of itself. For the curing stage, the first thing you’ll need to do is put all your bud in airtight jars away from light. Your jars should be about three-quarters of the way full (no one likes being crowded — weed included), and then put them in a cool, dark place.

When it comes to curing temperature, it’s pretty similar to drying conditions. Aim for roughly 70°F and humidity between 55-65%.

Burping isn’t just for babies, it’s for curing weed too. For the first week of curing, open the jars once or twice a day for a few minutes to release any moisture and replenish the oxygen inside the container. In case you didn’t pick up on it, this process is known as burping (but better than the baby version since there’s no chance of baby vomit and the reward is weed).

Based on the strain you choose, curing time can differ a bit, but the general timeline is about 3 weeks (some like to go up to six months, but that’s up to you and how patient you’re feeling).

And just like that, you’ve cured weed. Hooray!

Mama’s Final Thoughts 

Bottom line, whether you’re growing your own or buying it from Mama, you always want your weed to be cured. And because Mama loves you, she’ll let you in on a little secret, double check any infused pre-rolls you buy from places that aren’t Mama, ‘cuz some of those guys out there are running cheap tricks by hiding the uncured taste with infused flavors. Don’t trust the lames.Mama cares about taste, smell, and potency, so you’ll never catch her playing games when it comes to the quality of weed she offers. Whether it’s her products or her very own flower, Tough Mama provides only the best.

Wanna Stay Home and Get High? Here’s How to Order Weed Online

Published on April 18, 2023

how to buy weed online in california

Mama might look like an ape (a ridiculously cool and good-looking ape), but that doesn’t mean she still has to live like she’s back in the jungle. Today Mama is going to share the secrets of how to buy weed online, and how you can get whatever your little heart desires without leaving the comfort of your home.

So, if you want weed without having to step outside, you’ve come to the right place. Mama is going to be talking specifically about California, but other states are also getting with the times, so if you’re somewhere else, feel free to check out your local laws.

What Are California’s Requirements? 

Luckily, ordering weed online in California is legal and easy. Mama wants everyone to enjoy her lovingly made products without leaving their couch, but before you hit “order,” here are some things you should know.

For Those 21 and Older

If you’re 21 or older, congratulations, you’ve met California’s requirement for ordering weed online. Yup, it really is that simple. There are some more steps you’ll have to follow, but Mama has that covered a little later down below.

For Those Under 21

If you’re under 21 and want to order weed online, your best option is to wait…roughly however many years between now and your 21st birthday. The ONE potential exception is if you’re 18 or older and have a valid medical cannabis card, but most recreational dispensaries still won’t sell or deliver to anyone under 21 due to recreational dispensary rules. That means that while you can get weed from a medical dispensary, you’re delivery options are likely limited. 

Do I Have to Live in California?

Nope. You just have to currently be in California. Anyone with a valid I.D. (including passports, if you’re international), can order. In fact, you can even order to a hotel if you’re just visiting for a bit. 

Side note: if you are staying in a hotel, be sure to follow their smoking rules. Mama might technically be an animal, but it doesn’t mean you always have to act like one. There’s a time and place for everything!

Mama’s Online Order Checklist

Mama likes staying home (you can’t imagine how hard it is being a gorilla in public these days). Because of that, Mama knows a thing or two about what you need to have ready when it comes to ordering weed. Here’s a little checklist of things you’ll usually need to be ready with so you can stay away from the unknown that is going into public on any given day, and have some sweet sweet bud brought straight to your door.

  • Have your I.D. ready. Most places will not only require you to upload your I.D. before placing your order, but you must also show the delivery person your I.D. when they get to your door. That means, 1. Yes, you have to be home and interact with one person, and 2. Whoever orders the weed must be the one to accept the delivery. Thems the rules.
  • Have some cold hard cash ready. Mama knows paper money covered in the germs of every man to not wash his hands after wiping his ass is not the ideal way to pay anymore, but sometimes it’s still required. You’ll obviously have to pay attention depending on where you’re ordering from but be prepared to have some dolla dolla bills ready.
  • Known the local limits. If you’re aiming to go full-on online cannabis catering last minute, just know you might run into some barriers. Per California law, the most weed you can purchase in a day is 28.3 grams of flower (1 ounce) or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Want to know how high you can get on that supply? Mama’s guide to weed measurements has you covered.

