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Ask Mama: Should I Take a T Break?

Published on January 31, 2023

t break guide

OK, kids, time for a T Break, so let’s get that Earl Grey, nosh those crumpets, and stick your lil’ pinkies way up in the air — I know you’re high, but have some class now! Hold up. Mama’s being told that that’s tea time, a T break is the weed tolerance thing. Reset, start over, Mama got confused. It happens.😖😅  

Aaaaannnywaaaaay, a T break is a tolerance break. It’s a thing you can do where you take a break from getting high to basically reset your weed tolerance so that you can have better, stronger, more enjoyable highs, like you did when you first fell in love with Mama’s favorite leaf as a sweet summer child. Will it work, and how do you do it? As always, Mama’s here to help you get it right.

Lemme just put these tea bags up real quick.

What Is a T Break?

Just like people evolved from monkeys like Mama into smooth humans like you (a debatable upgrade), people adapt, and as they adapt their bodies sometimes change. 

To get sciency for a sec, cannabis interacts with our body’s built-in CB1 receptors, which send signals to your brain to generate all those wonderful effects, like chillness, inspiration, and, uh, highness. But long-term regular smoking can actually reduce the effectiveness and intensity of your CB1 response (don’t take Mama’s word for it; neuropharmacology researchers confirmed this 🧠). 

That’s the big-brain way to say it, but the street smarts are pretty much right on. When you use a thing a bunch, your body just gets used to it. And that means it becomes less effective with repeated use. 

If you’re already into the mega-powerful stuff Tough Mama’s got in stock — like indica cone blunts with 37.42% THC — you might be exactly the type of hardcore stoner whose body has gotten so used to cannabis that it just doesn’t hit the way it used to. That’s where the T break comes in.  

Why You Might Wanna Consider It 🤔

A T break, as that big ol’ ‘T’ implies, is all about weed tolerance. Not like emotional tolerance for weed, Mama knows we all more than tolerate weed around here, we love the zaza for life. We’re talking about physical weed tolerance. 😶‍🌫️

That thing about CB1 receptors? It doesn’t have to be permanent. When you use more weed, your body makes more CB1 regulators; the more regulators you have, the more potent and bountiful you need your weed to be to feel the same sorts of effects you used to. So you want to return the density of those regulators back to a normal, pre-mega-stoner level. To do that, various studies and medical sources have figured out that a multi-week T break might just be your best bet (but it’s not your only option).

When you bring that weed tolerance back down with a T break, you can elevate your high on the other side of it. With a little reset, you’ll get a more powerful high by smoking less weed. And that’s good for your brain as well as your wallet. 

How To Do It Right

How long should a tolerance break be from weed? As a casual stoner, your CB1 receptors and regulators can return to what’s called a “cannabis-naive” (awwwwww, that sounds so cute💕) state after only two days of abstaining from weed. If you’re a daily or daily-ish user, a cold turkey tolerance break of two to four weeks will likely have the most impact. 

This has become such a common format for taking a T break that smarty pants sources ranging from the University of Vermont to Goucher College have adopted and shared a popular 21-day format as a general guide for resetting your weed tolerance and getting you through the hard parts. And don’t let that last part slide — opting for the 21-day T break will be tough if you’re a lifestyle stoner. That’s why these plans emphasize specific focuses on emotional and physical health alike. Don’t sleep on that. 

The 21-Day T Break 

  • 🤝The Prep: Pick a date and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate, set the date for soon-ish, and don’t start binging right before. Stash your goods and all of your accessories before you start. If you can organize a group T break with your besties, all the better.
  • 💪🏋️‍♀️Week 1 — Focus on the Physical: This one’s gonna be the toughest (tougher than Mama, maybe) so you wanna emphasize concrete, physical activities that you have the most control over. Get more sleep, keep yourself real busy, exercise like mad, eat healthy, sustaining food, and embrace routines as much as possible. 
  • 🤗Week 2 — Let’s Get Emotional: Now that you’ve got a good physical routine in your (weedless) body, it’s time to put the focus inward. Start week two with a celebration of your choice (not weed, c’mon), because you’ve earned it. From that healthy place, take time to recognize and process how you’re feeling each day — it might be irritable, it might be anxious, or lonely, or just tired. Journal it, talk about it with your partner or therapist, turn it over and consider it in detail instead of stuffing it down. On the final day of the week, choose another celebration and treat yourself like a champ.  
  • 🧘Week 3 — It’s a Spiritual Experience, Man: As a regular toker, you know weed can be straight-up spiritual, and your T break’s gonna affect that. In this final stretch, focus on spiritual connection — connect inward with meditation, connect upward by rediscovering or emphasizing the philosophical, spiritual, or religious systems you live by, and connect downward by connecting with the people who keep you the most grounded. Take a day this week to escape into a place that feeds your soul, like a beautiful hike. 
  • 🦍 Day 21: Celebrate like a motherf**ker.     

You Got This

While the 21-day T break chart is such a common method that Google’s gonna autocomplete your “T break” search with “chart” at the end, trust Mama when she says it’s not the only way. Cold turkey is def effective, but you can also boost your tolerance to varying degrees with less intense methods like these. You do you. 

  • Reduced usage: Bring twice a day down to once a day. Once a day down to three times a week, and so on. Easy peasy. 
  • Microdosing: Try edible doses of about 2 to 5 mg to maintain a micro-high rather than hitting a monster blunt.
  • Try CBD, or substitute CBD for THC just sometimes. Get the body high without the head high, you might just like it.
  • Switch it up: You a smoker? Switch to edibles or sips of a weed beverage. You get the idea — there’s a ton of ways to get high nowadays, so why not take advantage of the variety?   

Oh, and when you’re ready to get back in the saddle, do that the right way with Mama’s punchy, live resin-infused, terpene-packed pre-rolls, and other stoner-approved products – you know Mama’s got her babies covered when it’s time to take your high even higher. ✨🍃✨

Tough Mama’s 8 Best Slopes for Snowboarding in California

Published on January 25, 2023

best places for snowboarding in california

by Cyrus Grant

Winter brings all kinds of cool things — the holidays, hot chocolate, and best of all, some fresh powder to shred up in the mountains. It’s no secret, snowboarders love fresh snow and some loud weed. And since you already know Mama only brings the good shit, we figured we’d hook you up with Tough Mama’s favorite places to strap in and get your snowboard on in California.

Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe (formerly known as Squaw Valley)

Once upon a time this resort was home to the 1960 Winter Olympic Games. While we ain’t in the 60s anymore, the winter magic is still alive and well at Palisades Tahoe (known to many as Squaw Valley, they changed the name in 2020 due to the word “squaw” being derogatory). Considered one of the premier resorts in North America, Palisades offers everything your little snowboarding heart desires.

Between the two mountains that make up Palisades Tahoe, this ski resort features 6,000 acres of explorable terrain, including 34 lifts and over 270 trails. It also has 6 different parks for those who want to get out and hit some features. 

For more info check out the website.


Big Bear Mountain Resort

One of the best and most popular places for snowboarders in Southern California, Big Bear is the play if you’re looking to do some snowboarding in the morning and get back in time to hit some waves in the afternoon.

With some of the best terrain parks in North America, Big Bear resort has over 140 park features between its two mountains. Whether you’re into boxes, jumps, rails, or pipes (of the snow variety), Big Bear has you covered. 

For more info check out the website.

Ski California

Northstar California

Have you ever imagined getting high and snowboarding on an extinct volcano? Well, if you answered yes (and of course you answered yes, who wouldn’t want to do that?), then Northstar California is the location for you.

Located near North Lake Tahoe, Northstar has 100 trails and 8 terrain parks that make it a world-renowned snowboard resort. 

For more info check out the website.

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Lake Tahoe

While Heavenly might not boast the world-class terrain parks or runs that some of the other Tahoe area resorts have, it does compete when it comes to having absolute top-tier vibes. The resort is one of the biggest you’ll find in California, and is so big in fact, it’s actually located in both California and Nevada. 

Heavenly is home to 28 lifts, 97 trails, 4800 skiable acres, and no shortage of restaurants, bars, shops, and even casinos (on the Nevada side, of course). Getting high and getting a heavenly day on the slopes is well within reach, plus much much more at this resort.

For more info check out the website.

Los Angeles Times

Mt. Baldy Resort

If you’re located in Southern California (especially LA) and just want a quick trip to get your snowboarding fix, Mt. Baldy Resort is your best bet.  While it features mostly advanced runs, there’s enough going on for any level rider to go out and have fun. 

Although there are only 26 trails and 4 lifts, Mt. Baldy Resort still offers plenty in its diverse range of slopes and ridable terrain.

For more info check out the website.

Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Founded in 1939, Sugar Bowl gets to claim its status as one of the first ski resorts in the Tahoe area. It might not be the flashiest resort, but, with 4 different peaks and 103 trails, don’t sleep on the place. While there are only 2 terrain parks at the resort, one of them is dedicated to more novice snowboarders who are looking to get some practice in before hitting some of the bigger boxes, rails, rollers, jumps, etc. 

For more info check out the website.



Ahh, the old personal stomping grounds of this once-upon-a-time daily snowboarder. Boreal might not have the glitz and glam of some of the nearby resorts, but damn if it isn’t just dependable. Typically one of the first parks to open every year, Boreal has a little bit for everyone. While there are only 8 lifts, the whole resort funnels back to the same general location, meaning you can make your own personal runs if you’re in the mood to explore. And for the snowboarders that are just about park features, fear not, they have that too. Oh and a half-pipe.

Not to mention they are home to a Woodward bunker, which is essentially any action sport lovers dreamhouse. The bunker contains a full skatepark, giant trampolines, and even a foam pit to practice sending your biggest moves. The Woodward experience is something unique to Boreal, and definitely something to check out if you’re in the mood for a day of action sports beyond just snowboarding.

For more info check out the website.


Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth might be coming last on this list, but it should absolutely be towards the top of any snowboarder’s list of resorts. Located in Central California and way to the East, past Yosemite, Mammoth is a world-renowned ski resort, and home to everything a snow lover could ever desire. And if you’re a snowboarder that loves a good park, Mammoth consistently takes home Transworld Snowboarding’s best terrain park thanks to their Unbound Terrain Parks program that shows an unmatched dedication to progressing park snowboarding.  

With 25 lifts and 175 trails, Mammoth really is no joke when it comes to both quality and variety. Beyond just the impressive trails (from beginner to expert level runs), Mammoth also houses 7 parks and 2 halfpipes. If you’re serious about snowboarding and are trying to hit more features than bong rips, go to Mammoth.

For more info check out the website.

There you have it. Mama’s 8 best spots for snowboarding in California. And as you know, a day on the slopes is always better with some weed (true of most things tbh), and Tough Mama has you covered. 

Tough Mama’s Guide to Being 420-Friendly

Published on January 18, 2023


by Cyrus Grant

If you’re here, you’re probably “420-friendly.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that is, but there’s a meaning to the term that’s growing beyond some stoner slang. Mama wants to make sure everyone is hip to all things 420, so she jumped on her banana phone and told us to inform the people. 

Mama has never disappointed us, so as not to disappoint her, here’s your guide to “420-friendly.” 

What is 420?

In case you’ve been abducted by pot-smoking aliens that stole your memory, we’ll hit a quick refresher on the basics. 420 is the magic weed number because it stands for the date April 20th, which has been claimed by the wonderful weed-smoking people of the world as our pot-smoking holiday. Hooray!

The origin story of 420 is a bit hazy, but essentially some guys would get together to smoke at 4:20 pm every day. One of the guys ended up working with the Grateful Dead, who then started incorporating the term “420” for when it was time to smoke. Word got out that “420” was code for getting high, and now it’s a whole thing. That’s the spark notes at least.

Okay, So What is 420-Friendly?

The meaning of the term 420-friendly can vary slightly depending on who’s using it, but the general concept is that 420-friendly means having a positive attitude when it comes to pot. Who woulda guessed? But, before you go thinking that’s the end of the story, there’s actually more.