What Can I Order? 

When it comes to what you can order when it comes to weed, it’s Willy Wonka’s freakin chocolate factory (minus all the OSHA violations and creepy dudes singing bangers when children almost die). As long as you’re within the legal limits of what you can order (trust us, it’s enough to get you where you want to go), you can order pretty much anything. 

That includes:

And the list goes on.

Ways to Order

This part can seem overwhelming, but Mama promises it’s all copacetic. When it comes to ordering weed online in California, there’s straight-up a near-infinite number of options. Who doesn’t love choices? That being said, there are certain things you’ll want to look for when ordering. 

The UberEats Method

If you want weed, and you want it now, you’re most likely going to want to find a trusted third-party online weed delivery service. Think of it like the UberEats or Postmates of weed. You find a place that has what you’re looking for, you order it, and somebody hopefully shows up in an acceptable amount of time with the right stuff. Your options will differ depending on where in California you are, so just make sure wherever you’re ordering from is reliable and legit.

The Direct From Source Method

If you’re after a specific product that’s unavailable near you, and you just gotta have it, you’re best bet is to see if the company you want does deliveries. Yes, Tough Mama does deliver, because the people need what the people need. For this, you’ll go straight to the website and order whatever you’re looking for from there. And not to be one-upped by Amazon Prime delivery, Tough Mama makes sure your order will show up at your door the next day. Fear not, you want it, you got it!

The Direct from Dispensary Method

Another way to order is a bit of a hybrid between the two we just covered. Some dispensaries manage their own deliveries, so you can even check to see if you can order straight from a dispensary near you. If you know your favorite dispensary has your favorite stuff, might as well go straight through them!

This can also help with finding and ordering the products you want for same-day delivery. If, for example, you know you want some Tough Mama products, you can find a “Where to Buy” page on the website, which will help you find a dispensary near you that has what you want. Then you just make sure they deliver, and bam, it’s like Mama is there holding you in her warm, furry arms that very same day.

Weed Subscriptions 

Mama gets her fruits and veggies delivered every week, and low and behold, you can now do that with weed. What a time to be alive. If you’ve ever done a subscription box service before, you’ll know exactly what Mama’s talking about. For those that haven’t fully succumbed to every modern-day luxury (yet), subscription boxes can come in a couple of different ways. Since we’re talking online weed delivery, the boxes you can expect will usually be one of two options:

  1. Mystery Box. Based on some personal preferences you give, a box full of mystery goodies will be delivered to you on a recurring basis, depending on how often you want a box to show up (usually weekly or bi-monthly).
  2. Self-Curated Box. If mystery isn’t your thing, there are also subscription services that have a semi-consistent rotation of products that you can choose from for each delivery. This way you can always get your favorites, but also get adventurous whenever you feel like it.

The future is now, and that means the best weed, straight to your door, whenever you want it. Mama knows there are lots of good options, but just know Mama is always here to treat you right. So, feel free to order anything that catches your eye straight from the website, or check out the Where to Buy page to see who is stocked up on Tough Mama near you!

What to Expect at a Weed Festival

Published on April 11, 2023

man at cannabis festival guide

by Dan Ketchum

Like your favorite leaf itself, weed festivals come in all kinds of strains. From freewheeling street celebrations to ganja-flavored concerts, some cannabis festivals are a little more of a laid-back indicia, others are a euphoric sativa all the way. And like most of the canna-community, they’re usually pretty welcoming affairs – you don’t need a certification or anything to attend, but a little bit of prep to suit each event’s unique vibe can only help you enjoy yourself. 

Cannabis Festivals: Variety Is the Weed of Life

Look, even outside of Weed World, people play pretty fast and loose with what a festival is. You got 80K people in a desert tripping to Infected Mushroom at Burning Man, and you got seven people eating free Dunkin’ at your local dealership’s summer Toyota Fest. Both are festivals. Technically.