420-Friendly Businesses and Events

420-friendly has moved on from a general vibe, to a full-on semi-official label. (Dubbed official by Tough Mama herself. May her life be long and her weed be strong.) Businesses and events have begun using the term to basically say, “hey, it’s cool if you want to smoke weed here.” It’s a sign that you can consume freely without feeling like some judgy narks are gonna throw a fit about it. It’s also a good sign that the people attending said business or event will also be 420-friendly, which are the best kind of people.

If you do see an official use of “420-friendly,” make sure to still double-check the rules. While some places might be cool with weed, they also might limit it to vaping so as not to smoke up the joint. (Just to be safe you should keep some Tough Mama Vape Carts on deck. Can’t have some fire-department rules ruining your high plans.) 

420-Friendly People

So it’s obvious why businesses would make it clear they’re 420-friendly, but why are people labeling themselves? No, it isn’t some terrifying human-pickling scheme, it’s actually just a way to sift out the squares when creating profiles on different apps or social platforms. 

If weed is a big part of your life, seeing “420-friendly” on someone’s dating profile will be an immediate sign that you have something in common. Some people think roses are the flower of romance, we think it’s weed.

Where You’ll See the Term “420-Friendly” in Use

We already touched on this a bit, but be on the lookout for the term when searching around businesses or events/parties you might be headed to. There’s also the obvious dating or social profile, which should mark a pretty solid green flag. (Don’t ignore the red flags though…duck-lip selfies past 2008? Hard pass.)

Somewhere you might not expect to see the phrase, but could become increasingly relevant as the suits in DC ease up, is on apartment and hotel listings. While once again you should always be respectful when it comes to smoke rules, apartments, hotels, and AirBnBs that label themselves “420-friendly” are letting it be known that the beautiful aroma of cannabis is likely to be found on the premises. 

While it will probably be a while before apartments and hotels are posting “420-friendly” on the regular, also keep an eye out when looking for new roommates. Nothing worse than moving in with someone who “has asthma” and hates when you smoke or vape in the house (unless they legit have bad asthma, but they never do).

What Are the Current Most 420-Friendly Places?

While any state that has legalized marijuana is technically now 420-friendly, some places are obviously friendlier than others. Denver is a great example of a 420-friendly locale, with plenty of dispensaries and weed-themed events to be found throughout the year. Most of the Pacific states are also 420-friendly, with major cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more being the most inviting when it comes to really putting the term to use. 

One perfect example of 420-friendly is the fact that you can literally have weed delivered to your door by legit companies in the state of California. In fact, Tough Mama delivers. 

Final 420-Friendly Thoughts

As weed is becoming more and more normalized, you’ll start running into more “420-friendly” listings. Now that you know exactly what that means, keep an eye out when planning your next trip, looking for your next partner, or really just going about your everyday life.

And as always, it’s hard to truly be 420-friendly without some good-ass weed. Hit up Tough Mama so you’re never missing out! 

Tough Mama’s “What Kind of High Are You” Stoner Type Quiz

Published on January 11, 2023

what kind of high are you

by Cyrus Grant

Not all stoners are alike. While you’ve definitely seen some stoner stereotypes, have you ever wondered which category of stoner you fall under? Well, wonder no more, ‘cuz Tough Mama is bringing you the stoner sorting quiz, so you can know what kind of stoner you are once and for all.

Get your stoner cap on and answer these questions to see which stoner category you fall under. (Try and keep track of how many times you pick each letter — as in you picked “C.” 6 times, for example — as that’s how you’ll figure out your final results.)

1. Which of These is Your Preferred Method of Getting High?

2. It’s Saturday Night and Your Hanging With Some Friends, What’s the Move?

  • A. Hope someone has a little weed and see where the night takes us.
  • B. A large supply of cannabis, my favorite bong, and whoever’s house has the comfiest couch.
  • C. Definitely just want some high-quality weed and great conversation.
  • D. Let’s get crossfaded!

3. What Do You Look For When Buying Weed?

  • A. It’s green and smokable.
  • B. I want me some frosty nugs. 
  • C. Everyone knows it’s all about the terpenes.
  • D. Ummm, which one has the highest THC? 

4. How Often Do You Smoke? 

  • A. Mostly just when I’m with friends.
  • B. Yes.
  • C. It depends on how I’m feeling and what’s in my stash.
  • D. Sometimes often, sometimes not so often.

5. You Just Finished Smoking, What’s Next On the Agenda?

  • A. Maybe a concert or movie with some buds.
  • B. Uh, scrounge up some munchies and get the next bowl packed.
  • C. Enjoy whatever beverage and meal pairs well with the strain I smoked.
  • D. Party time, bitch.

6. How’s Your Stash Looking?

  • A. Are you talking about the mason jar in my closet?
  • B. Like a mini-dispensary in a drawer.
  • C. In climate-controlled storage away from direct light.
  • D. My friends usually have weed.

7. What Are You Watching When You’re High?

  • A. Binge-watching my favorite cartoon or anime.
  • B. Honestly anything will work.
  • C. Nature documentaries all the way.
  • D. I prefer listening to music.

8. What Time of Day Do You Usually Smoke?

  • A. Usually after work.
  • B. Trick question, time doesn’t exist. But, like, all the time.
  • C. Sativa earlier in the day, Indica later in the day.
  • D. Whenever someone hands me weed tbh.

9. How Do You Feel About This Meme?

Stoner Memes Brick Wall
  • A. I swear people are going to know.
  • B. Okay, how did you get this picture of me?
  • C. I keep the eyedrops on deck.
  • D. And that’s why I never leave home without my sunglasses…even at night.

10. And How About This One?

Stoner Memes Fred
  • A. HA! That’s pretty good.
  • B. It do be like that sometimes.
  • C. Guilty.
  • D. Wait, am I the problem?

11. What Would You Name Your Favorite Piece?

  • A. Uhhh, I just use rolling papers so I’m not sure what you’re on about.
  • B. BongyMcBongFace.
  • C. I call my Stündenglass Gravity Infuser “The Hourglass.”
  • D. IDK, but I love Mini Mofoz if that counts.


Make a Meme

Mostly A: The Casual Smoker

You smoke, but you probably aren’t a “stoner.” That’s okay, nothing wrong with getting high and hanging out with friends every now and then!

Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke

Mostly B: The Classic Stoner

Pretty high chance you currently have or at one point had a Bob Marley and/or Sublime poster hanging somewhere in your room. You are THE stoner, and don’t ever let anyone fuck up your vibes.

You probably spend a good portion of your day on some level of high. It’s no surprise when your birthday or the holidays roll around and you all of a sudden have a new set of socks with cannabis leaves printed on them. Just make sure they aren’t forgetting to gift you some nice prerolls or vape pens too. Everyone loves the classic stoner.


Mostly C: The Cannabis Connoisseur

Terpene charts, smoking apparatuses hidden in plain sight as home decor, and an acute palate for all things cannabis — you are the cannabis connoisseur. For you, smoking is a holistic experience. Down to the details of the cannabis you choose, you want a curated experience. Some might call you fancy, but being passionate is something to be proud of.


Mostly D: The Wildcard

Labels can’t lock you down. Somedays you’re a casual smoker, others you’re a classic stoner, and sometimes you transcend them all and are just fucking unpredictable. Hey, life gets boring without some variety, you let that freak flag fly.

Now that you know what kind of stoner you are, go find out how high you are right now over at Mama’s other quiz. Oh, and maybe restock your stash with some of Mama’s favorites, while you’re at it. 

Ask Mama: How to Light a Joint Without Those Nasty Lighter Chemicals

Published on December 21, 2022

how to light a joint

Look, Mama doesn’t need to remind you that life is hard. Whether it’s work, relationships, family (NOT your wonderful gorilla mom), or, ya know, The World™, that fat blunt at the end of the day is very often a light at the end of the tunnel. 

There’s nothing wrong with lighting up the fast and easy way, but sometimes life — and especially good weed — is meant to be savored, to be enjoyed in the finest, purest, most undiluted way possible. And when you’re ready to embrace those moments, ditching your Bic for something a little more meticulous can truly bring your smoke to a whole new level. 

The Problem with Lighters ☠️

Mama’s not going to lie and say that smoking is good for your lungs, but even the big brains at Harvard will tell you that cannabis packs a lot of potential health benefits (can’t say the same for cigs, sorry ya’ll). Using a regular-assed 7-11 lighter isn’t going to zap those benefits out of your weed, but all Mama’s asking is: why introduce more bad stuff into your body when you don’t have to?

The thing is, that little lighter in your pocket makes a flame with butane, and butane is a class 33 solvent — which, scientifically speaking, is bad. Basically, that means it has low toxic potential for humans (and probably monkeys), and in large amounts can even f**k up your central nervous system, cause headaches, or make you dizzy or drowsy. While just lighting a joint with a small lighter isn’t likely to cause these effects, butane is also an allergen to some.

Beyond that, you’re still introducing trace amounts of solvents into your body, not to mention adding an impurity and an odorant to your weed, which can noticeably change the taste and the smoking experience for the worse. Once you notice that whiff of lighter fluid in your bud, you can’t un-taste it.

Alternative Options✨💨

Thankfully, people have been smoking ganja since waaaaaaay before Zippos even existed, so there’s plenty of hope for your lungs and your smoking experience. Here’s how to light a blunt a bunch of different ways, all of which are totally sans butane.

What About Matches?

Yes, matches might make you feel like a 1940s movie star (or maybe like your grandpa), but just because they’re old-school doesn’t mean they’re pure. First off, matches contain sulfur, and that sulfur can straight-up make your weed taste like, ya know, f**king sulfur. They also contain chemicals like phosphorus and potassium chlorate to make their flame. So not ideal, but if you absolutely gotta use a match, let it burn for a few seconds before lighting up to let at least some of those chemicals burn away first.

Hemp Wick

Using a hemp wick — a thick, hemp-woven wick coated in beeswax — is de facto the most friend-impressing, chemical-busting, purest way to light up your blunt without putting nasty shit into your lungs or making your zaza taste like kissing a gas grill. 

Whether you’re smoking a joint, pipe, or bong, it all works the same. You can light one end of the wick using whatever flame option you want, use the lit end of the wick to light your fatty, then put out the flame (just mind the wax drip). That’s no butane for you, and all the flavor of your flower fully intact.

Fuel-free Options

You’ll see a lot of these fancier lighters under labels like “flame-free” or “windproof” (another handy perk), but what you’re looking for is basically the same thing: these are lighters that use electricity to make a heating element hot enough to light your joint. For instance, many fuel-free lighters use electricity to make a tiny spark that heats up plasma coils. Bingo, your blunt is lit butane-free. 

And while some vapes use butane, an electric vape works in a similar fashion to these fuel-free lighters. You can even literally get bongs heated by lasers in this golden age of weed we live in. Not only does that get rid of nasty chemical flavors and impurities, it just feels incredibly cool to invite your friends for a hit on your LASER BONG.  ⚡⚡ 

Tough Mama’s Tips: How to Light a Joint 🔥🍃

OK, you know how to light a joint. But now Mama’s gonna tell you how to really light a joint when you’re ready to get serious about it. In addition to using a butane-free method, there’s a proper technique to lighting a jay that’ll make for a more even, long-lasting burn and can prevent your blunt from canoeing (which is when the top half of the joint burns lengthwise, but the bottom half doesn’t). It’s all about that cherry, baby. 🍒

  1. Start with a tightly rolled joint to avoid canoeing — don’t worry, Mama’s already pre-rolled some for you.
  2. Hold the joint near its bottom between your thumb and index finger. That’s right, not in your mouth.
  3. Slowly introduce the flame to the tip of the blunt.
  4. Just as slowly, rotate the joint over the flame until you’ve created a nice, even cherry.
  5. Take a few short puffs to make sure the cherry is hot and strong (just like you).
  6. Get high & have some fun.