In an industry not really well known for throwing rulebooks around, you can bet your ass that “what’s a cannabis festival?” is a question with a super broad answer. Most of the time, you can expect a large, open-air event with a casual (festive even) atmosphere, crowds numbering in the hundreds or thousands, and lots of weed-themed or weed-adjacent attractions to check out. This often includes live music with 420-friendly acts at the center, vendor booths advertising or (where it’s legal) selling cannabis products, local crafts and food, and lots of paraphernalia for sale.

Prep Your Kit

No matter the fest, you’re gonna need a care kit before you hit any flavor of weed festival. Nnot to sound like your mom, but being better prepared can only lead to a better time, so make sure you check each fest’s official recs and guidelines before heading out.

For Festive (Outdoor) Festivals

Prepping for a banger of a cannabis festival, whether it’s a day of walking around or a weekend of desert camping, is a lot like prepping for a mini version of Bonnaroo or Coachella. Keep this stuff in mind before you partake under the sun:

  • Check the forecast. Bring a layer if it’s gonna get chilly, don’t dress to sweat if it ain’t. And lather on that sunscreen, maybe even paired with a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Pack light. Go for stuff secured to your body, like a fanny pack or crossbody bag. You’re gonna be under the elements and in groups, so you wanna be comfy and safe. Opt for a backpack if you’re camping out.
  • BYOB. At most festivals, you are A-OK to bring your own bud (though not booze), so you won’t need to worry about sneaking it into the venue in your underwear or buying some off of some random guy on the cheap once you’re in.
  • Hydrate. Instead of investing in an $8 Aquafina, bring your own generously sized, refillable bottle for the event. Water also pairs really well with getting high.
  • Snack well. Put some easy-traveling snacks in that lil bag of yours, like granola, nuts, jerky, or protein bars. Festival food can get expensive, and you’ll need the energy.
  • Bring some body wipes. Just trust us on this one.
  • Stash cash (safely) in your bag. Some vendors still haven’t gotten with the whole “2023” thing.
  • Mind your footwear. Even if you wanna dress like a neon glowstick space fairy or whatever, choose comfort here. You need kicks that are good for a lot of walking, and also for a lot of standing if there’s a stage show involved.
  • Check in on current Covid health guidelines, as regions and events vary. 

Different Fests, Different Vibes

Different cannabis festivals shoot for all kinds of different aims, and that means different vibes, different expectations, and different prep, too. Here’s what you generally expect at some of our favorite weed festivals in California, for a start: 

Green Street Festival (Los Angeles)

This springtime weed festival joins together music, the best local restaurants and cannabis brands big and small. It’s an outdoor-indoor (at the Green Street Building) cannabis festival with everything from DJ sets to keynotes – not too much of a concert, not too much of a trade show. Expect about 7,000 attendees, withindustry awards at the center. Oh, and any time you’re at a weed festival in Cali, keep an eye out for a certain 6-foot-tall gorilla handing out free swag (we hear she’s kind of a Tough Mama).

420 Hippie Hill (San Francisco)

Every April 20th around the meadows of the Golden Gate Park, you can expect about 20,000 stoners to gather at the biggest free cannabis festival in the country. Despite the size and 21-and-over rule, this is a no-camping, no-alcohol, no-pets deal. It’s all about the music, special guests, and ganja – which was officially legally for sale for the first time at the fest in 2022 – and wraps up at night. 

Grass Lands at Outside Lands (San Francisco)

Another Golden Gate Park fest, the late-summer Outside Lands attracts hundreds of thousands of guests to see musical artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar to The 1975 to Lil Yachty and beyond. The three days also packs booze, food, and shopping, all while playing host to Grass Lands, one of the biggest cannabis festivals in the country. The Grass Lands area now offers plenty of legal vendors (so there’s no need to sneak your weed into this festival!) and partners on-site and is fully accommodating of getting real high in designated, zaza compliant areas.