The Bottom Line

Mama’s not here to shame you for convenience, or cheapness for that matter. Weed is all about variety, from Blue Roses to Chemical Cookies, from electric vapes to glass pipes, from gummies to tinctures, and from indica to sativa. 

But when you’ve got the time and the drive, lighting up with care can elevate your sensory experience from your first puff to your last long drag. So don’t forget to stop and smell the roses flower every once in a while.

Ask Mama: How Can I Get Even Higher?

Published on December 21, 2022

how to get higher balloons

So you want to get higher than high? Like, boost your high to the point you’re fighting off alien probes in space high? (Okay maybe not quite that high…unless you’re into that, in which case more power to you.)

Well, Mama has the tips you need. And we’re not just talking some lame-ass “smoke more” tips. We’re talking about boosting your high the right way (and also the way that doesn’t waste Mama’s sweet sweet weed). 

So, get ready to take Mama’s hand while she leads you up into the stars.

Know What You’re Working With

If you’re smoking some oregano-looking reggie shit out of an apple “pipe,” rethink your approach. If you’re looking for the best high, quality and method matters. 

Obviously better quality weed (especially weed with higher THC concentrations like Tough Mama’s Mini Mofoz and Infused Pre-Rolls) will boost your high, but don’t skip out on the basics when you go to smoke. Make sure your weed is properly ground, which ensures a better, longer burn, and thus a better, longer high.

Switch It Up

If you find yourself smashing through joints faster than grandma’s arthritis, consider switching it up and trying a vape. Tough Mama’s Live Resin Vape Carts have up to 85.27% THC, which means you’re probably hanging out with the moon-man pretty quickly after one of those. 

Now, if for whatever reason you feel like smoking or vaping just doesn’t do it for ya, Mama has a special little treat that will do the trick. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz have 100MG THC in each bottle, and while taking the whole thing isn’t advised, just a little bit straight-up or even mixed into a drink should put you on the Planet Express headed straight for the extra high galaxy you’re looking for.

Focus on Food

No, we aren’t talking about munchies right now. Mama loves to eat, and it just so happens certain foods can actually help enhance your high. You don’t even have to be Wolfgang Puck to make it work either, just make sure to eat the right foods about 30 minutes to an hour before smoking.

A few foods you should always have stashed in your pantry:

  • Mangoes – This delicious fruit contains terpenes that when consumed along with THC, can interact with each other and help give you a better high.
  • Chocolate – Oh hell yeah. Chocolate happens to contain an endocannabinoid that can also interact with THC, boosting its effects, and your high right there with it.
  • Foods with Omega-3s – Mama might not know exactly what an omega-3 is, but it’s found in foods like fish, nuts, and avocado, and can help your body process cannabinoids, which means it can boost your high. 

What’s In Your Cup? 

Hey hey, big surprise — not only can certain foods boost your high, but certain drinks can help too. Get your high-drate on with these drinks: 

  • Tea – Green and black tea contain some crazy-ass compound called catechin that can help with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Soooo, combine it with something else that gives euphoric and relaxing effects and boom, your high is all that x2.
  • Coffee – The Dutch were way ahead on this one, those beautiful clogged geniuses. Because coffee is thought to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, many believe that having a cup of joe before smoking gives the effects of weed an extra boost.
  • Beer – Yeah, getting a little crossed might not be out of the question if it’s an increased high you’re looking for. Beer has a solid amount of terpenes in it, meaning that much like the mango, having beer with your weed can potentially punch up your high.

Change Up Your Routine

Mama loves a good routine, but if it’s a higher high you’re after, you might want to do things a little differently every once in a while. When our bodies get used to things, they tend to not have the same effects.

Something as simple as changing the time of day you have your smoke session can help boost your experience.  If you always smoke in the morning, try and opt for a night session (or vice versa) to give yourself a reinvigorated high.

Time For a T Break

Booo, that sounds awful! BUT, if every wacked-out smoking method you try just doesn’t seem to get you where you want to go, it might be time for a little tolerance break. 

Resetting your cannabinoid receptors is a solid way to make your highs extra high again, but that does mean taking some time without your best bud. There’s no real universal timeline that works, so try abstaining for a week or two, and you’ll start getting the high you want again in no time.

Mama’s Final Thoughts

Whether it’s getting better quality weed (Mama taught you better than to buy second-rate stuff), changing your consumption, eating the right foods, drinking the right drinks, changing your routine, or straight up taking a short weed timeout, there’s plenty of options when it comes to getting that higher high we all like every now and then. 

So, next time you’re looking to go full space-walk levels of high, remember Mama’s lesson and shoot for the stars.

What TF are Weed Diamonds? Should You be Smoking Them?

Published on December 21, 2022

what are THC diamonds

by Dan Ketchum 

Let’s get the disappointing news out of the way first: no, weed diamonds are not the object of a super cool ganja heist that involves giant bags of flower and sick criminal code names like “Green Wolf” and “Lazer Chronic.” 

Basically, THC diamonds are a form of isolate that’s crystallized, so it looks like those healing crystals your ex bought in Silverlake for $200. Except weed diamonds might actually make you feel something, and you don’t need to recharge them in the sun or whatever. 

What Are Weed Diamonds?  

OK, first things first: isolate. So, after cannabinoids like THC (the chemical compound that gets you high) and CBD (cannabinoids that offer similar benefits to THC, but aren’t psychoactive) are separated from the flower by way of distillation, they can be further refined into a mega-concentrated isolate. 

Usually, isolates take the form of small crystals or powder that contains virtually pure cannabinoids. While this has the potential to make isolates really potent, they’re usually tasteless and odorless because the terps and other plant components have been removed during processing. And when you lose powerful components like terps and other volatile organic compounds, you run the risk of changing the character of the cannabis, from how it tastes to how it makes you feel.    

How They’re Made

You’ve probably figured out by now that THC diamonds are a type of isolate. (I mean, we just spelled it out for you, so if you’re still confused, go back and read the section above.) 

Weed diamonds start with the cannabis extract called sauce (or terp sauce), which is made when a liquid solvent — typically butane or another harsh (and possibly even harmful) chemical — separates active cannabis compounds. While solvent is usually removed as quickly as possible during extraction, in this case, it’s very slowly removed and a bit is typically left behind. While the technique saturates the sauce with THCA (more on that later), leaving behind any trace of a chemical like butane (a.k.a. actual f**king lighter fluid) isn’t great. 

Within the sauce, shiny crystalline solids of THCA are formed and eventually separated out — that’s where you get the whole “weed diamond” thing. Weed diamonds can be made from any cannabinoid, which is why you’ll see CBD diamonds, too. 

Weed diamonds vary in size, shape, mass, and purity based on factors during their creation, like temperature, moisture, and the type of solvent used, as well as the terps and other compounds present in the sauce. And, yeah, people do call them weed diamonds because they tend to be pricey AF — THC diamonds can run you about $60 per gram.  

What’s Up with THCA Diamonds?

Look further into this stuff for two seconds, and you’ll see the term “THCA diamonds” used just as much (or maybe even more) than “THC diamonds.” So what’s the deal? 

Basically, the terms are interchangeable. THCA is THC acid, a THC precursor compound that’s very abundant in cannabis plants and has the potential (keyword there) to get you very high. THCA in its normal state will technically not get you high, but when it’s heated it’s converted to good ol’ THC, which does (obvs) get you high.

Anyway, the THC diamonds that you see on dispensary shelves or in your pre-rolls are essentially always THCA, even if they’re marketed as “THC.” The more you know.

What’s the Weed Diamond Experience Like? 

For the most part, people use THC diamonds by dabbing them. Since they’re often free of aroma and flavors, they’re usually paired with some syrupy extracted terp sauce to add taste and scents back into the equation. Bits of weed diamonds can also be added to pre-rolls or processed into vape carts.Some companies, like Jeeter for example, infuse their pre-rolls with “liquid diamonds” and other additives — though some products that boast “liquid diamonds” are actually just using some sort of distillate. Because there aren’t any real regulations on weed diamonds, one major drawback is that the people selling you them can kinda just label shit however they want. 

And as we mentioned, once the THCA in the diamond is heated up, it transforms into active THC and gets you high. Because of the high concentration of the crystal, which can be about 95% to 98% straight THCA, the high can be head-smashingly potent. The flip side is that you stand to lose a big portion of all the other things that make good weed, ya know, good weed. Terpenes and other natural compounds give different types of flower different vibes in terms of both flavor and high; without those, you might get a less balanced, more harsh feeling high with an equally harsh, chemical-tainted taste.  

Resin Matters

Weed diamonds themselves can be a form of live resin, and we get why you’d be curious about them. But the thing is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to satisfy that curiosity, and you don’t have to sacrifice a rich experience to get a powerful high, either. 

Wanna try the power of resin for yourself? Tough Mama’s Solventless Cured Resin-infused pre-rolls feature cured resin extracts that pack twice the terps of other pre-rolls, and are fully infused for a smooth, even burn. Each blunt hits hard with 25% to 35% THC (and at a fraction of the cost of weed diamonds), so you get that super punchy high without sacrificing the essential compounds that make your smoke both distinct and satisfyingly complex. Because who says you can’t have it all?

Sure, they’re only for the brave. But we bet you can handle ‘em.

8 Tough Mama-Approved Weed Drinks

Published on December 21, 2022

friends toasting with THC drinks

by Dan Ketchum

In case you missed it, THC drinks are here to stay and they f**king rule. Tough Mama’s Yolo Shotz are on the frontline, packing way more THC — which means way more individual shots and cannabis drinks per bottle — than most of those other bougie options on the shelf. But what do you do with this revolutionary liquified stoner tech? First you make drinks, then you get nice and high. Start with eight of our faves, from classics to deep cuts to Tough Mama originals.  

So How Does This Work?

Whether you’re Cali sober, want to shake up your night life, or just, ya know, love weed, cannabis drinks offer up yet another way to indulge in everyone’s favorite flower. Here’s how it works: while old cannabis drinks were kind of a chunky mess, cutting-edge emulsion tech has made it possible to smoothly, seamlessly infuse THC into pretty much any beverage you can dream of (our Hi-Phi solventless cured resin tech makes it even smoother). That’s why you’ve noticed so many bevvies popping up at the local dispensary. And unlike the popular CBD drinks that came before, THC drinks contain psychoactives, which means they do get you baked. 

For the most part, you’ll find that each of these marijuana drinks contains about 2mg to 100mg of THC per container or serving. You know we go hard, so Mama’s own Yolo Shotz are at the high end, with a hundo milligrams of the good stuff per bottle. While dosages vary per brand and bottle, we recommend about 5mg of Yolo Shotz per each canna-cocktail, or about 10mg per shot. You can expect that euphoric high to kick in after about 7 to 15 minutes, thanks to Mama’s rapid onset nano-emulsion tech (she’s smart for a monkey).     

The Classics

While some cannabis drinks are hyper specific, fruit flavored Yolo Shots are versatile — they work as solo sips or straight shooters, but they also lend themselves to more totally booze-free cannabis-infused cocktails and creative shots than you can count. Let’s start with what you know. These recipes still taste like the cocktails you love, but a little Tough Mama magic transforms old-school booze drinks into new-school marijuana drink classics.   

Mama Collins

Stir up the iconic Tom Collins (literally) with a lil’ Yolo lime spark.

  • 1.5 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • .75 ounce simple syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Club soda over ice to top of Tom Collins glass
  • Stir, garnish with a lemon wheel and maraschino cherry

Twisted Coke

The rum and Coke is dead, the whiskey and Coke is buried. Long live our new cherry-berry-flavored overlords.

  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • 4 oz. Coca-Cola Cherry in a rocks glass, over ice
  • Garnish with unnaturally red cocktail cherry, a dash of cherry juice from can, and a gentle stir


Mama loves a marg, but she don’t need $40 tequila when she can have $15 Yolo Shotz and a much better body and mind high.