The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball (Santa Rosa)

It’s pretty common for cannabis festivals to have an awards component, but at the Emerald Cup, the awards are the star of the show. For two decades, the spring EC has doled out accolades for everything from best flower to best dispensary and way beyond. Before the awards, though, the idyllic hills of the Emerald Triangle host the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball, a community-focused farm party to kick things off. Across its two days, you’ll find a vast marketplace, numerous concert stages, enlightening speaker panels, exclusive VIP rooms, cannabis consumption areas, lots of food, and even some hands-on agricultural workshops.  

No matter which weed festival you choose to partake in, here’s the most important thing to expect: expect to have a good time. That’s what weed and weed culture is all about. A little bit of healthy prep can make things smoother, but don’t stress too much. They’ve got food over there, they’ve got bathrooms, they’ve got water – so trust us, you’re not gonna die before you get high. Soak it up, enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes, and throw some Mini Mofoz in the bag for easy travel.

Tough Mama’s 8 Best Things to Do on 420

Published on April 4, 2023

things to do on 420

by Cyrus Grant

If you’re reading this, it probably means the best day of the year is soon approaching. No, not “eat ice cream for breakfast day” (February 4th, if you’re curious) — we’re talking about April 20th aka 420. (Duh.)

Let’s be honest, everyone could use an extra holiday, and that goes double for a holiday centered around the world’s best plant. We’re ready to get festive, so here’s Tough Mama’s guide on the best things to do on 420!

1. Get Your Prep On  

The first thing you should be doing for 420 is making sure your stash of goods is filled up and ready to go. Mama recommends prepping before the big day ahead of time, but you can go the day of and enjoy the celebrations (and potential deals) held at dispensaries near you if that’s what sings to you. 

Alternatively, if you aren’t into waiting in lines that make you feel like you’re at splash mountain, Tough Mama delivers straight to your door, so you can still get the best weed without the headache. And let’s be honest, the less driving you have to do, the better.

If you’re doing a full day of celebrating, go wild and give yourself a nice spread of weed options. Get some joints and blunts, clean your favorite bong, grab an edible, and if you’re feeling extra festive, go for a THC shot (just a cap-full will do unless you’re going for a one and really really really done situation). 

2. Get a Munchies Spread Goin’

Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation or when you’re celebrating. Them’s the rules. So, this 420, make sure you have your kitchen all stocked up to get the ideal munchies spread ready to go for the big day. And because Mama loves you, she already has a list of all the best munchies you’ll need, and Mama suggests you check that out here. Definitely take a peek at the “next-level munchies” at the end of that list too, the pop-tart ice cream sandwich goes hard. 

3. 420 Movie Marathon

Getting high and doing a movie marathon turns Mama into Roger Ebert…except Mama usually loves the movie and the only thing critical about her is her need for some snacks. We digress

Something about weed and cinema just goes together, which makes it an ideal activity for 420. To make things easy for you, we even have Mama’s 12 best movies to watch while high, so you don’t have to spend an hour scrolling through Netflix before accidentally landing on an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

4. Connect With the Great Outdoors 

Nature gave us weed, and sometimes we need to take a moment to really appreciate that. If you’re looking to connect with Mother Earth on 420, get high and go on a hike, a walk, or just find a nice bench with a view. Maybe even do a bit of stoned yoga on a patch of grass. The world is your oyster, really.

If getting high and getting a bit more active is your vibe, you can also go for a 420 surf sesh or even hit the skatepark. Heck, if the snow has been heavy you might even be able to catch a late April day up in the mountains on your snowboard.

5. Feed Your Creativity 

The right type of weed and you’ll be feeling like Picasso. Okay maybe not quite, but goddamnit if anyone will stop us from laying down the best fingerpainting of our lives every time we’re high and feeling artsy. 

If getting creative is high on your list of high activities for 420, consider doing some of the following.

  • Get your graffiti on (Mama doesn’t condone breaking the law — usually. So, find a place like the Venice Beach graffiti walls to go do some tagging).
  • Land that new skate trick.
  • Do some freestyling (here’s Tough Mama’s Burn Slow instrumental, so you have a worthy beat). 
  • Heck, even some poetry

And just to get you in the mood, here’s the best 420 poem we could find on the internet. 

‘Twas the night before 4/ 20, when all through society 

Not a pothead was stirring, no reason for anxiety;

The kush was all ground, and rolled with such care,

For others may come, and I must be prepared;

The stoners asleep all comfy on the couch,

No cause for alarm, they probably passed out;

And Mary with her kief box, and I with some papers,

Giggling like school children, inhaling THC vapors.

When from not far away there arose sound of bubbles

I stumbled from bed to see what caused the trouble,

Away in the shed I glimpsed smoke-filled light,

As if Cheech and Chong had been toking all night

I put my bong down, as worry turned to dismay

And I wondered if my glazed eyes had led me astray,

When, what to my curious nose should arrive

But, a scent o’ so potent, which words can’t describe,

With a haze through the garden, so skunky and thick

That I heard my nose, pleading, “please, don’t be a trick!”

More fragrant than juicy fruit, its odor did proclaim,

I had to appeal for a hit of that strain;

“Hey toker! And, smoker! And Bill and Ted!

And bumout! And, hippie! And stoner and pothead!

To the beanbag in the den! To the hotbox down the hall!

Let’s toke up! Toke up! Toke up one and all!’” 

by Jay Selthofner

6. 420 Game Night

If you’re planning on doing a big 420 celebration with friends, a game night might be in order. We’re not talking about ruining everybody’s high with Monopoly, we’re talking about some straight-up weed games. Check out Mama’s suggested weed party games here

Alternatively, if you have the smoking part already locked down, some classic board games can still be a solid option (again, not Monopoly — getting kicked out of your friend group on 420 is a vibe killer, trust us). We also stan a stoned Mario Kart tournament!

7. Grab Tickets to a Weed Festival/Concert

As more states legalize weed, more weed-themed festivals and events are popping up. California, for example, has a constant stream of weed concerts and events, and there’s no time like 420 to get some tickets locked in to see your favorite band or explore new strains. While you certainly can find festivals on 420, there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting your next weed-focused event on your calendar. Keep the party going, ya know.

8. Kick Back With Some Buds

Sometimes doing less is doing more, which means hanging with some friends and getting high together can be the perfect 420 plan. Whether you’re hosting or attending a 420 kickback, make sure you bring some weed, preferably enough to share. It’s a holiday after all! (And we have a handy dandy guide to throwing a great 420 party…you’re welcome)

Honestly, you can do anything you feel like on 420, just as long as you have some good weed and some good vibes. And if you need more ideas, we’ve got another blog post filled with even more dumb (fun) shit to do while high

As always, Tough Mama has you covered when it comes to the good (great) weed, and we trust that it also helps bring out the good vibes. 

Happy 420 to all!

20 4/20 Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Day of the Year

Published on April 4, 2023

Party Ideas Clock Radio

by Nick Marshall

We never need an excuse to get stoned, but there’s something extra special about lighting up on our favorite day of the year: 4/20

4/20 is not the time for your usual wake-and-bake or lighting-up routine. Nah — it is time to let loose and let your stoner freak flag fly! So instead of inviting the gang over to just chill, why not throw a 420 party?

Here are 20 great 420 party ideas for letting loose, kicking back, tearing it up, and getting your groove on, Tough Mama style.

1. Welcome Pre-rolls

Get the party started and set the mood by giving guests one of our award-winning cannabis-infused pre-rolls, (a breakout star of the 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup). Set the bar high from the start with a No BS blunt. Choose from Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. You’re welcome!

2. Ice-Breaker Games

Once things get going and the bong water starts flowing, tap into the creative juices with some hands-on games. Giant Jenga to focus the mind, dominoes to go with a traditional Caribbean-style smoke out, Twister to take care of the introductions, or a quick Texas Hold ‘Em tourney to show everyone’s poker face.