  • 2 ounces lime-flavored sparkling water, frozen and cubed
  • ½ ounce shot of blood orange juice
  • 1 ounce lime juice, frozen and cubed
  • ½ ounce agave syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Combine in blender, serve in kosher salt-rimmed margarita glass garnished with lime wheel

Summertime Vibes

Whether it’s a rager or a slow-burning day in the backyard under the summertime sun, THC-infused cannabis drinks make for a lighter, brighter experience than the typical boozy alternatives. Here’s how to keep the vibe flowing on those long summer days.

Slow Sippin’ 

Mama’s own variation on the wonderfully extra Pimm’s Cup, sans Pimm’s plus your best friends. Savor them all.

  • 2 ounces non-alcoholic digestive with a fruity profile, like Eva’s Spritz
  • ½ ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • Ginger ale to top of tumbler over ice and stir
  • Garnish with (get ready) cucumber slice, mint spring, strawberry, lemon wheel, and orange wheel

La Estrella

East Coast Death & Co. bartender Phil Ward came up with this divine craft cocktail, we just put a Tough Mama-flavored spin on it.

  • Muddle 4 sugar cubes and 1 ounce of club soda until the sugar dissolves
  • Muddle 4 one-inch chunks of watermelon into the mixture
  • Add 2 ounces apple cider, 1 ounce fresh lime juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, then stir till chilled
  • Strain over a snifter and one large ice cube, add 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Watermelon Lime
  • Fill with 2 ounces club soda, gently stir
  • Garnish with a strawberry and a pineapple slice

Cool Weather Canna-Cocktails

When it cools down outside (it’s 2022 and we’re in SoCal, does it cool down outside?), you deserve to wind down inside. Whether you’re at a swaggy fireside or just chilling under a blanket with bae, these non-spirits help you embrace the cozy spirit of the season. 

The Cozy Mogul

Created by Gran Coramino Tequila, and zaza-ified by Tough Mama. A surprising garnish is really gonna impress your cuffing season date, trust us.

  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 3 ounces prickly pear puree 
  • 1 ounce agave syrup
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Lemon Lime
  • Shake and strain over ice in rocks glass
  • Garnish with eucalyptus sprig (nice)

Cranberry Claus

From cranberry flavor to Christmas colors, the Cranberry Claus captures the holiday season, and gets you high enough to deal with your crazy aunts.

  • 3 ounce cranberry juice
  • ½ ounce lemon juice
  • 1 ounce orange tonic water
  • 5mg (one capful) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Berry Crush
  • Stir in tumbler, garnish with frozen cranberries and sprig of rosemary

The Big Batch: Punch Up Your Party 

Another great thing about cannabis drinks? They won’t suck your paycheck away like a money vampire the way liquor does. Mama’s Yolo Shotz run you $15, and when you dump a single bottle into a party-sized punch bowl, you’ve just served up 20 drinks with 5mg of THC each. That’s $0.75 a drink — “happy hour” drinks for $7 a pop, my ass.

Watermelon Punch-Out

  • Scoop out a 15-pound-ish watermelon till it’s hollow (that’s right, we’re DOING THIS)
  • Blend the seedless watermelon into a fine, juicy pulp
  • Add 7 cups of raspberry lemonade (the fresher the better) to the melon bowl, then strain all that sweet-assed watermelon juice in
  • Pour in 100mg (one bottle) Tough Mama Yolo Shotz Tropical Punch
  • Stir thoroughly, add a ladle, and garnish with handfuls of fresh raspberries and floating lemon slices — makes 20 canna-cocktail-sized servings

Why have booze when you can have a marijuana drink with a better high, less calories, and no nasty hangovers before work the next morning? I mean, you do know what YOLO stands for, right? 

So let’s get to living. And while you’re living it up, mix up a few of your own canna-cocktail creations and tag us on Insta with @toughmamaofficial so we can share your brilliance – and highness – with the world. Can’t wait to see (and sip) what you come up with. 🥂

9 Epic Anime to Watch While High

Published on December 21, 2022

Best stoner anime Luffy

by Cyrus Grant

Gripping stories, great comedy, and super sick power-ups aren’t necessarily unique to anime, but Mama-be-damned if anime doesn’t just do it the best. 

If you’re like us and love a good anime when you’re high, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going over our favorite anime to watch stoned, and where you can find each of these absolute banger shows.

So, get ready to get super high and go super Saiyan on the best anime for stoners.

One Piece

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll

What’s cooler than pirates? How about a young pirate named Luffy, who basically has Mr. Fantastic’s rubbery stretching ability because he ate some crazy-ass fruit? (If only the munchies I ate gave me superpowers.) When it comes to a great anime to watch while stoned, One Piece has it all. It’s funny, action-packed, and full of adventure. One Piece is notorious for having like a thousand episodes, which can feel a bit intimidating, but that’s why it’s solid stoned viewing. Pop it on, zone out a bit while watching a few episodes, and repeat.

What’s it about: The basic premise is Luffy, using the powers he gained from eating the Devil Fruit, assembles a crew as he quests for the legendary treasure known as One Piece, so that he can one day become the King of the Pirates. But, plenty of other pirates are after the same booty (hehe). Oh yeah — and there’s the minor inconvenience that whoever consumes a Devil Fruit loses the ability to swim. Not the greatest weakness to have when you’re living life on the high seas.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video

Hmmm, how to explain JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure…it’s uh, pretty fucking weird, but in a spectacular way. This is one you definitely have to watch to really get the vibe of, and once you do you’ll see why it’s even better high. Basically, imagine a bunch of anime characters that raided David Bowie’s closet and duke it out over multiple generations. Speaking of David Bowie, we have to shout out the creators of JoJo for working famous music groups into the characters’ names — Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Tonpetty, Esidisi, plus so many more — bravo to them. And fun fact, the Hi-Phi oil found in our Mini Mofoz and Yolo Shotz is inspired by Hi-Fi sound, so it’s no wonder we vibe with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.  Anyway, back to the show, you’re just gonna have to trust us on this one.  

What’s it about: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the wildly absurd Joestar family over multiple generations, as they use their unique psychic abilities and super strength to take on longstanding rivals (who are vampires for a bit) and other random bad guys. 