Grandma’s Boy 20th Century Fox

3. Video Games

It’s no secret that the console and pre-roll were made for each other. Set up a soft area with a few controllers so that guests can indulge in some performance-enhanced gaming, fueled with a round or two of our Yolo Shotz perhaps? Dust off your N64, load up  Mario Cart, and put a fresh (and legal!) spin on drinking and driving

4. Lights!

Drop the house lights and set the mood with some soft, colorful LED lights, psychedelic swirls or a kaleidoscope projector. These got your (grand)parents through the sixties, and they will work just fine for 4/20 in 2022. 


5. Camera!

But first… let me take a selfie. Set up a photo booth or pass around a disposable camera and encourage guests to have fun shooting each other. Kind of. You get the picture. Long story short, if a 420 party happens without pictures, did it really happen? Perhaps that’s one to discuss around the bong table. 

6. Inaction!

When that Indica hits, guests will want somewhere soft and comfortable to relax. Set up a chill zone with subdued lighting, a trance playlist, some bean bags, inflatable couches, and blankets for stretching out and soaring.


7. Novelty Bongs and Pipes

Guests will probably bring their own bubblers, vape pens, and dab rigs but they’ll be leaving their go-to water pipe at home. (Though it is always a good idea to have pre-rolls and extra carts on hand if anyone runs low.) Here’s your chance to treat yourself to some fancy-ass glassware that smokes like a dream and demands attention on the table.  

8. 420 Decorations

You can’t overdo it on the weed napkins and tablecloths. Or, you could strike a more authentic look with some rasta colors, psychedelic splashes, and decorations that evoke the Golden Years of cannabis, from lava lamps to tie-dye.


9. Weed Olympics

Even stoners have a competitive streak. Unlock it with a quick weed olympiad to reveal the cannabis MVP. 

A few events you and your guests could participate in are… 

  • Speed joint-rolling. Line up the flower, the rolling papers, and see who’s got the fastest fingers. 
  • Toke obstacle course. Set up pillows, cones, books, chairs, or whatever you have to form an obstacle course. Then, add in a few well-placed joints, bongs, or liquid THC shots. The fastest contestant to take a toke (or a sip) of each and make it through the course wins.
  • Freestyle herb grinding. This is probably best played with the flower that’s been sitting around at the back of your stash for way too long. Get out your bud and a mix of unconventional tools to use as grinders. The person who gets the best-looking grind, wins!  
  • Weed pong. Think beer pong, but with weed. Don’t overcomplicate it!
  • Ring blowing. Show off those smoke tricks to a panel of judges!

10. Munchie Buffet

Newsflash: people are going to get hungry. When the munchies strike, have a buffet bar with some sugary and salty chips, dips, and appetizers ready, as well as some healthy options to slow down the cannabis absorption, like fresh fruit, nuts, and celery or carrot sticks. 

11. Weed Edibles

Unless you’re the mischievous kind, make sure that it’s clear where the everyday snacks end and the edibles begin. Put your weed cookies, muffins, and brownies on a separate table unless you want your living room to look like a scene from The Walking Dead come the early hours. 


12. Balloons

You’re never too old to enjoy a balloon, especially if you’re flying high. But we’re not talking half measures here. Fill a small room in your house with big, bouncy balloons, cover the floor with something soft and let guests lie back and bounce. Giggles and gurgling guaranteed!

13. Music

Party hits? Not today. Your 420 session calls for a dedicated stoner playlist, heavy on dub reggae, trap, G-funk, and as many 20-minute-long Afrobeat tracks as you can handle. Hear each note as nature intended. 

14. Pit Stop

Everyone hates cleaning their bong, right? Wrong! They just don’t like doing it alone. Set up a communal cleaning station so that guests can put the sparkle back in their bong, share some tips, and bond over some isopropyl alcohol, rock salt, and soapy water.


15. Pipe Band

A little weed did wonders for The Grateful Dead and the odd rapper or two. It can work for you also. Set up a drumming circle spanning some big, bassy bongos and smaller percussion (triangle, maracas, etc.) and let the spontaneity of the moment take center stage.


16. Wall of Fame

Unleash the creativity a good Sativa offers with some smoke-inspired strokes on your own 420 mural. But before you collectively tag your favorite wall, let’s cover it first with rolls of paper. Blaze up a blunt, pop the cans and let the graffiti begin.

17. Safe Haven

Even the best of us can sometimes get the jitters or paranoia, especially when people are passing around unfamiliar blends. Have what they need to calm down on standby. CBD is great for softening the effects of THC, and many people also swear by black pepper or lemon. Make sure there’s plenty of water too. (Have a guest that’s too high? Check out Tough Mama’s guide to greening out to learn how to deal.)

18. Self-service Bar

Alcohol and cannabis don’t make a great combination, but you can still celebrate Happy Hour with a bar stocked with fresh juices for mocktails, THC-infused shots, seltzers. and sodas. Have a few, because things will get busy when the cotton mouth strikes.

Kingpin Mag

19. Natural High

So far, we’re assuming that this 420 “highdown” is at home. It doesn’t have to be. Take it on the road, to the park, or to the beach with a 420 surf or skate session. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the smoke in your mouth. 

20. Party Pack

Last impressions matter. Send your guests home with a party pack of papers, pre-rolled cones, chewing gum, and snack bars. There’s no birthday cake, but who needs it if you drop in an edible brownie too?
Ready to get this party started? Get your pre-rolls, vape carts, and THC Shotz right here. Come to Mama.

Ask Mama: What’s the Best Way to Store Weed?

Published on March 28, 2023

cannabis storage

Some things are just better fresh. Fresh peaches, fresh McDonald’s fries, fresh Jordans, fresh air, Bankroll Fresh, fresh-cut grass, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. OK, now stop thinking about how weird the word “fresh” sounds when you say it over and over (Mama’s gonna keep saying it, that’s the whole article), and start thinking about minty fresh, sticky fresh, extra fresh weed. 

Everybody loves fresh dagga like Mama loves her favorite canna-babies (that’s you). You want your weed to keep? Cannabis storage is your ticket to Goldilocks zaza— the stuff that’s not too dry, not too damp, but juuuuuuuust right. 

Why Weed Is Best Served Fresh

So why the heck does fresh weed — and the cannabis storage that keeps it that way — even matter? Ain’t that shit already dried and cured when you buy it? Hush child, no one likes a smartass. 

Terpenes and flavonoids, the science magic that imbues all sorts of different strains with their signature flavors and aromas, are sensitive, just like you were when you were 13. When your flower is exposed to an excess of UV rays (i.e. the sun) or gets too dry, those elements degrade, and that means less aromatic, less flavorful weed. That sad, dry-assed cheeba also makes for a much harsher smoke.    

On the flip side, if weed gets too moist, it can be a pain in the ass to grind and to light up. Even worse, wet weed (ewwww, bro) attracts nasty bacteria, mold, and pathogens. Mama does not need to tell you how bad that is. Inhaling toxins is not good, kids.

You know what else degrades without good n’ proper cannabis storage? Cannabinoids like T-H-m-f’n-C, which can lose their potency when exposed to light and oxygen over time. That’s right: you practice bad cannabis storage habits, you get less high. Mama knows you’d never want to lose a single bit of her Big Block indica blunt’s 37.42 percent THC content, right?  

Best Cannabis Storage Methods

If you don’t want to be known as Dry Weed McDipshit, you gotta keep cannabis storage in mind. Here’s how to store weed so it stays stupid fresh, extra sticky, and space-out potent. And that makes Mama proud.

That Good Good Glass

Glass containers are one of the best storage options for your grass, cuz they’re au naturale, affordable, good looking, readily available in a wide range of styles, and won’t transfer any weirdo flavors to your bud. Oh, and they keep your shit fresh, too. Obvs.   

But they do come with some small-ish caveats. If you want to make sure your glass container keeps light exposure down to a minimum, you need to go for the UV-protected stuff. So no clear glass, unless it’s specifically labeled as UV-blocking. And it’s gotta be airtight, so look for lids that screw on, seal, or clasp. That shouldn’t be hard. 