One Punch Man

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video

In a world full of powerful superheroes, monsters, and evil villains, one man exists who’s far more powerful than the rest…and it’s super boring for him. One Punch Man is the perfect anime if you love superpowers, lots of action, and just a comically overpowered main character. Like it’s literally comedy. The dude can beat anyone with a half-assed punch.

What’s it about: One Punch Man follows a man named Saitama, who despite being a super average-looking bald dude (it’s his signature feature — other than, you know, his ability to defeat any enemy in one punch), is by far the strongest living being on Earth. He achieved this one-of-a-kind strength simply by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10km (6.2 miles) every day for three years. While you would think his ability to end any fight in a single punch would put him at the top of the hero world, it turns out fighting is no fun when it isn’t really a fight, so he lazily takes care of business when necessary, but never when anyone seems to be paying attention.

Cowboy Bebop

Where to Watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll

You know what’s cooler than a space western? A space western with an elite soundtrack. That pretty much explains Cowboy Bebop. This show is a classic, and like many of the others on this list, it has a great combination of action, comedy, and storytelling. What really makes this a stoner anime and sets it apart from all the others is the music. Between the action-packed visuals and the absolute audio bangers, this is an anime to get absolutely lost in when you’re baked.

What’s it about: Cowboy Bebop follows Spike Spiegel and a couple of his friends (including a bioengineered Welsh Corgi) as they make their way through space onboard their ship, the Bebop. Spike is essentially a space bounty hunter who travels the cosmos looking to take down outlaws as a way to escape his troubled past.

Princess Mononoke

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Ok this one is actually a movie rather than a show, but it would feel almost illegal to make an anime list that doesn’t include something made by Studio Ghibli. Princess Mononoke is an all-time anime classic, and a revolutionary accomplishment for hand-drawn animation. As with pretty much everything Studio Ghibli, this movie is a masterpiece and will have your stoned mind transfixed to the TV as you go through a stunning visual and emotional journey alongside the main characters.

What’s it about: While Princess Mononoke has some deep underlying messages that really need to be watched to fully appreciate, the basic premise is this: A young prince is afflicted with a curse while fighting a demonic boar, leading him to leave his village in search of a cure. On his journey he finds a war taking place between a town and the forest (like, the forest creatures are literally fighting the humans from the town). The conflict, however, isn’t as clear cut as you might think, as the townspeople and their leader have to make iron to protect the people of the village from outside threats, but happen to be harming the forest in the process. Obviously, the forest gods and creatures that live in the forest aren’t super stoked about their home being destroyed, leading to the conflict between them and the humans. 

The Dragon Ball Series

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu (only part of the series appears on Hulu)

The Dragon Ball series is one of the most recognizable and beloved anime that exists. It makes the list not only because it’s a classic (the new shit goes hard too once you make it to Dragon Ball Super), but also because there’s no way Master Roshi isn’t sitting on his island just absolutely ripping bongs, blunts, vapes, THC shots, you name it. While Dragon Ball is solid to watch high, be warned, there is a lot of unnecessary screaming. Like, A LOT. 

What’s it about: Dragon Ball follows Goku and his group of friends as they hunt for the seven Dragon Balls throughout the years to fulfill varying wishes. Goku is one of the few remaining Saiyans, a race of powerful warriors that have the ability to gain extreme power by pushing past their limits and gaining the ability to go super Saiyan (to ever-growing levels of powers throughout the show).

Space Dandy

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

Honestly, if we had to pick one anime on this list that truly counts as a “stoner anime,” it would probably have to be Space Dandy. This anime is more serialized, in that each episode doesn’t necessarily lead into the next, which honestly makes it even easier to throw on and just enjoy without being worried about what you might have missed. While it might not have much of a story, it still manages to grab your attention by being hilarious and weirdly fascinating (especially if you’re high).

What’s it about: Because it’s not super story-driven, and also because it’s a weird-ass trip, Space Dandy can be about a number of things. It follows the main character, Dandy, who is a pompadour-adorned alien hunter who often hangs out at a bar called BooBies with his sidekicks (a robot named QT and an alien cat named Meow).

Attack on Titan

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix (Netflix does not currently have all seasons)

Alright, this one is probably the least stoner-y of the anime featured on this list, but hot-damn if it isn’t just so amazing that you’ll want to watch this no matter what your current state of mind. Attack on Titan (often referred to as AoT) is a modern-day masterpiece, filled with epic action, stunning visuals, an amazing story, and more character deaths than Game of Thrones.

What’s it about: Without giving any spoilers, AoT is about a civilization that lives within a series of walls, built to keep out giant man-eating creatures known as titans. The main character, Eren Yeager, vows to join a dangerous titan fighting unit of the military after his mother is eaten by a titan in an attack during his childhood. The show then follows Eren and his comrades throughout the years, as the mysteries of their civilization and the titans come to light.


Where to Watch: Crunchyroll and Hulu

If this show were weed, it would be a top-tier indica. It’s relaxing, tranquil, and yet still impressively gripping. Unlike most of the other shows on here, Mushishi isn’t really a binge anime, but instead something you’ll want to experience slowly while your mind wanders off into an indica-induced state of relaxation.

What’s it about: Mushishi takes place roughly in 1800s Japan and follows the main character, Ginko, who has a unique ability to interact with supernatural creatures known as Mushi. While most humans aren’t able to see or interact with Mushi, these primitive creatures seem to serve no purpose and have no agendas other than to simply survive. While many can be fascinating, some, unfortunately, pose a threat to humans, forcing Ginko to use his unique ability to protect humans from any dangerous Mushi.

While these are some of our favorite anime to watch while high, the real list is infinitely long, as watching almost any top-tier anime can be an amazing stoned experience. (Though if you need more recommendations for what to watch while high, check out our favorite stoner cartoons.) And as always, if you want the best high experience when it’s stoned anime time, check out Tough Mama’s collection of kick-ass weed products. 

Feel free to let us know what anime you think hit different when stoned, and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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