The Pro-Level Humidor

Look out, it’s time to get real f**kin’ fancy in here. A cannabis humidor — you gotta get one especially for cannabis, as weed has different humidity needs than tobacco — is a swanky-looking, airtight box that automatically regulates moisture, typically by way of an internal sponge that keeps humidity levels around 58% to 62%. 

If you’ve got many leather-bound books and your apartment smells of rich mahogany, a weed humidor might just be for you. These are pricey, usually about $100 to $400, but they’re usually S-tier cannabis storage methods.

Bougie and Boutique

Kind of a broad category, but here in the weed renaissance we’re living in, lots of ganja brands offer handy containers made especially for cannabis storage. For the most part, these’ll be airtight, UV-blocking kits free of any nasty chemicals that might leech into your weed or affect its flavor profile (I mean don’t take it for granted, do your research and don’t trust, like, a thing). 

Boutique storage options are typically cheaper than humidors, and while they don’t regulate humidity, they might include neat features like modularity, color-coded storage, joint cases, easy-clean surfaces, and handy magnetic clasps.  Also, lots of ‘em look pretty sick. 

Pretty, Pretty Good

An old-school wooden stash box isn’t the worst option, either, as long as the wood isn’t so aromatic that it influences the flavor of said stash. That means no cedar for you, keep that stuff in your body wash. Maple, cherry, mahogany, and oak should be fine, though. Wood looks classy, keeps the light and a good deal of heat out, and is easy to come by, but doesn’t do much for humidity or air exposure.

In the “okay in a pinch” category, we’ve got the cheapest, least cool of them all: a paper bag. Don’t rely on this for long-term storage, but keeping your flower in a brown bag (or even parchment paper if you’re some kinda pastry chef) for a bit is still better than keeping it in a plastic baggie, in terms of light exposure, lack of chemicals and flavor leeching. It ain’t impressive, but at least it’s recyclable.   

How to Store Weed (Like a Dumbass)  

Turns out the grass ain’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes the grass is drier, harsher, weaker, and shittier. That’s because some cannabis storage habits are a lot more wheezy than steezy. You know Mama doesn’t like to get too negative or judgy, but just keep these don’ts in mind, yeah?

  • Don’t stick your bud in the fridge or freezer, unless damp, moldy weed is your thing.
  • Steer clear of plastic and silicone containers, which can leech trichomes out of your chronic, make your blunts taste like styrofoam, and even ~infuse~ your bud with trace toxins.
  • Metal containers aren’t quite as bad, but they can leave your hash tasting like old pennies. And, no, that’s not a strain.

How to Store Weed (Like a Canna-sseur)  

We ain’t done yet. Alongside smart cannabis storage containers, there are a few more things you can do to make sure your weed is garden-fresh. You don’t need to do all of them at once — legit studies show that cannabis stored in the dark at room temp only shows a THC degradation of about 13% over 100 days — but these next-level pro tips will make you the Pharaoh of Fresh.  

  • Make it mild. Optimal jolly green storage temps range between 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but the ideal to shoot for is 70 degrees.
  • Embrace the darkness. Like Mama said, UV rays are no bueno for weed if you want to keep your cannabinoids intact.
  • Keep it tight. Same goes for oxygen exposure. If you want those terpenes and cannabinoids poppin’ off, then you want airtight cannabis storage.
  • Only grind what you need, when you need it. Otherwise, you’re breaking off trichomes and speeding up dryness and degradation. 
  • Similar thing: buy what you need to smoke when you wanna smoke — it takes a while, but time is ultimately the enemy of freshness (duh).
  • Toss in a humidity pack. Made especially for cannabis, these keep humidity optimal to stave off degradation. You don’t need one if you have a fancy humidor, obviously.
  • For vape carts and concentrates, stick to the cool and dry rules of thumb. For edibles, follow the rules of the food — they need to be stored just like the food products they are, and will usually have specific storage instructions on the label.

One way to stay fresher than 1993 season four-era Will Smith? Start with Tough Mama’s own flower. Guaranteed fresh, guaranteed punchy, guaranteed to get you high AF.

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